How Does One Say "BIONICLE"? (The Pronunciation Topic)

I hope I’m correct

You’re pretty much not. You added sone R-s there which are not supposed to be there.

It’s Kaar-Zah-nee not Kaar-Zaar-Nee.

The sane thing for Fenrakk. It’s Fen-Rak not Feb-Rark.

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It is vey-ZONN and GAY-loo.

You’re not. Angonce is a Great Being introduced really late in the game, and never got more than a couple paragraphs or so. Scodinus Scodonius and Kirbraz are among the most forgettable characters there is. They’re the two Water Agori who drove the Kaxium V3. Ehrye is also forgettable.

More things I mispronounce are Hgaha names; Kualus, Iruini and Gaaki. Canonically it’s KOO-ahl-luss, EYE-roo-NEE and gah-KEE respectively, but I pronounce Kualus like his name was spelled in some prototype stage, that being, Kuuls, and Iruini and Gaaki like in the movie (or maybe it’s the Swedish dub of the movie?): IRR-ouh-EE-nee and GAH-ah-KEE.

Onewa is kind of a hard one to say whether or not I mispronounce, since there’s been three official pronounciations: oh-NEE-wah, oh-NOO-wah (both in different prints of The Official Guide to BIONICLE (2003)) and AH-new-wah (which Greg uses, found in BIONICLE: Encyclopedia (2005) and Encyclopedia - Updated (2007)). I pronounce it like the first one, but apparently insists it should be the last one.

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I always have pronounced it Vee-zon due to the 2006 Titans commercial calling Vezon that.

The Zivon used to be a hard one for me to pronounce due to me accidently saying Vezon instead of Zee-vonn though I have no issue saying it now.

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did you just call the manliest bionicle character forgettable

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Metrutoran feel pretty forgettable all around. Besides Ahkmou (Akhmou?) I don’t know what relevance any of them had.

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They all knew the locations of the great disks.

And aside from that* (and Ahkmou)?

*and making a Matoran Nui

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