How does the Marendar eliminate Toa?

I’ve always wanted to ask this, because It’s never really clarified How Marendar destroys Toa or what it does to destroy them. so, What does it do to kill them?

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Unknown, since we have never seen him in action.


Is it safe to assume that he removes their powers and then physically eliminates them?

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Darn. I was really hoping there was some sort of answer. My personal idea behind what happened is that it used similar energies to the Vahki or the Ignika and either aged them to dust or just Straight up drained the life out of them.

Actually, I doubt we would have gone that route since, as you point out, we would have already done that. My own image was sort of like a Sentinel from X-Men – something that could adapt to and resist Toa powers and had its own specialized weaponry that could take Toa out.


Hmm… Specialized weaponry would make sense. When Marendar escaped it left slash marks behind right? Or do I remember that wrong? That would imply it had claws.

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I actually dropped my idea because of the Sentinel one Greg had. It actually makes sense that the Great Beings would make something that would have access to all Toa powers if this thing is meant to hunt Toa.


Greg didn’t say it has access to all Toa powers