How have your art skills progressed over time?

I’m curious to see how people have gotten better at art, I got the idea from finding this old piece of artwork on my computer.

And then seeing the most recent drawing of the same character, drawn a year after it.

And I’m interested in seeing how other people’s art has evolved. So, Do you have any pictures of the same character drawn a long time apart? Or perhaps have you ever redrawn an old art piece? I’m really curious to see. :smile:


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To avoid making a very image-heavy post, I’ve linked improvement memes I’ve done.

-2013 VS 2015
-2012 VS 2013 VS 2014
-2007-2013 oh boy…

And here’s a couple things from this year to compare:



Not much has changed, actually.


Actually, I’ve been drawing the same character’s head annually for the past three years, just to see how I’d improve, I’ll take pictures of them soon.

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Drawing of mine from 2013:

Drawing of mine from-what, 3 months ago?

I don’t think I’ve improved much.

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About a year and a half ago:



Edit: This bloke, also:


Not the best example I could find, but I thought it’d be interesting to compare the two.

Drawing of Toa Stoax from 2015

Drawing of Toa Stoax from May



lets just say a few years, some awkward things, and a bunch of other stuff leads to an evolution


Lol I know I’ve improved but literally (ok maybe not literally) all of my art is purposely crap so I have no way to show progression lol
I’ve just started to notice I put more effort into my crap


This topic implies that I had art skills to begin with.


I went from only being able to draw 2D blueprint-style weapons or armor to only being able to draw slightly more detailed 2D blueprint-style weapons or armor.

In all seriousness though, my art has drastically improved. I wish I still had images of some of the stuff I drew when I was younger, but alas, I always drew in composition books, and they don’t really maintain quality when they’re in a stuffed schoolbag for 10 years. I do have a slightly more recent comparison, however:

This piece was drawn in a composition book over a year ago. Still much better than a year or two before, but since then I’ve improved the design.

As you can see, it’s a bit cleaner, and also has better detail. Plus, instead of trading the Elda’s mustache for buck teeth, I’ve now just made it look more like a gas mask or something.


well my art didn’t really change with time
thought i guess i did improve a little

here’s an oldish wego drawing

and some recent stuff


Looks at my old drawings

Looks at my new stuff

O boi

Dis gon be gud.

Here’s a clone trooper commander or something that I made in about March or April of 2016

Here’s a clone trooper that I made yesterday (October 6, 2016)

Oh, and also, I’ve started to trace and colour my stuff on my computer

Haven’t tried drawing from scratch digitally, though.


Ok, I’ll just compare the oldest drawing I have on my computer with the most recent one :grin:

Here are the Bohrok that I probably drew in early 2002…

And here’s Mutran from earlier this year (based on my MOC of him).

I feel like I already made some more progress if I compare Mutran with more recent drawings of MOCs from the Brotherhood Project, though. Those you’ll not get to see until the project is finished, however.


oh god
I don’t have any archive form my young age (all were deleted from being a cringey noob)
But I did found this in my SD card:
yeah, thats very unhealthy


Definitely. I was pretty terrible at art as a kid, but I still did it.
Now, I can use colors well, have decent skills, and can make original designs that aren’t terrible.
I will eventually post a re-draw of a monster I made up as a kid.

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I’ve been learning how to add more detail without making it look overdone.