How I Would Do the Transformers Movies!

well I like a lot of people am not particularly fond of the transformers movies, I used to but now… well to put it lightly I do not like them my other friends have come to this realization and we started joking about how we would do the transformers movies, but then it got serious and well, now we have this, it’s like G1 modernized it borrowing aspects from the movies and war for/ fall of cybertron
warning this is a lot to read.

Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Wheeljack, Rachet, Jazz
Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, Quake, Wreckage, Scorponok, Barricade, Soundwave and his 4 minicons

Starts off in space, the narration is optimus talking about how cybertron fell and the two factions, the end of his speech he says “We do not know how many of our brothers and sisters made it off cybertron, but we can only be certain of this, just one transport remains” then the Ark shoots by closely followed by the Nemesis, big fifteen minute ship to ship fight, pretty much the end of FOC but different, ends with both ships tumbling into the portal, and then the title shows.

The ships slam into earth in the prehistoric age and both sides fall into stasis, until they reboot themselves in the present and the decepticons, all badly wounded, get away in search of energon, and the autobots befriend 2 humans, Sam and is dad who see them emerging from the Ark(we think calling them spike and sparkplug would be a little odd).this gives us time to see them interact with the humans and their personalities, Optimus: the good old autobots leader you know and love from G1 but more battle hardened (but not a freaking psychopath) Bumblebee: the little scout that could, a nice fun little autobot who always tries to prove himself (and can talk), Ironhide: the gruff weapons expert who is perfectly fine with blowing decepticons away without a moments hesitation, Ratchet: the calm medic who never raises his voice and is quietest among the autobots, Wheeljack: the (kinda) mad scientist who is always inventing and trying to get crazy contraptions to work, and Jazz: the cool autobot second in command who is friends with everyone, basically everyone you remember from G1.

Throughout we get to see what the decepticons are doing Shockwave from cybertron says that the planet is still dead and they need to convert earth’s resources into energon and jumstart cybertrons core, we get to see the decepticons personalities here Megatron: the power hungry psycho you know, Starsream: The smart backstabbing snake who used to be an autobot, Wreckage: The crazy loyal ready to kill on sight maniac, Quake: the arrogant thinks he can take on all the autobots guy, Soundwave: the comm officer who is fiercely loyal to Megatron, Barricade: The soldier who questions almost everything that the decepticons do, Blackout: The smartmouth who is constantly making fun of starscream who has a rivalry with Ironhide for almost killing Chromia.

There are a few skirmishes throughout the movie, but the final fight takes place in an airfield where the decpticons are getting their big score of fuel to convert to energon, but the autobots spring an ambush, and the final fight happens, the autobots suffer no casualties, but Jazz and Wheeljack are beaten pretty hard the decepticons lose Quake, Wreckage, and Blackout, and when Megatron has had the snot beat out of him, he sees Starscream and says “help me” Starscream merely smiles and says “decepticons, Megatron has perished, all forces retreat” and flies off, Megatron has that “oh I am gonna kill you face” he turns to Optimus and begs for mercy, but has his flail ready behind him, Optimus accepts his pleas, but Megatron then wacks Optimus over the head with his flail and is about to hit the already wounded Jazz, but Optimus grabs his flail and shoves his axe into his spark, with regret in his voice he says “I’m sorry, you left me no choice” and the movie ends with Optimus and the other autobots looking over the horizon sending the message for the other autobots to come to earth.

Post Credits scene: You see a large planet and 13 beings come into picture and a large blue light comes out from under them and they look up to see a large black silhouette with an orange light coming from the center and one of them says “So it Begins”

Transformers 2 Gate to destruction
Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, Sligshot, Air Raid, Silverbolt, Fireflight, Skydive
Decepticons: Starscream, Soundwave and the minicons Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak, Barricade is MIA, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Drag Strip, Motormaster, Dead end, Wildrider, Breakdown, and Onslaught

Movie starts with the Autobots and human military (not a lot of it though) working together to capture any Decepticons they can, there has been an attack on a Nuclear power plant, another Decepticon attempt at stealing energy. The other Autobots are currently off the assignment and Optimus is ordering the new team to stop these decepticons, the Airialbots drop in and fly into the power plant, they find 4 decepticons, Motormaster, Dead end, Breakdown, and Skywarp all with a reasonable amount plutonium, Air Raid is about to charge them and Slingshot is about to fire before Silverbolt stops them (because they would you know, probably cause a nuclear meltdown) which lets Skywarp teleport the 4 of them outside (we nerfed Skywarps teleporting power so he can only teleport 4 times before having to recharge and a relatively short distance) he gets them away by turning into jet mode and they all hop onto him. The airialbots pursue them, and Skywarp calls for reinforcements, Thundercracker flies in and fires lightning rounds to disorientate the airialbots and they get away.

The airialbots get back to base and report their failure, Slingshot is a jerk to silverbolt for letting them get away, Air Raid complains that he could have taken them, Fireflight is daydreaming and talking with the other Autobots, and Skydive is reading about history tactics they could have used, Jazz then mentions how no one has seen Bumblebee, it then cuts to Bee and Sam talking about how life has been and what the autobots as well as what Sam has been doing (life and such), bee talks about their new recruits that arrived about a year ago showing shots of them as he describes them “Well Slingshot is kind of a jerk to everyone, Air Raid is a hothead who thinks we should charge every battle guns blazing, Fireflight is more of a kid than me and a daydreaming flyer, he gets caught up in the world a lot, Skydive is the teams battle strategist who likes looking to history of humans and cybertronians alike for better strategies, and Silverbolt… well he’s the leader of this band of brothers, but the one thing is that he’s well, afraid of heights, Optimus put him in charge hoping it would keep him occupied from his own phobia and it mostly does, but he can falter from time to time”

We cut back to the Decepticons and the 5 we saw earlier arrive back to base on the moon and we get to see what “Lord Starscream” is up to he is looking over the decepticons new plan next to Onslaught. The 4 deliver their resources and start converting it to energon, anyone who watched transformers Prime will get this, Starscream is talking to Onslaught about how Thundercracker and Skywarp brought with them a large chunk of dark energon and he intends to create a new spacebridge portal to launch the dark energon onto cybertron and reanimate the dead and control them by inserting a sliver of it into his own spark which Onslaught replies “If you can even control it, and why not just have Shockwave open a portal” “because if you have not noticed Onslaught, cybertron is out of energon and still dead you fool”, we then get to see all the Decepticons interacting, Thundercracker and his big ego but at the same time his sympathy towards the humans they terrorize, Skywarp being a big idiot, Motormaster and his seriousness, Drag Strip talking about how he wishes he could fight the Autobots and says he would win, Breakdown being paranoid about the Autobots finding out about the base, Dead end not caring and being his usual depressing self, and Wildrider being psychopathic about how he would blow up the base with everyone in it if the Autobots came in.

Starscream then sends Thundercracker and Dead End on another raiding party to an oil mine, which the Autobots find and the Airialbots intercept, capturing Dead End in the process. They try to interrogate him but they really don’t need to, because knowing dead end he does not care and gives them the information they need, and they let him go because of how much he helped and did not care, Thundercracker finds him and takes him back to base. The Autobots now knowing about this insane plan, attempt to mount a counter attack, which Wheeljack has invented just the device for, a small scale space bridge (that is highly unstable) along with Optimus’ trailer which turns into a jetpack.

Optimus and the arielbots go through to attack the space bridge, still under construction it has been being built by the moons metals and powered by the stolen earth resources, due to Starscream idiotically spreading the Decepticons out, the only ones there are himself and the stunticons who are building the space bridge, Starscram sees the Autobots and orders Soundwave to get all Decepticons back to the space bridge, and he says that it will take time for them to get there, so Starscream and Optimus go head to head, meanwhile the stunticons reveal their secrete and combine into Menasor, but the Airialbots smile and merge to form Superion and we get a big combiner battle as well as Starscream and Optimus tumbling around fighting in zero G, at the end of the fight Superion throws Menasor into the primary energon generator which causes the space bridge to self destruct Menasor and Starscream get out of the blast radius and Optimus and superion get through the makeshift space portal that Wheeljack reopened, to which it also implodes on itself after the 2 make it through.

Onslaught is infuriated with Starscream, that they wasted so many resources only to get bested by a handful of Autobots and Starscream’s stupidity. The Autobots celebrate their victory but oh wait it’s not over yet, Onslaught devises a plan to use a modified dark energon shard to bring back Megatron, he, Motormaster, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Wildrider go to the atlantic where Megatron’s remains are being kept and are being kept highly guarded by a fleet of military ships. They attack and we get to see that soundwave has taken a submarine alt-mode and has been under water behind enemy lines the whole time relaying information, and when the 5 are attacking the fleet, Skywarp teleports and gets the modified dark energon shard to soundwave who transforms and kills all the people inside him and he starts working on Megatron while the decepticons distract the military. the Autobots find out and send Optimus, Ironhide and the Airialbots to deal with it, Starscream, does not know about this, he asks Dead end where everyone is and he says “Oh bringing back Megatron” to Starscream’s horror and he flies off to try and stop them, too late after the battle is done Megatron shoots out of the water, sees starscream, grabs him and flies away with him, which back at base he tells the other decepticons he left him for dead, and it’s very implied he tortures him and the Autobots go back to base not knowing what to do. They just wait for the coming battle.

Post Credits scene: One of the beings has been taken by the large orange planet and is shown being corrupted and sent back to the other 12 and they are surprised to see him, but figure out that he has gone bad and force him out before they corrupt the area they are in that has a very bright blue light.

Transformers 3 All Hail Megatron
Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Jazz, Slingshot, Air Raid, Silverbolt, Fireflight, Skydive, Jetfire, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Prowl, and Sentinel Prime
Decpticons: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and the minicons Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak, Shockwave, Onslaught, Brawl, Vortex, Drag Strip, Motormaster, Dead End, Wildrider, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Sunstorm, Barricade, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain

Movie starts off on cybertron and Optimus talking about Sentinel Prime and how he tried to escape cybertron with a weapon that would have won the war though Sentinel thought it would be a suicide mission so he gave the matrix of leadership to Optimus and pronounced him the next prime. He had a spacebridge generator that had an infinite power supply, but their ship was shot down, little did Optimus know that Sentinel and his crew activated the spacebridge as they were shot and landed on Titan (Saturns Largest moon).

Into current time it has been 5 years since Megatron was resurrected and the decepticons seem to have left Earth, the transformers are now known by all of humanity (due to events that happen in a movie that will take place between this movie and the second) but they welcome them to Earth though the governments have known about them since the first movie. the autobots have been joined by 2 new members Prowl, Optimus’ other second in command who delivers orders sarcastically if anyone questions them and is most of the time very serious, the polar opposite of Jazz, and Jetfire, a scientist who was sent to look for worlds to inhabit and crashed in the arctic but was recently found, he has been working with Wheeljack and monitoring the planet for decepticon activity from their base which is the ark crashed in that mountain but there has been nothing Optimus grows weary and fears that the decepticons are planning something big, Bumblebee and Sam concur.

Hard cut to the decepticons on the now flying again Nemesis orbiting the moon, Megatron stands on the bridge with Shockwave who created a makeshift spacebridge to come to earth and helped Soundwave repair the Nemesis. Megatron orders Starscream to the bridge and he comes with Thundercracker, Skywarp and Sunstorm he tells them “It’s time” they all nod and transform and fly through soundwaves new spacebridge. The 4 of them start attacking a power plant and Jetfire, Jazz and Ironhide show up to stop them, they have a bit of a fight in which thundercracker looses an arm and “accidentally” drops something Ironhide gabs it and says it is some kind of data core, the 3 take it back to base where Wheeljack and Jetfire examine it and extract the data from it and find out about Sentinel Prime’s crash landed ship on Titan, Optimus furiously stomps out, transforms and leaves. Sam says that he thought Optimus was always a prime and Bumblebee and Ratchet explain how he was once a records clerk named Orian Pax and how he wanted to stop corrupton on cybertron along with Megatron, but Megatron ended up showing his true colors in which his style government only the strong will survive and the weak will perish, clashing ideals led to eons of war and Sentinel leaving and Orian being turned into the next prime: Optimus.

Optimus goes to contact united states military starts talking about how humans said that they shared everything they knew and lied, they defended themselves by saying it stated when they sent Cassini to Saturn and when it launched its probe they told the public it froze on impact but it did not, it actually took pictures of the crash landed ship and that they were not allowed to tell anyone. Optimus wanting to see the ship immediately takes Wheeljack, Ratchet and Jetfire a few days later onto Jetfires ship that he crashed in the arctic with. They land (about a month later) and go inside to search for survivors, there are 3 all in stasis, they take them back and head to earth along with the super spacebridge that was also intact. When they get back they wake the 3 out of stasis and ask who the other 2 are, they are Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, the twin brothers and jokers on Sentinel Primes team, Sunstreaker already begins being his narcissistic self saying how he looks better than Bumblebee and Jazz, which both take offence to and tackle him, Sideswipe just starts making jokes about his brothers misfortune and Sentinel is sad that his crew is gone, but glad that those 2 made it and you see Lazerbeak recording all of this.

Sentinel and Optimus have a talk were Optimus asks why did sentinel try to leave cybertron with the space bridge and he reveals it’s because the space bridge has a terrible side effect because it was unfinished in that when it closed the portal exploded in a huge blast radius and then Sentinel tells Optimus how he is now the prime and he is merely Sentinel and that he is proud to follow Optimus. Later Optimus, Sentinel, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are driving but out of nowhere 4 vehicons jump them and Brawl and Vortex drop in from above while Brawl is yelling “INCOMING” and take Optimus off the highway they are on but he tells them to keep moving, eventually they are nearing a secret military base where the space bridge is being kept when they finally kill the 4 vehicons but at that base Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, the minicons/casseticons whatever you want to call them, Soundwave, and Onslaught are waiting for them, Sentinel orders the twins to leave, they refuse but he makes them anyways and attempts to fight the decepticons but they bounce him around like a pinball machine and take him and the super space bridge.

The autobots learn off this and all of them go to try and stop Megatron but he breaks Sentinel’s arm and forces him to open the space bridge and starts telling Optimus about his plan was that he found out about Sentinel through Shockwave and wanted the autobots to find him so he could bring the decepticons to earth through sentinel because he is the only one who can activate the space bridge, he sends a message through to all decepticons across the galaxy to come through the portal and come to earth, which they do, and boy do they come in force, the Autobots try to contain them but are quickly over run and retreat, which leads to a signal being sent to all hiding decepticons to reveal their presence, Astrotrain, Blitwing, and a few others one of which is the ISS, Megatron leaves Sentinel to die while the portal closes because he forced him to change the recognition on the space bridge to match him Optimus runs in and grabs Sentinel and the Autobots rush back to the Ark.

Decepticons start spreading across the globe, hummanity and the autobots helpless to stop them they eventually find the Ark and start pounding on the doors, then Optimus in a last ditch effort sends all Autobots in pairs to go through Wheeljack’s space bridge to random locations across the globe, Sentinel goes outside to keep the decepticons out of the base but when Bumblebee and Wheeljack leave a blast from a decepticon hits the space bridge control panel and it malfunctions as they go through leaving Optimus to destroy it so the decepticons do not find out where the others went, and he defends himself until the decepticons/vehicons overrun him, but instead of dying he shoots the ceiling and it comes crumbling down and Optimus is seemingly dead. meanwhile Megatron grabs Sentinel and asks him where the other autobots went but he doesn’t tell and instead lectures Megatron about who he used to be, as a result Megatron kills him. Bumblebee, Sam, and Wheeljack are shown landing on Mars and don’t know what to do. Megatron goes to his throne on the Nemesis and looks out as the decepticon armies march on Earth and the camera looks at him and he says “All hail Megatron”

Post Credits scene: A speech starts from the darkness saying “For your crimes against the universe you will pay the price of eternal stasis, do you have anything to say Unicron?” Unicron (still in planet mode) responds “Yes brother Primus, you know that I will return and there is nothing you or your Primes you can do about it” “I may not be able to do anything then, but I can stop right now” Primus and the 12 remaining Primes blast Unicron and he gets teleported away to the edge of the universe inside a massive prison.

Transformers Rage of the dinobots
Autobots: Grimlock, Slag(Slug), Sludge, Snarl, Swoop
Decepticons: Shockwave, Sharpnel(Sharpshot), Kickback, Bombshell(Hardshell), Lockdown

Events take place between transformers 2 and 3 Intro is narrated by Shockwave “During the war for cybertron, I-Shockwave top scientist of the decepticons- did countless experiments to improve our power and make us stronger, but no matter what I did the Autobots continued to fight, why would they not take to logic and submit to us? I do not know, but I did find something while going with a scout team down to look for resources that were dwindling away on cybertron, an army of creatures, the insecticons, all seemed mindless, except for a select few… I taught them to only listen to me, and one day 5 autobots came to my base, which was too bad… for them” next scenes are shown with Grimlock and his team being torn apart, put back together and eventually escaping Shockwave.

Grimlock and his team are now on cybertron awakened from stasis from the message Optimus sent them for all surviving Autobots to come to earth, Grimlock is not sure if they should go, Swoop and Snarl think they should, but Sludge and Slug do not, Swoop says they need to be back with Optimus and Snarl says war will be waiting for them, the only place he ever sees happiness, Slug thinks they should stay because he wants to tear Shockwave apart for what he did to them, Sludge thinks they should stay because cybertron is their home and they should protect it, the 4 of them start fighting Grimlock tries to stop them, but out of nowhere a sniper rifle round goes right through Sludge’s stomach, they turn and Swoop sees Lockdown fired the shell and is surrounded by the 3 insecticons, and he fires another and blows off Swoop’s wing, Grimlock tosses Sludge and Swoop over his back and the Dinobots start running.

The group finds a cave and hides, Grimlock says he has made his decision and they will leave cybertron, Slug points out that they don’t have a way off of the planet, but as he says it Snarl leans up against a wall and it caves in, Grimlock tells Slug to stay with the wounded, while he and snarl go deeper into the cave. As they are looking, blue eye lights start to pop up all around them, and a cybertronian in blue comes up to them and they notice it’s a she, and she says her name is Chromia and asks them who they are, they tell her they are the Dinobots and she immediately tells them they need to go to their base, Grimlock radios Slug to get him to have Sludge and Swoop come over to them. Chromia leads them to the center of their base where 3 ships are in launch bays. Grimlock asks who’s in charge and you ear a voice come down the hallway saying “me” you see a pink and white robot and she says “My name is Elita-one, this is Moonracer, Firestar, and you already know Chromia” He tells her they need to leave because Lockdown is hunting them and she tells them Optimus will need all the help he can get and that her and her team need to stay on Cybertron and fight Shockwave to slowly drain his resources. They take the ship and head for earth.

As they make the jump using the one time use space bridge they have on the ship, Lockdown’s ship follows them though it on board Kickback asks Lockdown if he is worried at all, and Lockdown does not care, he loves the thrill of the hunt and as long as he gets paid he does not care. In this break time we get to see the insecticon personalities as well as the dinobots in their ship, Shrapnel(Sharpshot) and his creepy speech thing, as well as being creepy in general, Bombshell(Hardshell) talks about how he wants to twist the Dinobots mind to his will and make them do whatever he wants, and Kickback trying to find any way he can to blackmail Lockdown. Meanwhile in the Dinobot ship Grimlock voices that he does not like Prime but he follows orders because everyone else does but we all know Grimlock is a rebel, Slug is still angry they left as he has a grudge against Shockwave but he’ll be fine taking it out on any other decepticon he sees, Snarl just wants to go back to the heat of battle, Sludge is worried about cybertron, but he’ll put it away and be the fighting machine he has to be, and Swoop does not care he just wants him, his, fellow Autobots and Dinobots to fight together again. They exit the space bridge and crash in a forest in Europe. Snarl has patched up Sludge and Swoop on the way.

They end up walking right into a city in England, and show utter disregard for the public revealing themselves without any care. Lockdown’s ship comes down right in the middle of the city and a bunch of insecticons come out and Lockdown walks out casually with his sniper rifle while authorities shoot at him, which does nothing, the group fleas back into the forest and tries to outrun Lockdown when they get away they realize one of their number is missing and the next scene shows Sludge with a sniper round blown though his leg and Lockdown is carrying him by his hook, they try to go back but the insecticon swarm is coming after them, so they are forced to leave, but the insecticons ambush them and fight them they try to escape and when they do, Snarl has been taken and Grimlock is getting infuriated at this point, Swoop is trying to keep Grimlcok calm but Slug just does not care and wants to murder Lockdown.

The 3 are sitting around at night and trying to make a plan to free their friends but both of Swoop’s wings explode and Grimlock pulls up his shield to protect them but another bullet blows off Slug’s foot Lockdown has been snipping them and sends in Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback to capture them Grimlock tries to stop them but they get taken and Grimlock is in a blind rage. Meanwhile Lockdown is contacted by Shockwave about his progress and he tells him he has 4/5 dinobots, Shockwave tells him to deliver them to him immediately, there has been a change of plan and he will be coming to earth on his personal ship with at least half of the insecticon swarm and his personal lab onboard due to Megatron ordering him because of a secrete project and he wants him to give him the dinobots on Earth. Lockdown just thinks it’s easier for him to get his money (or energon) and deliver his prisoners.

Grimlock, has been following the insecticon swarm back to Lockdown’s ship. When the insecticons get inside, Grimlock impales his sword in the side of the ship and hangs on until Lockdown and Shockwave’s ships meet in which Lockdown transfers the dinobots to Shockwave and Shockwave gives him his payment in energon and tells him he’ll get the rest when he gets Grimlock. Grimlock sees this and waits for lockdown to leave before he jumps off Lockdown’s ship and onto Shockwave’s. He busts in and listens in on Bombshell and Shrapnel talking about the one of the dinobots is being held in Shockwave’s lab and the rest are in prisons across the ship. Grimlock does what he does best and breaks directly into a corridor and starts going to work, tearing through insecticon hordes in dino-mode. He finds Snarl in a prison cell and now we have 2 giant robot dinosours ripping through the ship and they find Swoop in another cell, then Sludge and Slug is found in Shockwave’s lab where Lockdown, Shockwave, Shrapnel, Kickback, and Bombshell are waiting and now we have our final battle. Grimlock directly fights Shockwave and Lockdown while the others fight the insecticons.

Battle ends with the dinobots destroying Shockwaves ship though they all escape and Lockdown just straight up leaves. This forces Shockwave and the insecticons to leave for the Nemesis and the dinobots land in a jungle, they start to get a message from Optimus but Grimlock thinks they will do better if they fight on their own, Swoop is hesitant, but agrees along with the other dinobots. They intercept a decepticon signal and Grimlock says “Let’s get to work, Dinobots move out!”

Post Credits: (during the events of the third movie) The dinobots see the decepticon’s attack on Earth, Grimlock says “there is only one thing to do, we need to find Prime”

I will post more later, I’m in the middle of the 4th movie (dinobots is like movie 2.5) constructive criticism is welcome, as well as any plot holes I may have missed


but what about the



no souless eyes

JK, no don’t worry there will be explosions, but they will not look like fireworks and not be used every 2 seconds

Legit question, how do you like the story so far?

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I like the premise and your selection of characters. However, I would focus more on the story and characters than the action, for now at least. Nice work!

Thanks :slight_smile: yeah that’s what I want to do, as this is just a rough draft (sort of), those intervals where there is no action will be mostly used for character development, they are just short here because I try to summarize what’s happening, in actuality they are suppose to be long. How do you feel about the decepticons winning in number 3?

That is an interesting plot twist, though I don’t think it should be too obvious that a sequel is coming. If I was you, I would have put that particular point in the second movie, because third-movie finales are more common than 4th-movie finales, and you want the series to seemingly end on a high note, even if it’s not truly the end of the series. This might work better if it was an original series with original characters, but, for a well-known IP with such iconic heroes, I do think it works better if done in the second movie.

However, if a fourth movie is absolutely guaranteed from the near-beginning, it doesn’t make any difference at all. If this is the case, then it is a cool idea and creates a very emotional movie and ending. Don’t make it too much of a cliffhanger, though. =P


ah well, that’s what I was going for, and oh its not ending with 4 >:) it’s ending with 6, see I’ve been hinting at something coming in all the post credits scenes. the dinobots I thought deserved their own movie, so that’s why I wrote it, it’s like a side story, and I wanted to utilize Shockwave and Lockdown

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@squeverking @anon68675807 and anyone else who knows about these, I’ve put this off long enough here it finally is, the semi depressing, but somewhat hopeful, part 4

Transformers 4 The Death of Hope
Autobots: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, Slingshot, Air Raid, Silverbolt, Fireflight, Skydive, Jetfire, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Prowl, Grimlock, Slag(Slug), Sludge, Snarl, Swoop, Elita-One, Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar

Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and the minicons Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, and Lazerbeak, Shockwave, Onslaught, Brawl, Vortex, Drag Strip, Motormaster, Dead End, Wildrider, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Sunstorm, Barricade, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Bombshell, Kickback, Shrapnel, Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Hook, and Bonecrusher

Earth peers into frame, but instead of the nice green and brown landscape we know, it is blackened and orange. The Decepticons have won humanity is shown trying their hardest to fight the Decepticons and them just failing miserably. They are crushed under the militaristic might of the Decepticons in a montage, all of the world leaders have been killed. The Autobots are scattered and all hope seems lost. Ironhide and Ratchet are shown on the run from a few vehicons lead by the triple changers Astrotrain and Blitzwing, but escape, wishing that their Autobots brothers were with them. Prowl and Jetfire are one group and are looking for any signs of Autobots where they got teleported to which is in South America. They are having no luck and it’s quite depressing. Hard cut to space and a ship is shown landing on the moon, out steps Elita-One, Chromia, Moonracer, and Firestar they are looking at earth and are horrified. Elita-One points out the reason they are here is because they are hunting Shockwave, but their long range scanners detect that there is a fleet of Decepticon ships guarding the planet. They start making a plan to break through.

Meanwhile the Decepticons are looking through the remains of the crushed Ark and find the destroyed control panel of the spacebridge, much to Megatron’s dismay and he becomes angry but contains it. Thundercracker, Skywarp and Sunstorm while searching for any Autobot plans find the extremely wounded body of Optimus Prime among the wreckage. He is missing his right leg, his left eye is crushed, he is missing his right ear piece, and his left ear piece is bent, he is missing a few fingers there are numerous rips in his body and he is bleeding Energon heavily. Megatron comes over, Optimus expects him to kill him but Megatron has something else in store for him and orders Soundwave and Shockwave to patch up his heavy wounds but nothing else. Meanwhile Prowl and Jetfire are scouting looking for any signs of resistance and find a group of humans and get them to safety. However they get a message on a very ancient Autobot frequency and it’s from the female Autobots to any Autobots on the planet and that there is a blockade around Earth. Prowl sends a message back detailing every known Decepticon blockade and how to get through it safely, they take it and land where Prowl and Jetfire are along with the group of Humans, the Female Autobots are getting messages back from Autobots all over the planet.

Bumblebee, Sam, and Wheeljack however are not doing so great, stuck on Mars not knowing what to do, Wheeljack is trying to come up with anything that would get them out of this situation, he starts asking Sam about his culture and how they have played into it all to try and get Sam’s mind of things, he starts asking about the solar system in particular until he figures something out, Mars is the location of an ancient Cybertronian base, and he knows where it is. Back to the Decepticons, Optimus has been repaired, his bleeding has stopped but his wounds are all still there, he asks Megatron “Why?” to which he replies “you will see”. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe in North Africa start an attack on a small Decepticon energon plant, one of many that are converting Earth’s natural resources into energon. They attack and are stopped when The Female Autobots ship lands raining blaster fire onto the plant. Sideswipe jokingly says “I see you got my text babe” to which Sunstreaker roles his eyes and smacks him in the back of the head as they are getting onto the ship. Air Raid and Silverbolt are found in Egypt Air Raid is carpet bombing while Silverbolt is working on the ground taking out Vehicons until they are attacked by Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp, they decide to run (or fly rather) and we get a battle in the skies with autobots and decepticons in aerial combat, transforming back and forth until the ship shows up and they get inside, Silverbolt had thought they were mislead but was happy to be amongst friends again.

Fireflight and Skydive are found in Russia, Skydive trying to plan a silent way for them to break into a small outpost get the energon they need and leave without being seen, but much to Skydive’s dismay, Fireflight keeps getting distracted. Until finally as they are about to attack they get a spaceship in their face and are taken aboard by the female Autobots. They are also, to say the least, very happy to reunite with their brothers except they wonder where Slingshot is. Hard cut to slingshot and Jazz who have reunited with Ironhide and Ratchet in Canada and are on the run from a new group of decepticons, the Constructicons. Elita-One says it may take a little longer to get there from Russia because of them stressing out the engine and not having enough spare energon. Back at the temporary Decepticon HQ Vortex is interrogating Optimus but he refuses to talk, Vortex is using all his favorite torture methods but nothing is working to the point where he brings in Brawl to start punching the crap out of him but to no avail, Onslaught comes in and stops the idiots saying that Optimus would have talked by now and that he must really not know where the other Autobots are. Blast Off reports a ship had made it past their Blockade and its only now appearing on radar Starscream also reports that a ship grabbed 2 airialbots he was hunting while Onslaught starts to order troops to find them Megatron holds him back saying that they will let them escape and the constructicons will retreat as soon as the ship arrives. Onslaught is confused but Megatron tells him to trust him.

On Mars Wheeljack and Bumblebee are driving along the Martian landscape Sam questions what they are looking for. Wheeljack transforms and pulls put a holo map pointing that where they are suppose to go is right under them. Wheeljack starts dusting and digging until he finds an Autobot insignia under it all and pushes it, it lights up and the ground opens up to reveal an underground complex they go in and Wheeljack says, “I bet you’re wondering why I’m so excited well, this base is home to one of the largest Autobot warriors in existence, fellas’ say hello to-” he gets cut off and we go back to the brutal scene of the fight between the 6 constructicons and Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz, and Slingshot, the Autobots are loosing. Until finally the ship shows up and the constructicons retreat. They get on board and Jazz says “Glad you girls got my message” Slingshot reunites with his brothers, Jazz starts telling the situation to Prowl, Ratchet starts working on the wounded, and Ironhide sees her “Chromia?!” She responds “Ironhide?!” they run at each other and kiss. Too which it pans over to the twins (Sideswipe and Sunstreaker) both with their mouths wide open in shock and confusion. Jazz smiles and says “Haven’t seen this side of you for a long time 'hide”.

Now we have an intermission and character interaction between Fem-bots and the characters we already know. Chromia’s personality being more stern to the others but at the same time being kind of fun discussing various weaponry with Ironhide and Prowl. Moonracer being very nice and friendly to everyone, walking around telling jokes Jazz says that his friend Powerglide said she is the best sniper in the Autobot army and the galaxy for that matter (heyoo G1 reference). Firestar is busy organizing files and checking the energon gauge when the others ask her to join them she is nice but she says she has to make sure the ship is doing well. And Elita-One being basically the female version of Optimus. Ironhide says to Elita-One “wait shouldn’t there be another pickup?” “Not that I know of, there are no other Autobots that have responded” she replies “Optimus” Ironhie says, Elita stops moving and turns to Ironhide “What?” her voice trailing off. Fireflight drops to the ground and looks down “Bumblebee…” he whispers sadly. Ratchet has a sad look on his face and says “Wheeljack… no”. The entire crew looks sad instantly and they all bow their heads, but a message comes on with Megatron’s face on the screen “Hello Autbots wherever you are I would just like to show you what I found, your precious leader” all of the Autobots are stunned at the sight of the decrepit Optimus “He will be executed in 2 Earth day cycles, and it will be broadcast all over for the entire planet to see, enjoy the show” message ends.

Next shows Megatron telling Shockwave and Starscream to mobilize their forces, they are going to box the Autobots in because they know they will be coming for Optimus. After seeing the message, Air Raid, Slingshot and Ironhide instantly want to go get Optimus, but Elita-One and Prowl stop them, she admits that she wants to get him but they cannot just run in blindly without a plan. All of a sudden the ship starts rumbling and Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback are firing at the ships engines outside and Sunstorm is melting the outer-hull of the ship. Ironhide and Chromia immediately go outside and start firing, Shrapnel and Kickback are shot down but Bombshell blows out the engines and the ship falls. Jazz sees they landed in Nebraska, only 50 miles from the Decepticon fortress Prowl knows this was not a coincidence and this is a trap. Ironhide thinks they should make a plan anyways, for their fallen friends, Bumblebee and Wheeljack. Everyone agrees, all of a sudden you are looking through a red visor band looking at the Autobots and voices are saying “We should reveal ourselves now” “No, it’s too soon, we need the element of surprise.”

Elita, Prowl, Skydive, and Jazz are coming up with a plan after Slingshot and Fireflight are done scouting the Decepticon base they come back with what they found out. 2 anti-air/anti-troop canons, a legion of Vehicons at the front gate being lead by Blitzwing and Astrotrain, and the base looks like it’s still under construction but has been built abnormally quick for its size. Ironhide points out that the team his group and him were fighting earlier he recognized as the Decepticons smartest soldiers and builders, the Constructicons and it must be them building it. They start explaining their plan and it starts happening with them talking the background (think the LEGO movie). Air Raid will carpet bomb the troops Silverbolt and Slingshot will fly around to keep the attention of the canons off of Air Raid and pepper them with shots. Moonracer will stay back with Prowl and snipe troops around the canons. While the attention of the canons is focused on the Arialbots. Ironhide and Chromia will move in with their heavy artillery and destroy the canons. Afterwards they will have to go into the base and stick together because they will not know what to expect when they get inside. The battle will not be a montage it will be a full fledged battle.

Cuts to the red visor band again “Do we do it now?” “Yes as soon as they get inside, they won’t be expecting us.” It’s a corridor battle with the Autobots going down dimly lit claustrophobic halls with Decepticons popping out and retreating at random. Until they get to an open room where the Insecticons, Combaticons, and Stunticons surround them. All of the Autobots ready for a big fight, but the room starts rumbling and all of a sudden 5 giant robotic dinosaurs break through the wall and run the Decepticons out, transform, and greet the Autobots, it’s Grimlock and the Dinobots. Elita was wondering where they were but says questions are for later, the Dinobots say they have been looking at this place for weeks and know where Optimus is. When they get to where Prime is supposed to be, but Grimlock says that something is wrong, and what do you know, he is right, lights turn on and the skyline opens to reveal decepticon ships flying around and all pointing their guns at them. Megatron walks out smiling from high above at the edge of a tower overlooking this open area with Optimus chained up and he pulls out his energon flail and prepares to kill him and projects it all over the planet. Menasor and the Constructicons surround them on the ground, the Arialbots form Superion and prepare for a fight, the other Autobots load their weapons and the dinobots turn into dinomode and they prepare for a last stand. Prowl and Jazz say they are going to try and get out to save Optimus.

Megatron orders the Decepticons to destroy the Autobots after he kills Prime. The Autobots however start the fight immediately and start blasting and Megatron stops to see how far they think they can get. Superion is fighting Menasor and loosing badly and there are no vehicons it is a fight between named Autobots and Decepticons. The Autobots are backed up so much they are all just in a circle defending themselves but the Decepticons stop firing and Megatron finally prepares to kill Optimus. Ships all of a sudden start being blown out of the sky and a large cruiser comes down and transform, surpise! It’s Omega Supreme, he starts tearing the tower apart and Wheeljack and Bumblebee come out and grab Optimus bypassing Megatron who is now in a blind fury and is firing and swinging his flail as they get prime into Omega. Megatron activates his ultimate failsafe, Devastator is formed by the Constructicons and starts fighting Omega until he picks up Devastator and throws him out of the base, causing massive destruction to it and he transforms into spaceship mode and all the Autobots run inside.

Elita immediately goes to Optimus and he is shocked and happy she is there and Ratchet and Wheeljack start doing what they can to repair him. Omega goes into orbit around Earth at a safe distance. Cut back to Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave and Soundwave, they are not happy to say the least “These people have hope now, that is something we promised they would never have they will probably start to rebel, we cannot let that happen” Shockwave replies “What is your command lord Megatron?” Megatron sits down on his broken up throne and says “There is only one thing to do, wait for their next move”. Back to space Prowl asks Optimus “What do we do now?” he limps out with Elita holding him up and looks out over earth through a window and says “We go to war” inception noise and cut to credits during the credits Optimus is sending an urgent message to Autobots all over the galaxy to go come to Earth and how they will never forsake this planet and the Decepticons have forced their hand. you see bits and pieces during the credits of Autobot shapes loading their weapons and preparing for battle, a few of which are Bluestreak, Brawn, Ultra Magnus, and Hot Rod.

Post Credits scene: 2 orange glowing eyes pear out of the darkness and a voice says “Their darkest hour is upon them, we shall strike when they are at their weakest, and there is nothing they will be able to do to stop us” you hear the clicking and shifting sounds of a transformer and it fades to black.

huh that looked a lot shorter when I was typing it in word, oh well


so dude what do you think of the most recent part Hooray for more cliffhangers!

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Dude, the experience of reading these is better than Explosionformers 1, 2, 3, and 4 combined. Get back to writing them!


Did you know that the title Rage of The Dinobots is a title of a comic book?
Starring the Dinobots and other familiar faces after the launch of The Ark.

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I’ve actually had a lot of thoughts about how I would try to continue the Transformers movies if I were to make them. It involves Space Pirates.

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Whoa people are actually reading these? time to get back to writing, I would like to know how you feel about the 4th one, what is your opinion?

Indeed, but it’s like Avengers Age of Ultron shares the name, but it’s ultimately a different story :smile:



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    Nice. Very nice.

@Takua @RECspiriah and @Marendex_T17 here is the next part, you guys inspired me to keep going
Transformers Secrets of Cybertron
Autobots: Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Hot Rod, Drift, Blur, Springer, Brawn
Decepticons: Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, Reflector (Spectro, spyglass, and Viewfinder), Octane

2 cruisers pear into frame in a ship to ship battle near Cybertron. There is a green cybertronian helicopter being pursued by 2 cybertronian jets, a white one and a red one. Inside the Decepticon ship Octane is yelling about a simple fuel run and them being ambushed by an Autobot ship, to which Dirge replies with something gloom such as “Death comes to he who is too ambitious” weirding Octane out. The green helicopter bombs the engines of the Decepticon ship, and a lucky shot from an Autobot turret blows open the fuel cells on the bottom of the ship, thereby forcing the ship to fall onto Cybertron’s moon. The 2 decepticon jets go back inside the cruiser and the Autobots inside start cheering but Kup and Ultra Magnus do not, they order the ship to go to the surface so they can kill the remaining Decepticons.

The Decepticons who have crash landed get out, Octane orders a check on all the crew members, Dirge comes out and says “they are all dead except for-” he gets cut out by a yelling Thrust who has Reflector and Ramjet with him. Octane says it’s time they leave, Thrust starts yelling that they should stand and fight, the 2 start arguing until the Reflector triplets come between them and say they are outnumbered and should go. The Autobots land and Springer (who was the green helicopter) makes a sarcastic quip abut Decepticons being arrogant and then Hot Rod and Arcee come out to which Hot Rod starts acting like he can take the Decepticons on by himself and Arcee just telling him to be not to be arrogant. Kup and Ultra Magnus come out completely serious, they send Drift, Brawn, and Blurr to go with them.

Meanwhile the Decepticons are in a cave, Octane is trying to pin this failure on Dirge and all of the Decepticons are arguing with each other, until they here the Autobots at the door. In which they go into a panic until Ramjet and Thrust tand up and prepare to fight. Ramjet turns into jet mode and slams into the first Autobot in (Hot Rod) who than falls on Drift. Octane immediately turns into his jet mode and flies farther into the cave, the other Decepticons stand and fight for however long they can, until Thrust’s cockiness makes him loose an arm and the Decepticons retreat even farther, reflector starts to notice that this was a unexplored tunnel and that the millions of years of decay must have opened it up. While the Decepticons are running, Drift stops and looks at the writing on the wall, and he stops the Autobots, saying it looks ancient and not like any Cybertronians, Brawn says it must be a Decepticon trick, after all Drift used to be a Decepticon so he would know. Kup shuts him up and looks at the writing and pictures, he says that Drift is right, it’s not Cybertronian and that he’s never seen it before. Drift recommends that they go farther into the cave, Hot Rod ecstatically agrees with him, he wants to finish he Decepticons then see what all this stuff is.

Meanwhile the Decepticons have gone very far into the cave and found what appears to be a lab. Dirge points out not a Cybertronian lab, as it does not look like anything a Cybertronian would need is in there. Ramjet can make out the word Primus on the writing on the walls. Octane finds some equipment and recognizes it as spacebridge technology and that he can activate it. Reflector thinks it’s worth the risk, just so they can leave this place. Octane quickly activates the bridge and all the Decepticons rush into it. The Autobots walk in and see the spacebridge Hot Rod says they should go through it but Ultra Magnus stops Hot Rod telling him not to be too ambitious, they don’t even know where the space bridge goes. It is here when all the Autobots sit down and we get to see what they are like, Arcee is a mix of Prime Arcee and G1 Arcee where she is a tough and ferocious fighter, but she is caring and fairly calm, Hot Rod is fairly arrogant, hot headed and Brash, Kup is an old war hero bringing up stories of his past adventures but at the same time being fairly gruff, Ultra Magnus though he will give orders thinks of himself as a soldier and nothing more he even does not like to accept ranks of higher positions, Brawn is kind of brutish and sarcastic, Blurr is fast-talking and fast thinking, he prefers to analyze a situation before going into something (which often takes 2-3 seconds), Springer is smug and delivers jokes in an incredibly deadpan voice but he cares for his fellow Autobots a lot, and finally there is Drift, Brawn does not trust him and he wishes to atone for his mistakes made as a Decepticon.

Blurr and Drift cannot figure out were this space bridge is going to as it’s coordinates are unrecognizable, but Kup suggests they go in anyways, he’s been itching for a real fight. Everyone go’s except for Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod are told to stay behind and keep the bridge open, much to Hot Rod’s dismay. Kup charges in expecting to find Decepticons but instead they find a barren land with an ocean nearby. Kup’s team starts looking around but they find nothing, they also see that their comms are jammed. All of a sudden Shark-like robots come out of the water and start attacking the Autobots, after a skirmish, the Autobots are captured and thrown into a cell, with the decepticons who are surprised to see them, Thrust and Ramjet immediately try to pick a fight but Reflector stops them and whispers that they should try to find the Autobot’s weaknesses’. Drift thinks the only way to get out is to work together, to which Brawn replies by punching him in the face and yelling until Kup and Arcee hold him back, to which Arcee starts calmly telling him off.

meanwhile back on the moonbase Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod are talking about the war and how Hot Rod is eager to get back into it and Ultra Magnus encourages it but tells him not to be to cocky. It’s really just a talk with those 2 for a few minutes, however Ultra Magnus is starting to worry about the group, Hot Rod thinks they will be fine. Meanwhile the bots’ and cons’ are trying to figure out how to get out until an army of Sharkticons comes to them and grabs hold of them. They are walking down the halls to their “Trial” until Arcee starts a fight and starts cutting locks to release prisoners and it descends into a riot. until Kup gets to a communication station and contacts Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus and tells them exactly what happened. Once he is done Octane has him at gunpoint and stupidly thinks he can get away without the Autobots but he and Kup are immediately incapacitated and thrown back into a cell with the rest of their crews. Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod formulate a plan to avoid the Sharkticons and save their friends, when they go through they fight off as many of the Sharkticons as they can but en up having to run away (or rather drive).

As they drive however, they see a massive robot the size of a city, Hot Rod is in disbelief while Ultra Magnus looks mad as other robots are picking at the deactivated giant for parts. Hot Rod asks who it is and Ultra Magnus replies that it is Metroplex, he was used in their final hours of Cybertron and sacrificed his spark energy to power the ark and now he is here for some reason. Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus follow the robots back to a MASSIVE power plan which they raid but make sure they do not kill any of the workers as they are slaves to… something. They steal the plants energon and go back to Metroplex. Meanwhile the Autobots and Decepticons are brought to he “jury” which is a strange 5 faced cyborg. Who goes on a whole rant about them trespassing until he calls them guilty out of nowhere but before he feeds them to the sharkticons he asks them if they want to know where they came from, they respond with Primus, and they are partially correct, the cyborg is revealed to be a quintesson, and this is the quintesson home world. He says that the Quintessons created the transformers from the planet Cybertron (Primus) but Primus gave them life, they had them do their bidding for a while until they rebelled and forced the Quintessons off of Cybertron, which they have never forgiven the Transformers for.

The Autobots and Decepticons are in shock, and the Quintessons love it and are about to execute them but Drift yells “get down!” pulls out his great sword and slices the air around him (his great sword drains a lot of his life force) destroying all the sharkticons around them he says “For the freedom of all” before collapsing. Arcee grabs Drift and the Autobots and Decepticons start to make a break for it but the ceiling brakes open and Metroplex’s face comes in and he grabs the bots’, Kup says there is a spacebrige that can bring them back to the moonbase. Metroplex busts open the area they said it is in and Blurr runs in and activates it. The Decepticons rush through first and get away, when everyone (including Metroplex) get through Blurr puts some explosives down and the bridge explodes after he leaves. The Autobots check to see if Drift is alive, he is, and Brawn says he was wrong about Drift, and Drift smiles in stasis, Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod ask what happened, the Autobots tell them. They are shocked but they are cutoff when Optimus’ message from the end of TF4 comes over the comm. The Autobots decide to gear up and prepare for battle.

End Credits scene: The Decepticons get a message from Megatron telling any remaining Decepticons who are on other missions to return to Earth immediately, they are at war. Octane wants to stay out of it, but Reflector blackmails him, saying he will tell Megatron how much of a coward he was, and forces him to take them back to Earth.


That reminds me: I really should post a topic of my own ideas for a set of Transformers movies.

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Transformers The Dark Hunt
Autobots: Smokescreen, Powerglide, Cliffjumper, Bluestreak
Decepticons: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Lockdown

A small ship coming from space appears and is headed for earth, inside Bluestreak voices concern about heading for earth while powerglide tells him it’ll be fine, Smokescreen stays silent and tells them to rendezvous with Omega Supreme, however he is no where to be seen. Lockdown’s cruiser comes around being escorted by the seekers who fire on the Autobot ship and it crashes onto earth’s surface. The four Autobots flee and a few Decepticons scout the ship and radio Starscream telling him the Autobots escaped. Starscream tells Lockdown that this is his time to prove himself, shockwave may say he is a cunning warrior, but he needs to see it for himself. Meanwhile as the Autobots are on the run, they try contacting Optimus but their comms are jammed, they are all alone, Smokescreen expresses his distaste for this war, Bluestreak tries to look on the bright side of things, but quickly starts over talking and doesn’t shut up, to which Cliffjumper snaps and yells at him to be quiet, but he is stopped when Powerglide tells him to quiet down and Smokescreen sarcastically shushes them both.

Meanwhile, the seekers and Lockdown are at the crash site and Starscream is becoming inpatient with Lockdown, Lockdown tells him that it takes time to hunt his prey, just as he gets a signal on the Autobots are and starts following it. Smokescreen knows they cannot stay where they are and starts leading them out of the area. They quietly go to an area where they see a large number of Decepticons taking oil and converting it to energon. Bluestreak steals some, Cliffjumper thinks it’s a bad idea but Smokescreen thinks they should take what they can get. Lockdown and the seekers get to the mine, to which Lockdown gets a stronger signal because of the energon they took, Starscream remembers there is a tracker on it so they go to the point where it is and find it was rigged to blow, it explodes, Powerglide attacks them from the sky, Bluestreak from afar with a sniper rifle, Cliffjumper pulls out an abnormally large cannon (because that’s how he rolls) and Smokescreen goes at them with dual pistols, directly engaging Starscream. Starscream sees the doubt in Smokescreen’s eyes and starts prodding at him that the Decepticons are the way to go, Smokescreen has a moment of doubt but quickly shakes it off and continues the engagement.

The Autobots hurt the 4 Decepticons pretty good and end up retreating because a squad in the area was alerted. Starscream is incredibly angry at Lockdown, but Lockdown says it was only to build up their confidence, he set a tracker on Bluestreak in mid combat. Meanwhile the Autobots find a Decepticon propaganda assembly where the Decepticons are talking about restoring cybertron, in a way that sounds very favorable, to both humans and cybertronians. Smokescreen has continued hints of doubt but Bluestreak tells him not to listen to them. Powerglide and Ciffjumper think it’s a load of crap and they are just trying to get human support so they can stab them in the back. Meanwhile Starscream has taken an interest in Smokescreen, believing he can turn him to the Decepticons, Lockdown doesn’t care, as long as he gets paid, Thundercracker and Skywarp think it’s a bad idea, but Starscream goes with it anyways.

Powerglide finds a Decepticon ship that is big enough for all of the and is not very highly defended, the perfect target to get back to Optimus. They begin making a plan and are ready to execute it, when they do they take the ship but are attacked by Lockdown and the seekers, starscream prods at mokescreen that is their really anyway the autobots will get through this without the earth being wrecked in the process, the only way to save cybertron is to sacrifice part of earth (which he is lying about, all of earth must be sacrificed). At this point Cliffjumper calls Smokescreen an idiot if he truly believes that, Bluestreak starts telling Smokescreen it’s not true there is always another way, Powerglide says they can defeat them with skill alone, and the decepticons are nothing but numbers. As the Autobots get into atmosphere, Smokescreen looks down at earth, and thinks about what Starscream said, Powerglide is checking one of the escape pods, Cliffjumper and Bluestreak are on the bridge. Smokescreen makes his decision, he slowly pulls out his pistols and shoots Cliffjumper and Bluestreak in the back and jettisons Powergilde’s escape pod. He takes Bluestreak and Cliffjumper’s bodies down to the escape pods and tosses them in, jettisoning them as well. He contacts Starscream and says his decision has been made, Starscream smiles and pays Lockdown anyways, he tells Smokescreen it’s not official until he says the words. Smokescreen looks up and slowly says the words “All hail Megatron”

End Credits scene: A blurry screen comes up in Omega Supreme, Optimus goes up to it and sees a distorted image talking and it un-distorts itself and it’s Cliffjumper, he says to him “He’s in”

The big one is coming next, the spin offs are done

The battle for earth is about to commence


I like these so far! I would advise working on the grammar a bit, particularly the lack of commas, but the ideas are really nice. :smile:

see I would do this, but for some reason I cannot edit these old posts to do so =(