How long would you choose to live?

Alright guys, so here’s a thing I found on the internet, and I was wondering how you all would react. Have fun!

"How Long Would You Live if You Could Choose ANY Number of Years?

Here’s how it works. You wake up and find yourself alone in a room. The only things in the room are a table, a chair, a calculator, and a note. The note says:

Eternal Life?You have exactly 10 minutes to choose how many years you want to live and type the number into the calculator. At the end of the 10 minutes, you’ll be escorted out of the room, and your decision is permanent and unable to ever be changed. You’ll live for exactly that many years and then you’ll die. Oh also…every other human on Earth is currently in a room just like this making the same exact decision and you won’t know what they chose until you leave the room. If you enter no number into the calculator, your life will go on exactly as it had before, unaffected—you’ll die a natural death whenever you would have if this had never happened.

Other information in the note’s fine print:

There’s an infinity button on the calculator, and there are endless digit spots.

If you enter a number younger than your current age, the calculator rejects it and it stays blank.

If you enter your current age, you’ll die the moment the 10 minutes is up.

You can choose the age of your body and change it at any time—that means if you’re 40 right now you can choose to go back to 25 and live out a bunch of years in your 25-year-old body, then let yourself age up to 70 over the next 45 years, do that for a while, then bring yourself back down to 35 for a while, etc. (The point here is to take body age out of the question.)

In the case of children under the age of 12, one of the parents (which one is chosen at random) will make the decision for them, on an additional calculator that’ll be on that parent’s table with the child’s name on it. Children 12 and over will wake up in their own room with their own decision to make.

Sickness and ailments don’t happen anymore for anyone who enters a number into the calculator. People who leave it blank will get sick as they would have in their normal life.

People who enter a number in the calculator will no longer be able to reproduce—any children they already have (including existing pregnancies) can live on, but they can’t conceive any more children. People who leave the calculator blank can continue to have children, but those children won’t ever be given a chance to choose an age—they will be normal mortal people who will live and die naturally, as will their children, and so on.

This opportunity will never come along again—it’s a one and only one time thing.

No other guarantees about anything—if you enter a number into the calculator, you will continue to live a conscious existence until your birthday that year, and then you’ll peacefully die that day. Sickness and ailments won’t occur, but discomfort, pain, and suffering still can—i.e. if you’re living a comfortable life on Earth, you’ll have general good health at all times and any ailments or injuries will be healed immediately, but if you tried to free dive to the bottom of the ocean, while you won’t die, you’d experience horrible pain and suffering as if you were drowning. If you don’t eat or drink, you won’t die, but you’ll feel completely desperate for food and water like a normal person would.

You’re told on the note that death is final and eternal, whether you enter something into the calculator or not.

That’s all that’s on the note. If there are any other confusion or questions, you’d have to make the decision with certain things not clarified."

So there it is, please post your responses below, I’m very curious. If anyone’s wondering, I ripped this from How Long Would You Live if You Could Choose ANY Number of Years? — Wait But Why


Think for the sake of YOLO, I’d leave it blank and as Pyrrha said, let the cards fall where they may or something like that.


Untill I’ll meet with Death.
Death is only the end of Life. And Life is the end of Death.

And 80 years would be kewl

I’d leave it blank. Who wants to live forever?
A few reasons:
No one knows what the psychological effects of living, say, 500 years would be, especially if your friends and family members were dead by then, which is possible in this scenario. Going over 150 or 200 or is a big risk.
Not being able to reproduce is a deal-breaker. The biggest way your legacy carries on in this world is through your kids. I’d take my legacy being passed down through the generations over prolonged life any day.
I don’t believe death is the end. I look forward to what comes next. “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure,” as Dumbledore would say.
I’m not sure I have the right to alter my destiny in such a way.


Gimme that infinite button.


Let me say this
Why would anyone want to live forever?
living forever means you will get to experience death of loved ones, death of friends, even death of the entire human race, and the end of the world
Living forever means, no matter what you do, you cant die
there will come a point in time where the entire universe might go
and when that happens?
What will happen to you?

My answer?
I would leave it blank
When my time comes, it comes


I know this, everything will eventually come to an end. I just want to see it all through.


You posted a pewdiepie video?

I hope you live forever you chump


You see.
The correct answer is not a number.

But a letter.

I chose Z years to live.


This is a really interesting question. As much as I would be tempted to not press any buttons… I really don’t know. Is it possible to age normally until you turn 40, then stay 40 for like 50 years, and then go back to aging normally until you are 120?

Blank. If I die, I die. All things must come to an end. Even our universe, whether you’re religious or not.

And not being able to have kids is a major turn off. I want a family.


i want to live to see 3 more reboots of bionicle


I would leave it blank, since immortality is pretty useless if you live a miserable existence like I think I would.

So yeah.


which is why I think rise is a fool for wanting to live forever

i would leave i blank

So, here’s the thing. Everyone else on Earth is in a room exactly like this, doing the same thing. You have no idea if your best friend opted to kill themselves, live forever, or dies somewhere in between. I mean, say you type in 5,000 years, but your friends and family did something similar to say 50,000 years. That one zero means a whole lot of millennia between your death, and theirs.

Alternatively, if they typed in 500 years, you’d be stuck living a longer life than everyone you care about. A life ten times as long.

And then, there’s the fact that there’s no way for you to die until it is your time. Wolverine-like healing abilities as well as immunity to all things. What would happen if you got trapped in some perpetual nightmare?

You choose a million years before you die. There’s a lot of stuff that can happen in a million years, a lot of really cool and interesting stuff. You might be alone, but you might not. There’d be other people who chose 1 million, or something greater.

Now, imagine if you were exploring space. Your ship accidentally rams itself into a nearby asteroid, blowing a hole open in the cockpit that you were unlucky enough to be in.Since you can’t die, you’d just be floating there in space for hundreds of thousands of years with absolutely no hope of rescue. What kind of life is that?

Given all of this, I honestly would press infinity. I don’t know exactly why, but I think that if I had to choose when I die I’d be always on the edge, trying to get everything done before I die, even if I chose a million years, I’d still have a deadline (ha ha, get it, deadline? Yeah… I’m done…) to meet. If I could live infinitely, sure a lot of my existence could be horribly awful and filled with regret and loss. Or, maybe not. I can do whatever I want, whenever, because I don’t have a deadline, I don’t have to answer to anybody for anything.

I could build whatever I want, draw, write, be whomever I want. Because infinite years is an awful long time to change over and over and over. If anybody’s read the Percy Jackson series through and through, they might understand what I mean. An infinite being is a fluid being.

Of course, I could go all out insane and just become the Joker, or Deadpool. That’d be fun too. More likely Deapool, seeing as how the Joker can die, and DP has that sweet healing factor. Meh.


years are a concept we came up with, based on the orbit of the earth around the sun, and time-space are connected, so when the universe dies a heat-death, time will stop, thus infinity will end, and you would die along with the universe.

my point being, you wouldn’t live “forever” because time will end.


I’d choose infinity, I can take the loss.


But you gotta go insane at some point