How the Boards "Visit" counter works

So as many of you know, to reach the Trust Level of Master, you must be active for 90 of the past 100 days (more on that here). Now, I've heard a lot of talk about how the counter doesn't change, how it's broken, etc. Today, I hope to clear up those confusions.

(For simplification purposes, let's say the requirements are 9/10 days instead of 90/100.)

So let's say Little Johnny has been trying to get Master for quite some time, and has been keeping his activity up.

Out of the past 10 days, he has been active 10/10. Thus, Little Johnny is all set for this requirement.

Now let's take Little Phweffie. Little Phweffie, like Little Johnny, has also been trying to get Master. However, she goes to a concert on the weekend, and doesn't get a chance to log on.

Out of the past 10 days, she's logged 8/10, and thus does not reach the requirements for Master.

Little Phweffie panics, and makes sure to log on Sunday to bring her to 9/10 days. However, despite her logging on, the Boards counter still has her at 8/10 days. Why is this?

Even though she's logged in on Sunday, she has still only logged on 8/10 days.

In fact, assuming she logs on every day for the next week, the Boards will not change this until the next Monday, when the red Friday is finally cycled out.

She is left with 9/10 days being active, and thus passes the requirement.

To tie this in with reality, imagine you're a Master (100/100 days) that takes 14 days off. The Boards counter will say you have 86/100 days for a solid 100 days (just over 3 months) before it updates, assuming you are active every day.

tl;dr: just because you have 86/100 days doesn't necessarily mean you have 4 days left


What if the Boards is down/maintenance over a day? Will that still damage the "Visit" counter?

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It will, but it's rare that the Boards are down for more than 24 hours.

Welp. I have a long time to wait then.

Little Johnny is only 10 years old and would get banned for being under the age limit (assuming he tell people him age).
You can't get Master if you can't use the site, Little Johnny...


you can't prove that little johnny is 10



I drew him so my drawing my rules. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where can I see the visit counter?

Unfortunately, the only way to see the counter is to ask a Mod (like myself) to PM you your Master stats.

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How old is Little Phweffie?

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Depends how old Viper is. I think.

Well little Phweffie can't be too young considering her profile picture. Or she is a psychotic murderer straight out the gate.

Maybe we'll have to call in Kahi Nuva: Ace attorney


What's happen if the user can't used his/her Wi-Fi due to bad weather?

Then they won't be able to log in for a day/a few days and they're gonna have to wait a little longer to get Master status. Though keep in mind that Master is for the most part just fun title; it doesn't significantly change your Boards experience.

But I miss the ability to change title names and move topics myself...


I can totally understand that and it's awesome that the Masters are so passionate about helping out. However, I'm mainly saying that, despite it's perks, Master isn't something you should get upset over if you lose it/don't get it. Just focus on enjoying being an active member of the community and you'll rank up in no time!

In addition to what LM said, if you lose your wifi for more than 10 days, I think you've got bigger problems than a toy discussion site. :stuck_out_tongue:


Except for the fact that creation of all projects, contests and promotions are locked firmly behind master.


There's also the custom tags. Yeah, it's just a stupid little thing, but it's a fun feature to mess around with.

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