How The Mod Squad Ruined My Life!

It's the modsquad's fault for not telling you that the Upload in blue text at the bottom right hand side of the typing box on mobile is used to post pictures.

That one in the picture taken and uploaded on mobile.


Well its also their fault that that button isn't there! I'm looking for it as I type this very post and it is not there. Though I will keep this in mind next time I'm on my phone.


On your tablet, which view do you use? I use tablet too

It's there above "You"

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Well what do ya know. I guess I always just ignored that button since I never needed to use it on desktop.

I asked the mods if I can hang out with them and they said "No because you're a terrible person and no one likes you." Right after I stubbed my toe on the door frame.

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K so

I was at a 4th of July fireworks celebration I guess

And all of a sudden one of the fireworks spelled out 'cronk'

And then I got spooped

Because out of the sky came SuperCronk

And he threw a firework in my lap and flew away lol'ing

Okay, the firework was by no means activated and I didn't go to any fireworks celebrations whatsoever and Cronk probably can't fly I think BUT IT ALL HAPPENED I WAS THERE KINDA


Good times, good times.

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@Political_Slime is feeding my LEGO Squidward addiction.


The mod squad listens to my literature ideas.

You were supposed to stifle my bad ideas not encourage them.


The mod squad ruined my life by placing ads all over the boards reflecting my problems:


Why the Mod Squad should never crack down on the rules. Not any harder than now anyway.

As the Mod Squad begins to enforce their power more and more on the boards they eventually overthrow the TTV and claim full ownership of the boards. They make drastic changes to the rules and regulations, and the boards become a harsh dictatorship. Minor offenses like off topic or double posting result in immediate suspension. Due to this, many users begin to leave the boards, and the few who stay aren't exactly too happy. Due to the drastic drop in users and participation, the boards are eventually closed. As this is one of the strongest and largest Bionicle communities on the internet, the fandom soon falls with the message boards. Due to this, Bionicle as a franchise dies, and is forgotten about forever. Lego looses all value in both constraction lines, and original stories. Lego then falls into obscurity, as it has lost the magic it once had. Now it is only known as a sell out, and drops down to the likes of Megaconrtux and Kreo, and the wold turns its back on construction toys altogether. With the number one toy company fallen off its pedestal, Hasbro soon rushes in to take its place. With its new supremacy, Hasbro begins to buy out other toy companies. In the end, Hasbro has gained a near monopoly on the toy market as a whole, and Transformers supremacists rule the internet.


Man this makes me wanna crack down more on the rules. Thanks man.


We already do :wink:

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What have I done.

True. Well we rule more then than now.

Man I'll never forget that time last week

I was sitting at my desk, filing some paperwork, when I found one labeled "Sliem and Cronk testify against Ghid's case for home invasion"

And suddenly they broke in through my door yelling something horrifying, I couldn't tell what

So I grabbed my AK-131 and aimed it at the door, screaming "Y'all better scram before we get tomato jello!"

However they both apparently liked tomato jello, because they tackled me and after tying me up they began searching frantically for it

The neighbors told me Bob the Tomato and a Minecraft slime came up to my door and yelled "trick or treat"| but I'm sure they yelled "trick or treat we've come to steal your tomato jello!!!!!1!!"

Okay, I don't have tomato jello and Sliem and Cronk hopefully don't know where I live and I don't know how they could testify on papers for car insurance and I don't even have a job so I couldn't file papers and I wasn't home Halloween BUT IT'S EVEN MORE TRUE THAN THE OTHER TIMES


So I was walking down the street and I saw a girl I really wanted to talk to. Why wouldn't I? She was cute, had glasses, and was wearing a Mortal Kombat Shirt. She was meeting all of my standards.

But when I tried to get close to her, Slime came out of the sewers and took her down with him. He then looked at me and said "YOU CAN NOT BE HAPPY, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT."

He then tricked the girl's little brother into thinking he was going to feed her to Pennywise.



We do, punk.


On a foggy night, I and my family was walking to Walmart than a sharp-dress Slime come by speaking in Romanian, before realize he can transform into a wolf and a bat, and cause some trouble over some prison.

After they killed me, the Mod Squad banned my post-mortem Boards account so I couldn't haunt them.

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