How will you retell the legend?

So how will you tell your kids (if you do) the Legend of the Bionicle? Will you start with our 6 toa mata washing up on a shore, or will you start by telling them the legend of Metru nui? Will you show them the sets, show them the comics, and read the books to them?


I will start as LEGO started. I would go year by year, giving them my old sets and watching them enjoy the saga as I would have if I were born five years earlier. I would try to give them all the books, sets, etc. I can, and it would all be awesome.


I don't know, but it will begin with a very famous line. "In the time before time..."


this is like the issue of the star wars prequels...
in which case "machete order" (IV, V, II, III, VI, -skipping the phantom menace altogether-) would be '01 the quest for the masks, 02 the rise of the swarms + toa nuva and bohrok kal, 04 legends of metru nui, 03 mask of light, 06-07 ignition, 08 karda nui, 09-10 spherus magna.

Thus effectively saving the spoilers of metru nui, and omitting the horrendous hordika phase, in the spirit of Phantom Menace

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Were the Hordika really that bad? Besides the betrayal of Vakama, it was a pretty entertaining year.

I personally feel that I'll leave it in as a lesson in storytelling to my kids.

Much like how I'm going to leave Phantom Menace in. Also both Clone Wars Series'


it just didnt fit. Like the Phantom Menace you can take it out, and the story still works fine.
I'd say the biggest issue was it's separation from bionicle-no kanohi, useless parts, and the most gimmicky year, being the only wave where every. single. set. included -nay- centered around the rhotuka spinner.

Although Titan-wise it was one of the best years

Actually, at the end of 2004, Teridax gets locked up. Towards the end of 2005 he is released. It's a small thing, but it's a major thing.

Also Time Trap, but I guess that could work without the rest of 2005.

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That is true. I still disliked the rhotukas. Even though I liked them at first, it bugged me how the set didnt look right without them... yet they never stayed on while playing with them

I'm planning to tell it as it was told to me, through and through. I think one of the best things about the story was the that it wasn't perfect, and had its ups and downs. That all just makes for a diverse experience, which I think deserves to be told as it is, no matter what. What I think is also a good follow-up question is Who will we tell the legend to? Besides our future children, who else do you think could benefit from the tale of the Bionicle?

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At first, I thought you were quoting "The land before time"... but then I remembered that this is a Bionicle forum, and not about dinosaurs (Bionicle needs robo-dino). stuck_out_tongue

This is funny, because I recently had an idea for when BIONICLE returns.
In June, my niece will be turning six, and since BIONICLE will be returning in January, I am going to get her Lewa. I will be buying Tahu for myself. When I give her Lewa for her birthday, I am gonna tell her about how six canisters washed up on the shore of a golden beach.
And as she gets older, I will tell her more of the story where it gets more complex.
But it will all start with the Mata and the six canisters.


I had to do this recently. I figued starting from 2001 and going onward would be simple enough to a six-year old. Too bad he kept connecting it to Ninjago, Chima, and Hero Factory. It saddens me to see kids can't enjoy the best Lego theme when it was in it's glory days. Who knows, though. BIONICLE's return may take the legend to a new extreme.


I'd tell it very easily. Of course, I don't have to worry about kids for at least five more years stuck_out_tongue

I'd start from the beginning. With six amnesiac heroes washing up on the shores of a tropical island.

And then I'd move on to how those great protectors were not the first, and not even the second. In fact, their were many great teams before them. I'd tell them the story of six, simple civilians who became the greatest team of defenders the city could ask for.

From there, I'd move on to tell them the story of how even the greatest defenders can fall. How even the purest hearts can be poisoned. How the mighty can fall.

After that, I'd tell them about six heroes who they had met on the tropical island. Not the heroes who I had told them about, but new ones. In a flash of lightning, a new set of defenders had been born. But these protectors would face the enemy on unrecognizable turf. But, through their Unity, they pushed through.

I'd also tell them the story of how those same six defenders were so devoted to their Duty that they were willing to go to the bottom of the ocean just to keep a mask from the hands of evil, the story of how one hero was willing to sacrifice himself to keep the universe safe.

And then, to finish, I'd tell them about how the first heroes they had met, traveled to the center of the universe to achieve their Destiny. How even after they turned the universe on after it had died, only to find that their enemy had tricked them into turning him into a god, they still fought on. Be it on his ground, or the ground of a distant desert planet, they wouldn't give up.

And in the end, they would prevail. Evil would be banished, and the final chapter would close.

And then, I'd tell them a new story, of the BIONICLE. Perhaps even the story of a Toa of Antimatter, trapped in a pocket universe, fighting for freedom against his greatest Nightmare.


I'd love to tell my kids about Bionicle as bedtime stories. Maybe in a Turaga Vakama voice as well! smiley

I'd probably start out like Ekorak said, starting from '01. Then, after I'm done, I'd tell them a couple of my own stories. Like, the Toa Tokawa's formation, etc. smile

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Do they have to be biological kids, or can they be other people's kids that are interesting in the new BIONICLE and want to know more? Or someone my age who followed the first three years but lost interest in the others? If it's a reboot, how will they understand that all this history doesn't coexist with the story they get from the newest sets?

(AKA I dunno.)

I don't think I'll be telling my kids the story of BIONICLE. Heck, I don't even know if I'm going to have kids!

But, in dealing with BIONICLE and my hypothetical children, I think I'd buy some sets from the current year, and let them discover the mystery themselves.


If I ever have kids, let them read the novels, watch the movies and play MNOG.

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I'd start at 01 and continue on through the years showing them the sets as I go and then bring them to the Bionicle 2015 story and sets. ~Pyrox