How would you feel about a Bionicle line in the vein of the new Eternals set 76155?

I saw a picture of the recent set 76155 In Arishem’s Shadow and immediately thought it looked remarkably like a Toa:

Lego has made some pretty fantastic mech/robot sets recently, but I feel like this one in particular shows the potential of a brick-built Bionicle line (which is realistically the only way Bionicle could return again, even as a one-off tribute).

The torso shaping is giving me strong Jaller Mahri vibes, with the curved ‘horns’ on the chest, and it even comes with a functional heartlight lit by a light brick!

It’s also trivially easy to replace the neck with a joint suitable for attaching a Bionicle head (only required swapping 3 pieces), and though it’s slightly out of proportion it fits remarkably well:

As much as I love the old G1 and G2 styles (admittedly G2 took a while to grow on me), I would snap up a set like this in a heartbeat.

How would you feel if Bionicle got a new line of sets, or a tribute set in this style?


That would work pretty well yeah.
Though I do think that the style would be super suited to a Mata-Nui robot set. Maybe prototype Mata nui robot vs Teridax robot.


I could totally get behind a Bionicle reboot if it looked something like this. I’m actually planning to get this set once it’s released specifically to get a better feel of it.


I’ve seen a few versions of the Mata Nui Robot in this style and it works really well

Now that I’ve pointed it out I feel like I’m obligated to pick it up and try making some modifications :laughing:


depends on how well the set is executed

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theory - lego is just lazy and this is going turned into the mata nui robot to be the poll set next year


Interesting idea, though I’m gonna be honest, I’d be disappointed if we got brick-built bionicle. I understand why a lot of people would be happy or at least satisfied with it, but the main part of a bionicle revival for me is a revival of the system. I know that isn’t really realistic, but a man can dream. Also, I’m completely unfamiliar with this set, what theme is it for?


it’s from the Eternals theme (Eternals is an upcoming MCU film)

I think that’s highly unlikely

Ah, cool. Thanks!

you can’t deny that would be funny tho

It would be funny but it would work pretty well with just a little modification. I don’t think they could with it being a Marvel/Disney design though.

This sounds like an interesting concept. We’ll see if Lego makes anything of it.

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This specific build kinda sucks for a Bionicle character, but System itself is a perfectly fine basis for constraction. Just…get rid of the ■■■■ ratchet joints…

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As long as a hypothetical line of sets looking like this would at the very least include molded masks and weapons, I wouldn’t be opposed to it at all.
However, I do echo @SirKeksalot’s sentiment that they shouldn’t be using ratchet joints, but rather regular brick ball joints for a maximum amount of articulation.


but hey, that’s just a theory.
a BIONICLE theory!


:mega: C H O N K


TBH I’m not 100% sold on this aesthetic on Bionicle, but I’d honestly take any Bionicle reboot right now.

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no wonder roodaka took a shining to vakama
he’s quite physically well built

Given how expensive that set is I don’t think it’s really the ideal blueprint for a new line of Bionicle sets.
I think a large part of Bionicle’s success came from the low pricepoints of the main canister sets. A hypothetical line of brick built action figures would need to aim for a 10-15 dollar price point to be successful imo.

If I were to pick out existing sets to act as the basis for a Bionicle reboot it would probably be these:


does that have…a tridax pod?!