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Impossible, if an item doesn’t appear in our records, then it doesn’t exist.


please guys… :frowning: i need help i need to make my fire titan that was rushed crap the first time from last year’s biocup.

What advice would you want pertaining to the titan moc?


advice on how to build one, otherwise i would just have to trial and error

Alright I see.


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Try and hide the leg supports to the best of your abilities.

Anybody got any good techniques for good system landscaping?
Y’know, dirt and rocks that looks good.
Also, if there’s any good suggestions for techniques on castle and medieval house building, that’d be great.

I wouldn’t be able to give much advice for landscaping beyond “throw brown and green down together”

For castles and houses, a good brick-like technique is to put a whole bunch of headlight bricks into a wall, and then stagger 1x2 tiles on them. It actually looks really good

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Anyone have a good method for making shins out of Mata/Nuva torsos? I like the bulk of them and the shoulder area makes a good ankle guard, but I have trouble figuring out the knee without widening the joint massively or introducing some sort of structural weakness.


Alright. I’ve come to the conclusion that not having shoulder roll stinks, and thus by extension the metru torso/build sucks. (You can’t T-pose). Any tips for making a custom torso?

With the metru torso? It’s really a matter of putting ball joints in the ends of the axles, hooking up a mata hand, then connecting the mata hand to the normal metru arm. Makes the arms a bit more swole, but works.

I don’t know if this is the right topic to post this on or not, but here we go:
For a while I have been trying to make a mini-scale version of the Dino Attack Iron Predator, but I just can’t find a proper way to make the treads without affecting the scale of the MOC.

Anyone has any suggestion on how to make those treads? I would really appreciate.

you could use the thin technic double axel piece things. Not sure what they’re called though.


As @TheMOCingbird suggested, you could try using rubber TECHNIC connectors

Depending on the scale that you’re working with, you could also try using TECHNIC chain links:


Yeah, like that, and its too thick than you could trussing the thinner, hard plastic ones.

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How big is your scale? And do you want them to function?

I’ve tried that already, but I don’t have enough of them. [quote=“Kardax, post:1911, topic:1488, full:true”]
How big is your scale? And do you want them to function?

Pretty much as big as the Mini Typhoon and Fire Hammer which I have done already. And no, they don’t need to function.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I think I am gonna go with the rubber technic axles.

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I know this is late, but does this work?


Mmmmm yeah that looks fine enough.