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But then why would they sell it?

I mean, I always wonder why anyone would sell Bionicle parts…

Your guess is as good as mine.

I mean I once found a fully built pewku still in it’s box at a VV, and that’s not even one of the weirder built its I’ve seen, so I can honestly say finding something like that wouldn’t surprise me much.

Yes, but Pewku is an actual set.

Still not something you expect to find fully built, and I’ve found other things of similar oddity.

Even if you got it at a garage sale you should still at least say that it wasn’t your design.

You’re right I should have said that in the first place.

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1 day later…

huh…That was MUCH more than an hour.


Never mind, I’ve found a good one myself.

I also have a nice matoran/Turaga torso, if anyone likes it. Just credit…


So this is a Matoran with a fully movable head! Perhaps the neck is too long, and that is why I recommend a larger mask for this one.

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how do we use SNOT in bionicle?
studs not on top

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SNOT stands for Studs Not On Top. It’s a building technique.

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what kind of lego fan are you? how do you not know that technique?

I think this has potential

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I knew the technique, I just didn’t know the name.

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That’s actually only partly illegal, if at all. I own the LEGO Movie motorcycle set, and they use studs in pin holes. I think of more than one stud is jammed in to one beam, it’s illegal.


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Anyone got any custom limbs they want to share?


Depends, what kind of limb are you looking for.

Something longer and skeletal. Yes, that’s a bit vague, but thats the general idea.

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on making titan MOCs:

  • be in proportion
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come on guys i need help with the requirements