HowTo: MOC Tutorials

What can i do to be better?
Oh yeah, practice but what do i need to look out for?
what are the flaws of a beginner builder?
not everyone knows everything i don’t expect you to figure out everything but it would really help.

what does @Jayfa do that others don’t? why are they so special?

Training: but what do i need?

please answer i am hurt by envy and i want to fix it by proving that YES you can be good!

@KAI_BORG Here’s how:

I highly recommend you switch out that one-sided ball for a two-sided ball, but I’m pretty sure this method works for any KK helmets with no connection points. Also, that green material is simply construction paper, you can make it any color you want the eyes to be.




Would somebody please post a recommendation of custom Toa Sized lower arm designs? I need it.

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These are some designs of mine, although the MOCs are rather small titans instead of Toa, so you might need something one unit shorter depending on your Toa’s size.


Got it, I love the knees on the last one tho :+1:

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Ok, so I remember there was this hand design, looked kinda like this guy’s, but was… differently shaped? I think? Used the same finger pieces at least, and same/close general positions.
What I do remember is it utilized the rib-cage chest piece like Umarak the hunter’s hands did, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was/where it was used, and how exactly it looked.

If anyone does, please let me know/link a/the character, 'cause I am driving myself nuts trying to remember it.

Hey, could someone help me with a female design?

As in normal or something weird like a beast?

i found what i need pracice in

detail is easy but this is what i need, i need some body frames to use
i’ll look around for more custom stuff but you can still put your own to add to mine

Any kind of a female torso is good

Although this frame is great, I would advise against using someone else’s design without giving credit:


Well, anyone a female torso design?Like,a Inika sized one would be good. I’m in need, so I’d love some inspiration.

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I’ve got one, but you’ll need quite a few technic parts. It can also be used as a male torso.

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Just show me, I believe I have enough, since I have some Technic sets

Unfortunately, I’m still on my school bus, so you’ll have to wait a bit. Expect it in an hour or so.

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Alright, thanks

I never claimed to have made the design, and I didn’t know who the original creator was because I got it at a garage sale. But thank you for trying to keep me honest
EDIT: Reading back over that I didn’t realize how sarcastic that sounded. Sorry, but I can’t think of a better way to word it.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone was selling just that exact frame at a garage sale. The construction is identical.


Perhaps an inspired MOCist had built one?