HowTo: MOC Tutorials

Well, good news: I found it and it has more than enough articulation to make that. (About 40 points of articulation depending on how you count it), bad news: it is a ‘bit bigger’ than brutaka


Hecc thats quite good really. Can I get a back-pic if you don’t mind, to see how those shoulder bits connect?

No problem. Here are a few pictures.

Front of the sholder

Front of the waist

Back of the waist
If you need more pictures just let me know
EDIT: I should have said this earlier, but this isn’t my design, I found this at a garage sale and didn’t know who the OC was.


I wanted to use these wings for my Makuta MOC, but didn’t use them, and I thought it would be nice to show them to you:


Does anyone have a good technique for attaching 2 hero factory armor pieces to one hero factory bone without it looking to bulky?

Indeed I do:

First take a CCBS bone with a hole in it:

Then attach a large shell:

Finally, wedge a type 5 amour shell into the gap.

And there you go!


Is this an allowed tehnique?

What do mean allowed?


Yes, legal , i forgot the word

I would label it as Purist Illegal. So it doesn’t take any stress or moving of parts, but it is only held in place by friction.

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There’s always those technic rubber bands you can use to hold it.

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It doesn’t need rubber bands, it just kinda wedges in there.


Hey guys, I need some help for my thigh designs. I’ve been tempted to use Inika based upper leg designs due to it’s light weight and mobility, but sometimes it may make things a little bit skinny.

What thigh designs would you show me? I need to take some notes.



Could you post a picture of the back of this torso?

Hey-o, quick question here, does anyone know how to use Vladek’s mask with bionicle/CCBS pieces? (Preferably using a Mata head piece… if that’ even possible of course.)

Tryin’ to use it on/as a head.


i’d want to know too
maybe blu tack?
or even something tricky like using that bump inside the mask to hold it in place.

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Ja, glue/some form of sticky-tack is currently my best guess, but I really don’t want to use either if I don’t have to.

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I recall seeing someone use it with a black rubber band? Something that tied it to the mask’s head.


It’s neither a Mata head nor super sturdy, but basically you can put Vladek’s (second) mask onto this constraption with the barb pieces slightly sticking out of the eye holes.

That’s the best method I’ve so far been able to figure out.