HowTo: MOC Tutorials

Try opening it with Paint, saving it, then uploading it? At least that works for me.

I’ll give that a try
nope still coming out sideways

This might be useful. I discovered that the new Harry Potter wand pieces have quite a few potential uses. On their own, they can be used as spindly fingers. In axel holes, they can be poseable like mini ball socket systems. The balled end can also be rounded with light sanding, to turn clips into micro ball sockets.


This is for anyone who is interested in the one part of my self moc that took me three years to figure out.

The human shoulder system allows Bionicle and CCBS figures and MOCs to have the same range of shoulder motion that a human does. Utilizing a “Floating Anchor” system of uo to eight points of articulation (per shoulder) rather than a fixed shoulder connection on a torso or gearbox.


ok thanks to Gilahu the photo has been fixed but you might to click on it and I need a head design for this guy

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This is the design for Nimrack’s lower feet


That’s actually a really cool design. Good job!

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Thanks, I am glad you like it

Some time ago I made a video of how to do a Bionicle bow and I thought it could be interesting. I don’t know if this topic is gonna be closed it think so, but I don´t really know. So I risk it. :wink:


Does anyone have any slender, long titan-class body frames? I want to make a body/moc something like this;


Hey guys, I want to make elbows on my moc, not just the generic ball and socket elbows, but something that really makes them stand out a bit, any ideas?

Wow, you used a Hero Factory gun for the lower legs, and more importantly, you made it work. A+


I would suggest sticking woththem, although adding some function like a double ball joint, adding more poseability of something.

Ball joints are pretty crucial to stability and poseability.


With them.

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That makes sense.

Sorry, my tablet’s auto correct hates me.


Ive been trying to find the original bionicle gearbox in lego digital designer, I looked under the mega figure bones/feet/hands/heads section and I still can’t find it, so does anyone know the proper place to find it.

Probably just not there

I think I might have something. I’ll try and pull it out tomorrow and share. How big do you need it to be?

Preferably around the length/height of Brutaka. I’d rather it not be that much bigger, but I’m flexible.

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