The Brotherhood of Makuta: Makuta Aveeccious

@Gilahu, here’s my entry from the Brotherhood project:
Name: Aveecious
Assigned Region: Western Portion of the Southern Continent, south of the Tren Krom River
Kanohi: Sedonis, Great Mask of Clairvoyance
Status: Presumed Dead

Part 1- Early History
Makuta Aveeccious was the fourth Makuta constructed by Mata Nui prior to the launch of the Great Spirit Robot, and, for a time, stood alongside the likes of Icarax and Antroz as a Greater Makuta.* As the Brotherhood came into being, lesser Makuta, such as Bitil and Chirox, rallied around their powerful brethren, and a hierarchy naturally established itself. The leader, by decree of Mata Nui, was none other than Makuta Miserix, the first of the species- and the others soon fell into roles that suited them. Icarax trained in combat, Chirox and Mutran set to work in their labs, and Makuta Aveeccious tried his hand in the field of Rahi creation. His most prized design, the Kanohi Dragon, took several thousand years to complete, and was supplemented throughout by less substantial creations in the form of his specialties, biomechanical marine fungus and particular multicellular marine micro-organisms. He monitored their survival, population rates, and behaviour throughout the various bodies of water in the Matoran Universe.

*Lesser and Greater Makuta is a concept I developed based off of the clear distinctions of power between Brotherhood Members: For example, Icarax, who strikes fear into the heart of even the Karda Nui Makuta, is a greater Makuta. Bitil, who is relegated to the southern islands and is relatively low ranked, is a lesser Makuta. If you desire, I can remove this.

After The Kanohi Dragon disaster, wherein the Kanohi Dragon escaped captivity and assaulted Metru Nui 95,000 years before the reformation, Makuta Miserix imposed size restrictions upon Rahi creation, and thus the Tahtorak would become the undisputed King of Rahi as the largest breed the Brotherhood would ever legally create (Excluding anomalies such as the Kanohi Dragon, the Zivon, and the Kardas Dragon).

After the Kanohi Dragon catastrophe, Miserix severely reprimanded Aveeccious by transferring him from the scientific sect to the Administrative sect of the Brotherhood, where he assisted Miserix in diplomatic endeavours of various sorts. Eventually, he found his true calling in the establishment of laws and rules to govern the Matoran Universe.

He pushed aside the Brotherhood servants presiding over legal matters at the time, primarily Vortixx, members of the Steltian upper class, and members of Brutaka’s species. And although his true passion was in the creation of Rahi such as the Kanohi Dragon, he enjoyed his work, which consisted of such a varying degree of matters he never became weary of it.

His tasks as Head Legal expert included the creation of laws regarding a variety of subjects:

-Trade laws
-Rights and working conditions of Matoran
-Legal jurisdiction of Turaga, of The Brotherhood, and the jurisdiction of leaders of various other Cultural/Ethnic groups
-Territory distribution amongst different groups and structures
-Distribution of goods on a large scale
-The Legality of certain groups and association with them
-The establishment of Brotherhood regulations and standard procedure

Practical Examples
- established the Tablet of Transit
-Through certain loopholes, the Dark Hunter’s existence was rendered legal, as was association with them. This did not mean, however, that their more nefarious deeds, nor the contracting of such deeds, was by any means legal.
-By Brotherhood decree, numerous shipping routes were created (think Panama Canal) to promote efficiency by digging up waterways through natural barriers
-Certain jurisdiction laws created would pave the way for Miserix to implement his solution to the Metru Nui civil war, wherein Brotherhood members would be assigned to watch over various islands

While he was head of the Brotherhood’s legal sect, he did not preside over each and every decision. The sector was made up of thousands of scholars who presided over laws regarding the lives of millions, perhaps billions, of life forms in the Matoran Universe. And so while Aveeccious wielded a tremendous power, the sheer bulk of his responsibilities necessitated delegation. Additionally, Aveeccious’ decisions could, at any time, be overruled by Miserix or Teridax, who outranked him.

He remained on the southern continent for the most part, working on marine Rahi as well as updating and creating new laws and regulations, under the watchful eye of the other Makuta, up until the Metru Nui Civil War and subsequent archives massacre.

-Aveeccious’ Jetpack, developed for him by Kumonian Fe-Matoran-

Part 2- Kumo Nui
Weary of his demanding position, Aveecious consulted Miserix after the Archives Massacre. He vacated his official post, and requested some land on a coast where he could return to his original job: creating Rahi. Miserix assigned him a portion of the Southern Continent south of Destral, just beneath the western edge of the Tren Krom River. Some of the small trading islands along the coast were also under his jurisdiction. Unable to have privacy from other members of the Brotherhood, he, after a number of years, located to one of said islands, a tiny portion of land with a population of only 40,000 Matoran. (Curious to note, this is the same island the future Dark Hunter ‘Tyrant’ claimed as his own in conquest.) Here, he contracted builders and miners to construct an underground testing facility where he worked on massive Rahi in secret, keeping them in reinforced stasis tubes beneath Kumo Nui. His presence had a major effect on the small island, and he was a large factor in inadvertently shaping its culture and history.

(Aveeccious and ‘Tyrant’ Shake hands in introduction)

Before the Makuta Convocation, his mask of clairvoyance allowed him to preemptively witness Miserix’s defeat, and thus, he was prepared for the conflict that was to take place.

He spent nearly all his time afterward in his underground chambers, where several Rahi large as the Kanohi Dragon lay in suspended animation as he tinkered with them, and thus the island above that he had previously liberated from ‘Tyrant’ once again fell under Tyrant’s sway, and the sea gates were closed by Dark Hunter hires to prevent fleeing Matoran from escaping. After Metru Nui shipments were sunk by these same Dark Hunters and the newly insular nature of Kumo Nui was discovered, a Brotherhood emissary visited the island, requesting an audience with Aveeccious.

Aveecious was successful in keeping the Rahi secret from the investigator, however he received a reprimanding for his blatant disregard for those under his watch. (At this time, the brotherhood still maintained their benevolent image, as the Grand Plan would not be initiated for roughly 70,000 years.)

Several ten thousand years later, a conflict on the mainland coast resulted in a Zaath-wearing Toa accidentally summoning a massive, massive Wyrm from Aveeccious’ facilities to cause devastation. Despite the incident occurring on the mainland supposedly under his supervision, and Aveeccious successfully mind-controlling the Rahi back into stasis, a report made its way into Brotherhood circles. Makuta Sidoshi was summoned to Kumo Nui, and an investigation conducted.

-Makuta Sidoshi and Makuta Aveeccious-

Makuta Sidoshi found Aveeccious’ prohibited projects, and made to leave to inform Makuta Teridax. Aveeccious confronted the Makuta and killed him in a massive battle, in which Aveeccious’ Toa Hagah evacuated most of Kumo Nui’s Matoran from the scene.


Aveeccious retreated into hiding, and when Sidoshi never returned, Teridax ordered a full-scale invasion of Kumo Nui. Aveeccious’ Underground facilities were never found, though, and his Toa Hagah convinced the Brotherhood he had been killed in the fight. (This was to fulfill a bargain, wherein Aveeccious obtained the loyalty of Kumonians by ridding the island of Tyrant years earlier.)

-Aveeccious with his Toa Hagah-

After a number of years, the Brotherhood pulled their troops out, and Aveeccious would never again play an important role in the Matoran Universe. He would act through a small number of agents, who would procure him ingredients for his experiments, and eventually, many Kumonians came to wonder if he really was dead. Kumo Nui became known as “The Makuta’s Tomb” to the few places that knew it existed at all- and the massive Rahi still wait there, suspended in stasis, waiting to be released.

In the waning days of the Destiny War, Aveeccious realized that his death may have been fast-approaching, and concluded that his only hope of survival would be to re-merge himself with the original Makuta Substance in an effort to camouflage his identity from Teridax, the new Great Spirit.

He left Kumo Nui in search of it days before Teridax’s ascension. Nobody really knows what happened to him. Perhaps his presence was immediately located and eradicated once Teridax became a god; perhaps Teridax never found him. Perhaps Aveeccious did find the substance, and hides in it, even now, waiting to return to the world- or perhaps, and most likely of all, he simply merged into the collective mind of the substance, and ceased to exist as an individual entirely.

Aveeccious is, like all Makuta, extremely arrogant. He is prideful in his status amongst the other members of the Brotherhood, and is openly hostile to most other Makuta. He often disregards direct orders and is regularly reprimanded by Miserix, Teridax and Antroz, though the results of his work keep him in the good graces of most members- even if they’d like to keep him at a distance. He is reclusive, too, and prefers to work- or relax- without interruptions.

As a scientist, he is most interested in the massive engines of destruction like the Kardas or Kanohi Dragon, and is immensely entertained by the devastation they cause when released. He worked, mostly as a cover, on Marine Fungus and small marine bacteria throughout his time on Kumo Nui, and spent much of his time observing Rahi behaviour of all kinds, in his controlled environments underground.

As a Conqueror- well, Aveeccious wasn’t much of one, and had no part in the achievement of the plan. His careful observations of Rahi behaviour lead him to believe that the other Makuta were rather similar, in the end. Rahi, he noted, were never truly satisfied with what they possessed or with the power they had, and as such were always trying to accrue more. He recognized the effect of something he coined ‘power ■■■■■’ which, he said, was the perpetual discontent with one’s status, and the desire to improve it. He concluded that the void in his heart would have to be filled by something else.

Aveeccious was, for a Makuta, remarkably compassionate and considerate toward Matoran, but, like all other Makuta, he saw them as inferior. He had no qualms about upending Matoran lives if necessary, but he would not go out of his way to do so.

-A Dark Triumvirate-


“I see Matoran as they see a Gafna, and with much the same disinterest do we regard each the other. In times of peace, with respect; in times of need, with precision. I would not hesitate to stomp out Kumo Nui if the need arose no more than Matoran act in much the same way to the dull Gafna to build some hut or home.”


“He seems to regard us in much the same way a Matoran pauses in stray thought to briefly observe the bugs living under a newly-lifted rock, before moving on.”


As a Greater Makuta, Aveeccious was a combative powerhouse, and had the potential to be recognized as such by the rest of the Brotherhood. He had little interest in combat, though, and squandered his great potential. He was not so swift as Icarax, not so powerful as Miserix, and not so clever as Teridax, but was still superior to the majority of the Brotherhood in these aspects. He was proficient in chain lightning, heat vision, illusion, gravity, and density control, and used these abilities to his great advantage in his fight and subsequent murder of Makuta Sidoshi.

Aveeccious respected Makuta Miserix, and, in his time, heeded his orders. He was, however, known for breaking minor rules and causing trouble, and thus his relationship with Miserix was somewhat strained. He sided with Teridax in the convocation after witnessing a vison of Miserix’s death sentence, but he was never much a great ally of the new leader of the Brotherhood. He was wary of Teridax for his manipulative talents and cunning, and actively avoided the Makuta. Teridax respected Aveeccious’ power, and thus had intended to have Icarax or Gorast kill Aveeccious before the initiation of the grand plan. He was delighted to hear that Aveeccious had perished in combat with Sidoshi, for a powerful variable had been removed from his game.

A note to @Gilahu:
Makuta Sidoshi is a completed Moc with a Backstory to accompany it, and I was hoping you might save him a spot in your project. He’ll be posted in a couple days. Thanks!


I recommend changing his name to BROTHERHOOD OF MAKUTA: AVEECCIOUS. Really cool moc otherwise.


Good point, and thanks!


Ooooohh. That looks cool. The only thing that I might complain about is the shins being a little wide but they like fine



Mata Nui, and I just gave a few lines of backstory for my Makuta way back when. You wrote a whole book.
(and yes, I read the whole thing. pretty good story)

The Moc is cool, my only comment is that the jetpack thing looks really odd, doesn’t really look like a jetpack to me. I do like the waist poseability.



He uses brown parts! I feared no one would.

Ok, MOC:

Of course the use of CCBS is "unfortunate, but all in all I can find that sticks out as not ideal to me are those liftarm pieces on the back of the feet and the open ballsockets on the back of the legs. I like that jetpack because it’s so unique (if you hadn’t said it I’d never have known this is supposed to be a jetpack, though)

Also nice pictures!

It’s long, and thus I already know that I can’t fit like three quarters of it into the Book of the Brotherhood entry :sweat_smile:

Personally don’t agree with this. Leave it in if you want, but I’ll ignore it for the Brotherhod Project.

I love this. We need more Makuta focusing on stuff like that.

Miserix wouldn’t be able to actually do this, but he could order another Makuta to do something which might result in the other lacking the time to focus on something else, I guess. Just to clarify things, you can leave this as it is.

Another great idea.

Those beings would at best be intermediaries, I think. There’s no way the Makuta would have accepted any non-Makuta to formulate laws for the Brotherhood. More likely Aveeccious would have relieved Miserix of work.

Massive Rahi stuff is kinda against the rules by now, but since he kept it secret I guess I can live with it this time

For the sake of making this not too suspicious I think you should maybe change this into a Troller (maybe the species was never spotted in this place before, but it’s still not too uncommon a Rahi, I guess)

Sure, if you upload him, too, everything’s fine. Currently the MOC is too simple to get accepted, though. In case tehre is no Makuta Sidoshi when the project is finished Ill simply ignore this whole part of the story.

Might be a little late - if you’re fine with that I’ll probably make this happen somewhen between the Great Cataclysm and the Matoran’s return to Metru Nui.

That said, MOC accepted, Thanks for participating!

Will put you on the list again.


Looks pretty solid!

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I’d also like to point out two (minor) contradictions with other entries

@Gilahu’s Anjan’s entry mentions him as being the first Makuta (though he didn’t become the leader due to some sanity issues, and I always assumed Miserix was the second Makuta)

Shornos’ entry puts him in charge of the island Tyrant conquered. Though there’s nothing saying that Tyrant only conquered one island, it’s possible this was his first attempt or something.

Just wanted to point these out, they don’t require any changes.



Just remembered and wanted to point that out, too :laughing: (Not that it really matters)

I knew I read it somewhere! But since I don’t plan to integrate Tyrant anywhere in the Book of the Brotherhood it probably doesn’t matter. Although I always figured that since Tyrant’s kingdom is described as being located south of Odina I always assumed that it was in the Great Spirit Robot’s arm, not near the Southern Continent.


@Willess12 yeah, I have worldbuilders disease; it’s an addiction :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for reading the entire thing, I know it was probably boring at some points, but I spent a fair while developing it and I appreciate readers!
(And I’m inclined to agree with you on the jetpack, I think I’ll update it in due time)

@Gilahu Originally he had Mata Red,

But I figured that was way too common and opted for brown instead :smile:

I’m considering making minor changes to the jetpack to make it a little more visually clear, so hopefully thatll be an improvement![quote=“Gilahu, post:6, topic:42914”]
It’s long, and thus I already know that I can’t fit like three quarters of it into the Book of the Brotherhood entry :sweat_smile:

I’ll make a nice condensed version in this thread and link you if you want?[quote=“Gilahu, post:6, topic:42914”]
I love this. We need more Makuta focusing on stuff like that.
I’m particularly proud of “Biomechanical Marine Fungus” [quote=“Gilahu, post:6, topic:42914”]
Styrofoam: transferring him from the scientific sect to the Administrative sect of the Brotherhood

Gilahu: Miserix wouldn’t be able to actually do this,

How come? Doesn’t he order Makuta around all the time? And if Aveeccious was causing troubles, wouldn’t he have the authority to fix it?

Very True. I had imagined a Makuta would be formally approving their proposals, but I think your idea makes more sense.

Regarding the massive Rahi and the Wyrm: The Idea here was that they would be unique Rahi, like the Kanohi Dragon, but that they would be non-intrusive to the story at large, because they never affect any Matoran or cities. Unlike other Makuta who create deadly Rahi, Aveeccious keeps his locked away from the world. This is why Teridax orders the investigation when the Wyrm escapes, because it is such a strange occurence. A never-before-seen Rahi wipes out a coastal town? What’s going on?

I think if it couldn’t be a Troller, because Aveeccious’ specialty is small marine organisms. He only works on these Large Rahi (Of which I’d imagine only maybe five or six exist) in secret, because of his Kanohi Dragon and the disaster it caused. If he were working publicly on large Rahi like trollers, alongside tiny organisms, i think his sphere of influence in the Scientific Sect would be too large.

I also think the Large Rahi are a positive inclusion to the story, because we can choose to ignore them. They can remain in Stasis under Kumo Nui if desired, but they can also be let loose for some destruction. IT gives more control and options to writers (Not that anyone is going to use this Moc as the basis for Fanfiction; this is just hypothetical)

However, if you want to change it to be a troller in your Book of the Brotherhood, that’s totally cool with me. I’m just presenting my argument, and if it doesn’t fit with your story, change it up!

I’ll work on him some more

I think the return would make more sense than the cataclysm, because I see no reason for him to sit in the Makuta Substance for 1000 years, hahaha. If he were to die in the waning years of the destiny war, though, it would still be before the Karda Nui Makuta, and I’m sure a few Makuta would still be alive and kicking to fight the war itself. Plus, he would have no real presence in the world, even if his death is delayed. Again, your call, I’m cool with whatever you wanna change.

@Willess12 @Gilahu
Sorry about the contradictions; it was hard to keep track of 80 backstories along with canon :cry:
Whatever the order of creation, I had imagined him be created after Miserix, Teridax, and Icarax. So I suppose he’d be fifth, if we include Anjan?

And regarding Tyrant, I suppose one of our two entries could be substituted with Conjurer.

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Actually even before the Great Cataclysm would work, since his Kanohi can show him the future, but not the exact time in the future, right? As such it would seem reasonable to me that Aveeccious tries to get away from Teridax before Teridax can reach his goals in Metru Nui…
But if you build Makuta Sidoshi all of that is only of secondary importance anyway - Teridax would assume in the Book of the Brotherhood that both Sidoshi and Aveeccious died in their fight, and since nothing contracdicts that when Teridax finally takes over the Great Spirit Robot there’s no cause for him to believe otherwise.

Morathix is fifth :stuck_out_tongue:. Order of creation does only matter for Anjan (specifically mentioned in the Book of the Brotherhood), Morathix (title “The Fifth Son”) and Manguopo (last, mentioned in the Book of the Brotherhood) anyway, as far as I’m concerned.

I’d put Conjurer here, then. But as I said, I probably wouldn’t mention him anyway.

Miserix could of course order someone to stop working on a certain project, but he couldn’t force anyone to cease being a scientist directly, I think. The Makuta are pretty independent from each other within the Brotherhood, I’d say.

You don’t say :laughing:

Well, I am. :grin: Although it’s more of a short summary. But once this project is finished… one never knows. A complete Brotherhood of Makuta definitely has potential…

That’s a great idea. We’ll go with that

Ah, I suppose just don’t mention it then, hahaha. As long as he’s an important member of Brotherhood society, it’s all g

True enough, maybe I’ll do a story or 2

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This is really cool!