Human-ized Bionicle?

Now before you jump up and down yelling “HuMaNs r Not biOnICls!” I am talking about MOCs with things like toes/fingers/other parts.
so what do you think about MOCs that have these? do you think they are fine or do you think that it is stupid?.

I think it is fine…


I think it’s fine too, however, I prefer the regular hands and feet. It does look good if the proportions are off though, like axonn. He had huge hands, and the fingers worked well.


Yea, I like Hydraxon…Axonn doh…I did not like his…cuz I am a bad person…


Another good example is the titan mata nui. He’s so big, the finger detail doesn’t stand out and looks good.


Yes that is! he is one of the best as far as that is concerned. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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depends on people’s perspectives

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I wanted Bionicle to have fingers since Mask of Light the movie, so I am very glad that new 2015 sets have it.
2009 sets had it too, but only four fingers, not five - i don’t like it. I also like that CCBS hands are more squarish.

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Well. I got into Bionicle in the phantoka so fingers were not that far off.

@JMP that is corect.

Aren’t bonkles already pretty humanized by now?

They’ve got legit hands, boot-like feet, actual pecs (torso add-on), more recognizable human facial characteristics on their heads (under their masks), and better human proportions thanks to CCBS.


YEP!..this topic is kinda done for…


Not really, we are discussing our opinions on these humanized traits.

I think that they are fine, since now they can be more “relatable” for kids now that they look more like classic robot superheroes rather than the skimpy stick figures that they were in 01. But I prefer sets that looked more alien like the Inika and the Mahri.

I wouldn’t want the set designers to go overboard, like giving the Toa abs, hair, and clothing …


That almost happened in Gali’s concept art, and to some extent with Roodaka, although that was canonized out as a headress…


Imagine if that actually happened…Gali with flowing blonde hair…sales would skyrocket.


I like them with these things too…and the Heros had abs…so I would not think a toa might not.

@Hawkflight I did not know that was a headress!

this may surprise yall

but I don’t make Toa or anything anymore

and my most recent project is even different from Ek/Rai’s story

Why am a not surprised?..and I know what ya mean. I have a thing that is not HF or Bio but it is kinda in the same universe.

While I like the MOCs that have movable fingers, I usually never build them myself. It all depends on whether or not it fits the intended design and where it lands on the function/fashion spectrum.

I do the same thing. I tend to use the prefab cuz of the style of my MOCs.

Toa Nuva (Humans), in order: Tahu, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, Pohatu and Gali
By Lady Kaguya


I don’t know how they would pull that off though… That would be difficult (although they could just make a hair helmet thing)

Also, Gali would be Zero Suit Samus (mostly with blonde hair)

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