Human-ized Bionicle?


They are no doubt great drawings…but associating legit humans with…Bionicle?

eueueuuaagahhrrhgh… :confounded:

Gali looks too much like a teen

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She looks like a woman, dont see the teen thing at all.
Also whats wrong making Toa into Humans, everyone has the right for their own interpretation.


Personally, I prefer when the original toa, turaga, and matoran look somewhat Polynesian when humanized.

Why is Pohatu black instead of Onua?
Makes no freaking sense.
No racism intended.

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Because you get a tan in the desert; you don’t get one below ground.


Thanks to ToaTiome, we have that as well…


Pohatu with dreds= the best thing.


Kinda reminds me of Avatar.

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Fingers and jazz are fine, although I really don’t care about proportions.

Wasnt mask of light originally supposed to have Takua be a human sucked into the Matoran Universe?


Yep, one move that would have ruined Bionicle.


You should check out ladyK’s work of human Bionicle

Seen that. a little Too human for me, but it works.

If you are dong human bionicle work how can it be too human ?

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Well, I prefer it more like humans wearing bionicle armor and stuff, or whatever. her work has Vakama in a button-up ■■■■■.

Well she tends to draw more stylized art. You can’t expect Human’s to wear bionicle amour 24/7 I think she likes to draw a more normal relaxed work of them as human’s.

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Yeah, I am not too big on the human-bionicle thing. so I prefer them to look more…bionicle.

Different tastes.

I just saw this and thought it was really cool, by deadmanswrench on tumblr


People in the Bionicle universe are bio mechanical characters from a completely fictional universe, so I don’t expect them to be similar to humans at all. Because of that I never cared about proportions or appearance, in that regard (actually, the more abstract or animal they look, the more I generally tend to like them).

That said, I think having posable fingers (or maybe a set of CCBS hands in different poses) or toes would be really nice, since it would make many poses a lot more expressive.


What’s this about concept art of Gali with hair? where can I find it? sounds funny and weird.

(EDIT: while trying to find Green Narmoto I somehow ended up here… It’s a lightstone mine of humanized bionicles