Human-ized Bionicle?

I dont really like the blue hair on blue characters, green on green, and red on red. Too anime-ish instead of something natural or Maori-ish.


Yeah, if I invisioned the Toa as humans…most of them would have black or brown hair, maybe blond to add a bit more diversity…but still…

If anything the elemental color should be maybe a artificial highlight then the natural color. It completes the look without looking unnatural.

It’s from the “The journey begins” pamphlet, first page. You can view it here if you want.


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Bionicle (at least the first three years) reminds me totally of Avatar. So these art renditions done by the artist are spot on.

Oh shoot, I have that pamphlet. I never really noticed the hair on Gali. It definetly looks strange. Like fitting and not fitting at the same time

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Now, I don’t consider myself a very good artist, but I think it came out pretty well.

Here’s how I imagined Rahkshi if they were actually masked humans (with big metallic spines on the back though), with tattoos and colored skin.


Explain pls

I have a, a strong dislike for humanized Bionicles, yeah, they make me sick, right, okay?

secretly works on Bionicle high school AU

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Reminds me of Avatar not the last airbender

Speaking of which, would “humanized bionicle” be more palatable if they were more “biological aliens” who just happen to have human-like features?


I don’t know. Humanized bionicle have never really attracted me, but that drawing I made made me like the idea of biological human like aliens with masks and such quite a bit.


Here’s an interesting interpretation by Taka Nuvia on


I try to make my creations look as human in shape as possible. Here’s some shameless self promotion:

The latter is unfinished.

In my opinion the best humanoid mocs are that those that make you forget that they’re made out of lego pieces.