After Lezovick comes a bounty hunter, her name Huntaara. armed with a crossbow arrows, sword and dagger she will clam her prize. reason she has small upper arms is because they are suppose to be bones with long armed sleeves on.


way too spindly at the arms. Legs are weird too

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The upper arms are way to thin for me. And the legs are a little off to me. But other then that this is a groovy MOC. But hey that's just an opinion, my opinion.

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@jmp and @GIF.Man.Ben

that's the point cause shes an alien not everything has to be human perposions

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sure but

for a MOC it doesn't look right

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when you read the bio for her when I finished it you'll understand everything

Hmm I'll have to see that bio now.

not finished yet

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I actually really like this for some reason or another.


Story doesn't fix problems with a MOC.

That being said, I actually like the look of the thin upper arms.


That's my cue.

Complete merciless ripping of MOC will follow, when I have time.


Story only justifies bad design choices to an extent. I'm interested in how you'll explain the arms though

Besides the upper arms, this is a pretty well done moc. The leg design is cool (maybe lay off the tires next time though), I like the colors, and the lower arms look pretty good as well.

(Also maybe work on your spelling)


just cause het upper arms aren't bulked out doesn't mean its bad, not everything has to be bulked out, look at the michale bay transformers Optimus prime Really bulked out body but skinny legs

It doesn't necessarily need bulk as much as be thicker than a single axle.

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I was under the impression those were universally hated
And I didn't say it was a bad moc. I said the upper arms were weird.

you try and work with 3 and 4 long bone pieces

Just use a different piece or a smooth, small tire.

isn't that simple not with out changing the intire moc

That's your problem. Use bigger bone pieces

Also why the heck are you so aggressive? We're critiquing your moc, if you don't like it, don't post here

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The rest of the moc would stay the same, you'd just improve the look of the upper arm.