So Hurricane is kind of what you would call my self moc or he use to be I have a new one now (not as good). He’s supposed to be a Toa of air why no mask? Well he was a Rahi who use the Mask of life to turn him self into a human (or whatever bionicles are). And I like the why he turned out. I just don’t know if he should have the cape and what ever you call that thing on his torso. Thoughts? and C&C welcome

Edit. So this is one head I came up with it looks ok if anyone has ideas please post. And I’m definitely going keep the cape


Reminds me of earthworm Jim with the tiny head, kinda throws the aesthetic. The build looks really good tho, and the cape looks better on.
Good job anyhow :+1:


well… the name is certainly timely

I really like this MOC, he is quite consistent. My only quarrel with the build is that his head seems a bit small.


That, makes no sense lore-wise, also the matoran species is the blood cells of mata nui, they definitely aren’t humans, you should probably spend an afternoon on bs01.

Anyway, I like the idea of a bulky toa of air, and this looks ok,
Unfortunately the tiny head reminds me of the goombas in the super Mario Bros movie, and also just generally doesn’t look very good.

Keep the clothes, it adds more than it takes away.

Sorry I’m not vary good with Bionicle lore. And not to pick fights but what’s wrong with the lore I made for him not that I think it’s perfect just to know what’s wrong with it. and yeah the head needs work thank you

Keep the cape. Without it his head looks tiny

The yellow seems a bit random, but other than that I quite like it.

I like the body design but unfortunately the head does not match the proportions of the body. If this were a Rahi and a Toa of Air, why not make it a bird’s head? Maybe give him feathers and talons? Sentient animals are always cool.

Also, I have a big problem with this:

There are no humans in the Bionicle Universe. The Matoran are biomechanical beings that serve as cellular entities within the Great Spirit Robot. The Toa act as the Spirit Robot’s immune system. The Makuta are viruses, bacteria, cancers, or other pathogens. All of them are synthesized biomechanical entities. Glatorian aren’t humans either. The Great Beings are Glatorian so you get the picture.

Yes I am so sorry I was but wee lad when Bionicle came out so lore wise I don’t know anything and yes when I get more time I will be working on his build so thank you for candor

The ignika was sentient, it mutated beings only when it needed to,
and there’s no point during the story that it would have been left around to be discovered by a random previously unknown rahi,
On top of that most rahi are unintelligent, and I don’t really understand why even an intelligent rahi would want to be a matoran(toa).

It’s fanon. Decidedly separate from canon.

That being said, I have an idea to tweak the story and make it closer to canon, if you’d like.

M8 nothing we make is canon, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to avoid contradicting canon where possible.

Ok maybe I goofed. This is in my story line. Yes my vary own timeline that makes no sense. Sorry

Was gonna say I love the moc but was not a huge fan of the head, then I saw the helmet and just went :open_mouth: Now I love every thing about this moc!

I’m just gonna say the ignika made the Gadunka for some reason and when it did I’m quite certain it increased it’s original intelligence.

The moc looks pretty good. I like the overall bulk he has along with the knight ascetic. Its like if the Transformers movies were actually good. he looks thicc.
However things like the legs could be streamlined a bit better and the back doesn’t look to good but the cape helps to hide that. Also it’s just a nitpick but the green foot pieces on the sides look a bit jarring with the cape. Maybe if they were a different color they would look better and the one random yellow finger per hand just bothers me. The elbows are kinda weird but the arms look really good and I can see it adding to the articulation for two-handed attacks.
Finally the head. The first head works just fine but it should be just one piece and have the Exo-Force hand and spike piece removed. The second head fits the knight look better that the first and while I appreciate having green on the head and the hair knight mohawk, the execution of the hair looks really bad. It should be either removed or have something else in its place.

Overall here’s the score:
Appearance: 4/5 He’s a thicc bulky knight and I love it. However the yellow bits stick out where they shouldn’t like in the hands that should either have more yellow or no yellow. Also the back but as I said either it’s hidden by the cape.
Build: 3.9/5 Its well built and solid but the heads and odd elbows bring it down for me.
Concept: 3/5 nothing about the moc tells me that he was at some point a rahi and that part of the backstory and it just seems like a lazy excuse to explain why he doesn’t have a mask which


Wow! Thats awesome

I thank you for the 10.9 out of 15 and I can see all of the C&C you had for him and thank you. And this might sound like a excuse for concept being that he’s a remake of a moc I made when I was a younger. But no excuses! admit he’s not perfect so thank you for your candor

Np. Honestly this is the harshest I’ve ever been with a moc. And the backstory makes more sense knowing that you wrote it when you were younger. I’ve wrote some pretty bad backgrounds for my older characters.

Cough cough Silver Fang cough cough

######I regret so much.

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Dang that is really cool! I think the head looks a bit strange though, and that the upper legs are skinny.

shoulda named im Irma :stuck_out_tongue: