I Am The EggMan Moc Building Contest

Welcome, to the “I am the EggMan” moc building contest. This is my first ever contest, and I am super excited about it. So without further adieu, lets get right to it.


  1. All entries must be a creation of Dr.Eggman.
    Anything from the humble moto-bug

    to the mighty Death Egg Robot

    Is eligible.
    However, what you enter must have been in a Sonic game at some point. (So no Scratch and Grounder)

  2. All entries must include a name of the source material.

  3. Feel free to submit your entries to this topic.

  4. If you create a separate topic for your entry, you must include “I am the EggMan” some where in the title.

  5. The contest ends on October 17th 9:00 pm pacific standard time. I will release a video compilation of all the entries, 1-2 days later, announcing the winner.

EDIT: Rule number 6. LDD is fine.

EDIT: Rule number 7. If you decide that you want to participate, please say so in the topic.

Please note that whoever wins, will be based on my own opinion.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.

Good luck, and happy mocing.




are we allowed to use LDD?

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Didn’t think about that.

Sure. LDD is fine.

(starts singing I AM THE EGGMAN!)
though you might want more judges for a more even evaluation, but only you is still fine.
Also why no system? a lot of this would be easier with system.

I said that they had to be primarily technic/bionicle/ccbs.
However, a can see how that might be unfair. I will be sure to change that.

Guess I’m not entering

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Sorry about that. I made sure to change it.

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If I wanted could I make Tails doll?

Well, this is the “I am the Eggman” contest. Would Metal Tails work?

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I might not actually have the pieces but I can try.

This looks interesting. I might study sonic characters to do something now.

I will make a Metal Sonic.
I don’t have the right color of blue CCBS pieces
unless trans-dark blue is fine

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@Toa_Distraxx LDD is ok. I think Metal sonic is a great idea.

If you don’t have the right parts, or not enough parts, LDD is fine.

“Attention people of the TTV message boards! It is I, Professor Ivo Robotnic. A.K.A the Eggman. It has come to my attention, that a certain @MaximusPrime, is running a contest, where you are making recreations of some of my best robots and machines. I am rather flatted by the notion. I am here to say that I will personally award the winner of this contest, with the greatest thing that I am willing to give. Ham. But not just any ham. This is…

However, which ever one of you does the worst, will be DESTROYED! Well, that’s all. I now bid you, adieu.”

Edited for Triple Post - Waj

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Sorry, but Scratch and Grouder were in a Sonic game - Dr. Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine.

Also, although the Evil Ham meme is a very good meme, it doesn’t tell me what the reward is for the contest.

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Sigh… I mainly meant that I didn’t want anything from that horrible cartoon.

Ok, I have some Technic parts I can use for a Metal sonic so I’m gonna use those instead of using LDD

Sounds good. Congrats on being the first official contestant.

Ill join. Ill just need to research a interesting design.

Cool. I’ll be sure to add you to the list.

Yeah, I’m probably gonna enter this at some point.