I haven't used the Message Boards for ages, so I have a few questions.

I’m not sure if I should even be posting this topic, or if I should just search, but almost everything is new to me and I have a few questions,

What happened to the TTV Discord?
When I first joined I hadn’t used Discord much as I was using a horrible Windows phone that barely had support for the browser version, but when I was finally able to use Discord again, the server wasn’t there, did the server only become available for Patrons? Or was I just removed for inactivity, and how do I join back?

And second, are there any Minecraft servers still up?
I doubt there are, but since I got a new PC, and the BioCraft movie was released, I’m interested in seeing Bionicle Minecraft servers. If it isn’t that’s fine, but just wanted to ask.

  1. I deleted the public Discord after I was fired. This wasn’t done as an act of malice, as I tried desperately to switch ownership over to anyone else before I left the server. Unfortunately, Discord would not allow me to transfer ownership, and I decided to instead just delete the server entirely. I honestly have no idea why I didn’t just leave it and let ownership switch automatically, but that is the reason.

  2. We currently don’t have any public Minecraft server up. @AvohkahTamer personally hosted the one we used to film BioCraft, however we haven’t discussed at length the possibility of a permanent, public server. It’s worth looking into, so as soon as we make a decision, we’ll let everyone knwo.


I just want to add on, the map itself is available for download here along with a good chunk of the skins that were used in filming


I’m sorry to hear that about the Discord server, thank you for answering my questions Eljay, and at lightning fast speed, too.
I’m really happy to get back into the TTV and Bionicle community as a whole.