I need help uploading pictures (Resolved)

So, I have been wanting to post some of my work for a while now. Unfortunately, I have run into problems with uploading pictures.

A picture of one of my Mocs for example:

I may just be a fool, but I swear that the pictures appear fine when I view them normally. It is only when I try to upload here that I run into problems. Any help is appreciated.

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EDIT: I am aware that the problem may have to do with my inability to upload vertical pictures correctly. If that is the case, I would like to know how to upload them correctly.

You need to shrink the pictures, what’s the current aspect ratio?

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4032×3024 How might I change the aspect ratio? Is it something I can do right before uploading, or is it something I have to do with an editor?

if you can take the image and rotate on software on your computer then save it, it should work.

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I’ll try, thanks, friend.


Ok, I think I got it. Thank you to everyone who took the time to help me out.

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For future reference, I usually upload my photos to Flickr and use the large photo download option