Icarax the Bat


The Brave and Powerful Makuta warrior was not always this way as he started way at the bottom as a Traitorous and notably Bat-Like Grunt but through dedication has now become the Second Hand of the Makuta!

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looks neat
the legs could use a bit more bulking up though

the inspiration for this Moc was Movie Starscream with a huge bulky upper body and skinny little Chicken legs.
But as a result the Moc had huge issues with balancing.
Do you have any Specific tips on how I might bulk out the Legs?


You should probably reinforce the legs with an extra joint or two, and cover that up with extra armor pieces.

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Huh. I agree with Rukah as to the bulking up of the legs, but that head and the shield are pretty neat.

i mean…it’s…cool. don’t really see it as icarax, but good nontheless.

I like the head a lot, and the stature of it is cool, but the general build it meh. For the system bits I would recommend using a lot more tiles and curved parts to really get that wing look. Also, welcome to the boards! Be sure to check out the rules and the
Boards how-to topic.

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The Shield in one hand and the Claw on the other, The Black/Red Colour scheme but everything else is completely different, It’s basically a cartoonish caricature.

Ah yes also the Bat Head which replaced the Kraakahn.


I actually really like the proportions on this guy! The Bayformer Starscream inspiration is very evident! Nice work!


I do see the bat shape which is nice. The colours are a little messy and I think the wings could use a bit of work, the head and torso look nice.

It could be better. I suggest you make the wings out of bionicle pieces instead, because the system wings combined with the bionicle body combine to make a rather unsightly mix of both aesthetics that really do not go together.