Ideas for New Bionicle 2016 Pieces

Sorry if this should be in the 2016 (Jumping the Gun) Topic, but that seems to be about story ideas. I wanted to talk new pieces ideas. Whether Technic, Bone, Armor, Masks, or Weapons, what do you guys have in mind? Here are my ideas for some new bone pieces:

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well, we would not have those same old armor pieces from g1, we’d more likely have updated versions, but I like this idea


I believe those were examples.
But besides that, YES! They need those pieces with pin connectors!

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I hope this happen :smiley: This would be great for mocing

that G1 armor would not be able to fit securely on the ball joint regardless of the pin being there :stuck_out_tongue:. It can only be connected on a flat beam.


That’s really smart. Hope they make something like this!

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I would love for this to become a thing, but seeing as Bionicle G2 is based solely on CCBS, I doubt it.


I could easily see them making new armour pieces that could be attached to both side of a joint, achieving the look of Kopaka’s lower legs but without the awkward bulkiness.

New armour-add-ons are most definitely going to be coming next year.


I really only ment to show that G1 pieces could be easily added with some creativity.


These are some really good ideas. I think if they made form fitting “thin” shells you could just use that 3 long ball joint beam and it would look like the back legs of the the luke of obi wan set.

Not unless the bionicle G1 par was modified.


Oh… this would be awesome! No more outsticking backarmor! YES!!

No, this are really cool concepts.^^


so reviving this topic there are alot of pieces that I wanna see

pieces like these would open up so many possabilities.

what I have wanted as a technic piece since pretty much 2001 is a 4 long peg

I’ve had to abandon alot of head disigns because there only is this 3 size peg. so I want the long side mirrored on the other side.

so I would like the end of this system piece to be the end of that technic piece so you can use it for 3 fingers on one side of the hand instead of 2 fingers.


That last one is genius, and everyone would love it…


also this piece

this could be used for really small sets that still can have posability. this would allow lego to release villager sets


Can be made from 3 balljoints and a 3 long peg quite easily (though I guess it would come apart more often)

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thats why


■■■■… these are freaking awesome ideas… thoose possibilities O.O

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Dam memories :smile: