If Matoro came back

What if Matoro came back?
How would you want it?
What would he come back for?
Why do you want Matoro back?

These are a few of the questions we have to consider before we decide if we want him back.

But before you answer, I’d like to give my thoughts on the matter, if you wish to read.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted him back. I even made a MOC that I called Matoro/Mata Nui.

(look I even made his hand guards Shredder Claws!!!)

My whole idea was that:

When Matoro died his spirit was also preserved by the mask. After Mata Nui went to ‘sleep’, Matoro would have been remade for some task or rather…

Well I’m pretty sure that this idea has also been made by many other people, but still…

I remember reading somewhere that Greg did not want, intend or plan for Matoro to return.

And after reading that I realized that…

That I totally agreed with him. If Matoro returned it would ruin his legacy.

So I was sad, until I came up with a different idea! (Granted it’s not that original.)

How many of you have ever seen the fourth Star Trek: The Next Generation film, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)?

Well, if you haven’t, the following will be filled with spoilers.

In this film we find that Data has a brother, later in the film Data died, but his brother is like an exact copy of Data. So, without bringing back Data, they sort of brought back Data.

So, before I explain this, let’s come to an idea of what a spirit is. And, to explain what a spirit is, I will use Metru Nui as an example.

Metru Nui is a coliseum surrounded by Metru’s, Ga-, Ta-, Le-, etc. each Metru is built after the Coliseum to show how it grows as a city.

In the same way, a spirit is a coliseum built up by experiences aka Metrus.

Now every sentient being has a coliseum, but each one is different. So, what makes each person even more different is their Metrus.

Let’s take Tahu for example. When he made it to Mata Nui his coliseum was very arrogant and impatient. But, he was also very courages and brave.

What made Tahu, Tahu, was his Metrus. The Tahu we know and love was given a Metru of humiliation.

Another Tahu from the Dark Mirror was given Metrus of Pride.

They are both the same but they have different life experiences.

So, that’s my idea of a Spirit. Now, my idea of how Matoro could come back is built off this notion.

When Mata Nui was near death his Metrus were being destroyed.

Matoro knew this, so he decided to give up his Metrus for him and Mata Nui was restored, but Matoro lost everything he ever had, except for his Coliseum.

His Coliseum was saved by the Ignika and is still there to this day…

So, in conclusion, if Matoro were to return, he would not remember who he was, but he would still be who he truly was, Matoro…

Well those are my thoughts, but I would love to know what you have to say over the matter :smiley:


what about the toa ignika? the ignika itself created a body to protect himself after seeing all the other “guardians” he created fail (example being the fake hydraxon)
the ignika thought of matoros brave sacrifice, and wanted to honour him, creating a body similar to matoros inika form
so what if…and this is a long shot here but what if…the toa ignika WAS matoro
the ignika recreated the one who succeeded in his destiny, to protect himself, the toa ignika was matoro and was the ignika
well thats what I think at least


I have an answer for you which is based off this idea, but that would spawn a whole new Topic of its own.

The only thing I can tell you for now is that it involves one of my favorite MOCs ever and her name is Kastia…

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Great. so now each character’s its own Matoran Universe.

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pls make more sense pls

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Then what would be the significance of Matoro’s sacrifice? He will be remembered in the hearts of the Matoran, and his legend will live on. Is that not the way of the BIONICLE?

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I agree. my sacrifice should mean somethi… Oh wait, I’m not Matoro anymore



I don’t think you understand what I mean.

Here’s another way of saying it, Matoro would be, reborn, literally.

He would even be in awe of his own legacy.

He wouldn’t remember who he was. He would just be Matoro.

But, I can see why there would be no need for his return. Although, this theory of mine is just my idea of how Matoro could return, if he were to…

Atleast does my theory make sense?

@potay8o What do you not understand? Could you quote me what I said, so I can clarify myself?

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If Matoro came back… honestly, I would be disappointed in Lego.


Do you not like my theory?

I’m not saying Matoro needs to come back, I’m just saying this is what could happen.

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No, no. It is a fine theory. I just hope that Lego will have something more creative to do then re-use old/dead characters. This doesn’t just apply to your topic, but all topics on this subject matter in general.


not you, @Makuta_Verakion


I don’t care! I just want Matoro back… ~Pyrox


Oh, I don’t think he understood the metaphor.

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I do, just making a joke about it.


That’s what I was thinking.

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i dont care if matoro came back as a matoran as a turaga or a toa i just want him

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How exactly is that image relevant?



I do believe that picture belongs to me. It would be nice if you gave credit for it. :confused:

(also it has nothing to do with the conversation. AT ALL)


I think what toa matoro is trying to say is that he wants matoro canon

and he posted that picture, because the word canon was written on it