If you could retcon one thing in Bionicle

as the title suggests, what is the one thing you would take out of bionicle, anything, a toa team, an idea, a person, whatever.(knowing @Matoro he would probably retcon takanuva)

Now what I would retcon, people could probably guess, would be love not being cannon in Gen 1, quite literally one of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen. Now people could say "but the reasoning is good" I do not care, it takes away from the story, I could go on a tangent on many things that could happen if love was still cannon, but I will not for the sake of everyone's sanity.


Back, back, you foul creature! One more step and I'll.....
Oh, sorry. I was just dealing with a certain upstart Toa of Light, Yeah, I'd retcon him right out of existence


man I still don't understand it but I knew you'd say that XD

You know me, always different.


...This was a tough one. If you said "If you could retcon three things from each year of Bionicle" then I'd be able to answer no problem. (Yeah, I'll admit I can be a bit of a cranky fan, though I try to keep it reasonable) However, narrowed down to one choice for the full run?

Everything related to the Red Star. I liked it back in 2001, when it was this mysterious, inexplicable thing that seemed to be above and beyond, both literally and figuratively, all the island's myriad other mysteries. I felt that in the later years, when so much else was being explained and revealed, that it remained refreshingly unknowable, almost... eldrich.
And then they explained it was an engine and Robot Heaven, and that alone nearly killed Bionicle for me. :/


huh, maybe I should change it to if you could retcon 3 things in all of Bionicle, what do you think?

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If that is the case, then let me make #2 be making Romance canon again, and have #3 be that there really was a diety named Makuta alongside Mata Nui, whom the Makuta race named themselves after. If not, then feel free to flag this post for deletion.


Retconing Gregs retcon of love in the Bionicle universe
Retconing the split between G1 and G2 timelines, by that making them one timeline with time travel element
Retconing Makuta as a race (which may already been done).


this actually could be true for all we know


It seems we have all universally agreed on this one


I don't. I think it helped to keep a story line that was already so complicated, from being even more so.

Personally, I would have retconned most of the side-stories after 2008. Overall plot confusion.


This whole debacle would not be an issue if they didn't have love in the first, but they did which is what really ticks everyone off I think

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And they did it so well in the shorts and the first movie.

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can you really describe love? Well my interpretation is, it's when 2 beings share a bond that they have with no one else, when they care for them more than anything in the world/universe whatever, they will defend each other to the end, they have a trust between each other that they share with no one else, that is what love is in my eyes (holy crap that came off sappy, ah whatever)


Because love is as natural as breathing to biological life. Hey even robots can experience it when they achieve a higher level of sentience. It is part of what makes us human (the term human, not actually the species). To remove it is to remove part of the humanity you had. Love is not just from a reproduction stand point, love is what binds friendships of all kind (ether it be love for your parents, your siblings, your friends and your companion) and makes this world worth living in. Bond the Toa make, the strong connection to their Unity, Duty and Destiny are all what describes love. If you dont have love, you are nothing more than Makuta, hellbent on destroying all that is dear.


even the giant transforming robots have love


The Geth, Wall-E and Eva, EDI, Cortana...all of them and shown what love is and had experienced love in every possible way imaginable.

Those like LEGO who fear to show what love is are ignorant people who fear the outburst of more ignorant people. Seriously this is the 21st century, love should be nurtured and widely show to all ages and accepted in its many forms because something powerful as love is worth fighting for. (same as scientific knowledge when we come to these conclusions).


I'm not sure if they're ignorant because they have shown love in the past but I get what you are saying

Also if i could retcon 2 more things, it'd be the Red Star zombie maker and Makuta the species, yes the ones in 2008 were cool but they could have been passed off as extremely loyal servants to makuta, like Shockwave and Soundwave to Megatron (Icarax would be kinda like Starscream I just realized)

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No, that was great and should have continued, but they didnt which is why they are ignorant.

PS: (kinda noticed this just now) but DextroDNA Team FTW as well.

@TeslaEffect I agree with you on the fact that it's kinda stupid to dismiss this kind of stuff. However, this isn't really the topic to be talking about what the construct of love is. And honestly, while I would like to be able to discuss it, I'm not exactly sure TTV want us to be talking about it on their site. I mean, if they give us the go-ahead, we could create a topic, but the chances of that are very unlikely.

Love is a very, very strange topic, people have varying ideas about it that get others really fired up and passionate about it. (Much like you are) LEGO is a company who's end goal is to make as much money as possible. If LEGO has to risk public opinion by allowing such a topic to be thrown around so lightly, they could be losing money. That's bad for companies. LEGOs point isn't to stand out and be a leading force in getting all people to understanding and enlightenment. It's the sad truth of what reality is. Maybe you think they're being ignorant, but what's really going on is they're being cautious because if public opinion goes down, LEGO loses money and then people lose jobs. There's a lot more at stake than kid's knowledge of love and science. The simplest truth one can say is that the truth resists simplicity. It will never be as simple as standing up and saying "Love exists, deal with it."

It's unfortunate, but it is reality.


I probably would have retconned Takanuva going through all those dimensions and going to Karda Nui, on top of the post-2008 mini-stories. The Toa could have found another way out, and to be honest, Takanuva didn't belong there.


Why yes this is all true what you said. That doesnt mean I shall ever approve that kind of action but I understand it non the less.