If you were the ruler of a kingdom, how would you run it?

What would it's name be?
What would it's government be?
What would some laws be?


It would be a kingdom of fluffy cats. The only law would be that you had to be a fluffy cat.

It would be called assassination nation and it would be in Antarctica. The name describes its functionality pretty well. It would be like masyaf from assassins creed 1 mixed with nassau from assassins creed 4.

Free water, Free medical, Free housing, and Free food.

That's just the basic ground work. I'll elaborate more when I have time. I think this is a sweet topic.

where everyone is a slave to me and has to wear aviators 24/7

Anyone who doesn't dies to death


The Squeaverkingdom.
Monarchy, but once a suitable ruler is selected. People choose who the king is.
Laws? To be peaceful and harmonious all the time.

If I had a kingdom, it would be named Duloc-opolis and would be built out in the ocean like MSF from Metal Gear Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes, mixed with Sealand. The government would be a democracy and some of the laws would be that everyone respect the opinions of others though they may be different from their own views and to respect all forms of authority, as well the right to bear arms.

Plus on the 12th solar eclipse of the 2nd year on the 3rd Monday of July at 9:00 AM all must participate in Duloc-opolis's annual onion chucking competition.

Well I would call my Kingdom That place so people would get confused when my people said where they lived....


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Bourgeoisia, the beautiful. Ruled by me, and I have a council of Middle-Classed people.

The government would be a monarchy with a council, in which I make the rules, and get advice from the middle-classed council.

Some of the laws?
1. Freedom of Speech (Unless it goes against me), Press, and Religion, obviously. And a right to bear arms.
2. You shall not eat buttered socks on Tuesdays.
3. You shall not destroy cats or dogs. Okay, maybe cats are an exception...


Mine would be a tropical paradise where everyone can live at a slow pace. We would have a somewhat small population, around 100 or so. The land would be guided by an elder council, who each select a citizen to serve as enforcers, who eventually take the role of elder when the previous passes away. Everyone would have to do their part in providing for the group, and if you don't work, you don't eat (unless you are truly handicapped).

W...why...? :cry:


My cats are annoying, that's why. You don't HAVE to destroy your cat.

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Serious answer: I'd petition to become the 51st US state, and abdicate if accepted. If not, I'd turn it into a federal republic modeled on the US (and, of course, abdicate after getting it set up). I have a serious problem with the concept of monarchy.

Not-serious answer: I'd make it mandatory for all citizens to read LotR by age 12, and exile anyone who disagreed. I'd also have a general knowledge test that you'd have to pass to be a citizen; I only want smart people in my kingdom. Then I'd lower taxes as much as possible to stimulate my economy, and proceed to sit back and watch my country get rich. stuck_out_tongue


In my case
it I was a ruler of a kingdom, I would probably ruin it.

Rule 1: bow down to your magnificent overlord, carrot8o/pot8o/monkeyt8o
Rule 2: pray 5 times a day, to cory, to pot8o, to carrot8o, to sanichegehugh, and to @BeefJStag
Rule 3: in case of emergency, run to basement, and crawl into fetal position, praying you won't be killed

additionally, all peasants will not live in poverty

of course, they may have to serve in wars against the goverme-
against the evildoers of the world.

not to mention , free potatoes 4life
cats 4 life


It would be a fairly large island, named Amestris.
It would be a democracy, but we have a king with no power like the UK, and if you have enough evidence that a politician is corrupt, it would be perfectly legal to assassinate them.
It would have all the same laws as the US, except traffic laws and animal abuse would be enforced by the military, comprised of cyborgs a la Metal Gear Rising. (NANOMACHINES SON)

The only way to enter would be to pass a test on the 5 subjects we teach: Zaibatsu lore, Jojo lore, Punching things, Kicking things, and protecting animals.

Also the currency would be coconuts.

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My kingdom would be the glorious State of Denial stuck_out_tongue

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That would make for some rather cumbersome wallets.


The Kingdom of Delta Theros, I would call it.

It's basically always a Ren Faire but in Space.


That sounds cool, actually.