Infrared Deepseahorse Rahi

I made a lot of Rahi in the past but dismantled most. I took a long break from making them but now my spark is reignited (and I discovered studio). I present you a mahrii nui ocean/pit dweller that is a biomechanical hybrid of a seahorse, a mollusk, a shrimp, and a hornet. This Rahi was not created by the Makuta but prior by the hand of Artakha and in my headcannon those ancient prime species of Rahi do not need to physically eat for sustennance unlike the Makuta-made later Rahi. These infrared Rahi live in the deepest ocean crevices where so little visible light permeates to that only infrared radiation is abundant and thus harvest and feed on this infrared radiation for energy and body heat maintenance. The Rahi is gifted with a strong hook like tail used as an appendage to grasp onto seaweed when venturing higher and to grasp stone ledges whilst in the trench.

Also you know those fin or wing pieces that I used for this build to add the back spines (but are not visible as they are in the moc’s interior) the toa terrain crawler playset had and were melded black and white? And they were aslo used in a few Dragon sets, well a neat thing I discovered is that the side edge of those wings has full on clip to its bar connectivity all along it’s outer edge which allows for any bar clip attachment. An example here:

The studio equivalent of this part doesn’t have the mentioned connectivity so I added them myself via parts desighner to said piece. Here is the file for you guys to enjoy


Clever wing design! Mind if I ever use it in a future MOC?

The build feels kinda unbalanced to me - the top is very bulky, while the tail is short and stiff-looking. The design for the spine is pretty cool, though.

My first thought is the front reminds me of turaga dume’s mask in the movie. Pretty cool otherwise. Although, the top does look kinda bulky compared to the bottom.

Feel free

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