(Insert Moc Name): The (Insert adjective) (Insert Noun)

Welp, this is probably the final version of my self Moc that I’m making, bionicle being dead and all. Several years ago I thought wolves were cool and decided to make a character that was one. Literally like thousands of other people in the world. I also had the brilliant idea of making him have a super violent rage mode that would make him unstoppable, very original if I do say so myself. There were several iterations of his back story after that, but they were all just ways to shoehorn his way into existing universes that he had no business being in. Regardless of the many, many misteps taken while developing the character, I still want to do great things with this guy, regardless of its shortcomings. This is Doug(it’s a pun, get it? :/), and he is my self moc.

For those of you who plan to reply with something Something something Furry Something. I can assure you that I’ve heard it all before and appreciate your beneficial contributions to artistic discussion and the improvement of this moc.


It looks so very plastic-y.

I like it, it looks very well done.

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~Wild Moon I shall dub thee. It shall be the only true name thy shall have in this life, of the Winter Twilight, Gaeaf the Heart of Winter~
also JK
Noice MOC I like the head, I think it’s the best part

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The head looks briliant, but I’d recommend more dark blue

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That head is incredibly expressive. Nice work.

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The head is awesome and so is the shaping.

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Is he actually doing it to em?

Because if so that’s pretty cool.

Also being a furry isnt a bad thing


I think so? If he’s intertwining his fingers, then yes?

We know he had to do it to em

I think his legs should e a tad bit longer

Now that’s pretty epic

He’s solidly put together, and as others have said the custom head is stellar

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Hey that’s a pretty good moc

Side note: is he the same Doug from 2059?

Eh, I don’t think so

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Play around with the colors a little, and you have Sabrewulf from killer instinct

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