*"INTERESTING"* Gundam ms and Mecha designs. and your thoughts on them.

not much to this topic other than I want to showcase some of the weirder mobile suit designs people have seen.
(please note that it doesn’t have to be weird.)

here’s an example
It’s called the carmen and originates from mobile suit Gundam crossbone: dust/msgcd

something interesting I found about this design is that it appears to have sleeves iconography.

if a certain series has been mentioned before please refer to it as an acronym I.E msg08mt = mobile suit gundam 08th ms team.

if you can’t find something look on the fandom wiki you’re bound to find one.


One question, does it have to come from the Gundam series?

Because I could give you a bunch of LBX, which are considered similar in terms of the models, and are made by the same company. Just simply not part of the greater gundam universe.

As for the one you posted, Finally! something different. Maybe I haven’t been looking, but barring the Zakku, all of the Gundam seem to be based off the same base aesthetic, and that’s kinda boring IMO.

Gundam ms are preferred but yes you can post lbx.
in fact i should clarify that you can also post other weird mecha designs but again ms are preferred.

Okay, cool. Just wanted to check. I only mentioned them because of the close kinship they have with Gundam.


How about LBX Nemesis?


@ProfSrlojohn very nice! but I must inform that you must say what your thoughts are on it’s the design.

this ms currently does not have a name but it is from: MOBILE WAR HISTORY GUNDAM BURAI

it’s a shonen Gundam whats not to like. plus it looks like its designed by ibo’s mechanical designer (could be wrong seeing as the mechanical designer has not been posted on the wiki yet. but judging on how the head especially the eyes are drawn i’d say it is. ) if not it at least looks like the moon gundam.

On Nemesis? It’s one of the most unique LBX in terms of references to other mech/model series. (My personal favorite is General, which is part of the Deqoo family of LBX, which sadly are almost straight rip-offs of the Zakku)

Now this one I like. It’s got just enough resemblance to the standard Gundam design to be recognizable, but it doesn’t have that same, blue/red/white color scheme, and the strange blocky shapes I don’t care for int the vanilla gundam design.

The afore mentioned LBX General, one of my personal favorites. (Both in design and story significance)

Alright found another from msgcd

It’s name is the Anchor gundam.

It’s an orange ms and I know for a fact not many uc mobile suits are orange and that’s what makes this special. Don’t really like it. Also there’s fishnets for the limbs, why? no reason other than to accentuate that pirate look


no words necessary

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Attila the Hun as a gundam?

tequila gundam

Lol mad wang.

Yes this is from gundam. Yes the manga series is called mad wang. Yes it’s so obscure to the point where some call it lost media.

Here’s the wiki article:

the tequila gundam will NEVER get a kit and that is a fact that disappoints me GREATLY because it deserves to have one

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From a G Gundam magna, GF13-006NAII Gundam Max Revolver is what happens when you combine stereotypes of America.

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As an American I sure do love: football?, 2nd amendment, cowboys, stars and boxing.
The hat makes this all the sweeter.

I frickin’ love g gundam’s designs they’re always so wacky.

Just noticed that there’s revolvers on the shoulders.

But you want to know which mobile suit is the most beautiful, the most fabulous some might even call it gorgeous.




It’s also from msgcd and technically it’s a jegan

Y’know now that we have a mg jegan I kind of wanna make a custom of this.

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Windmill Gundam. No words can describe it.


I believe that this is the most powerful mobile suit that’s been posted on this topic so far!

The design blows me away

Bada bing bado boom.

I resurrect this topic from it’s doom!

Have you ever wanted a ms for your mobster needs well you’re gonna love the triaina from iron blooded orphans Gekko/msgibog.

Thoughts: it’s a mobster mobile suit. IT HAS A HAT, HOW IS THE PILOT SUPPOSED TO SEE IF THERE’S A HAT IN THE WAY!

It’s simple Take off the hat!

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A giant Robot so you can shank other giant robots? Hrm…

Birdbrain X, one of 5 different birdbrain models, all just different colors, black, yellow, blue, and pink. Use by… essentially the legally distinct power rangers.

behold THE GUMP, and fear, for soon it shall come for you.


It’s from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Outside Story