Invader's MOCs 03

Here's another batch of MOCs.
Mersery, Time-Sensitive Mersion. Self-MOC of Chicken Bond on CBW.

Original version:

Chalka, A Really OP Self-MOC. Self-MOC of Chalk33 on CBW.

Original version:

Tayluu, Toa of Psionics. MOC of Artek206 on CBW.

Glonor, Pro Ko-Matoran. Matoran Self-MOC of BobTheDoctor27 on CBW.

Original version:



Gah, overused silver Avohkiis...

They look good, though. :smile:


@LoganMcOwen would love these ...oh

these MOCs look really good, but the I think I can speak for most of the boards when I say that the black/silver combo is kind of bland.

EDIT: aaand someone got to it before me


Y'know what, you're getting burnt up enough on the mask and color choice, so I'll leave that out of my review.
These look pretty good.
Tayluu's pony tail is sorta bugging me, but I think you did a pretty good job on the armor and weapon.
Glonor looks awesome though. The hands are a bit more compact than most moc hands, which really works for this moc.
Overall, pretty darn good. Nothing really too bad but nothing really extraordinary if you know what I mean. Keep it up though, I'm interested what else you'll make.

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These are some groovy MOC's Man. And unlike everyone else it seems on the planet, the black (my favorite color) and silver doesn't bother me, and never does the mask.


You obviously have not been part of the community for that long. The combination of black, silver and avohkii has been used and reused to no end. After a while, they all start to look the same
(That being said I still love the Avohkii but there needs to be more color on the moc)


I guess for Mersery it's just the original version of the MOC. I just wanted to keep it authentic.

Basically the same for Chalka.

(I've only been on for about a month)


I remember Mersery back from ye olde Hydros Chronicles

funtimes, those were.

MOC's a good representation of him