Is BIONICLE Generation 2 Really That Impressive?

BIONICLE 2015 isn’t that good you know. Really it’s just the same as Hero Factory but worse. But EVERYONE likes it because it has the name “BIONICLE” on it. If Hero Factory was BIONICLE you’d buy it and think it’s holy or something. But since it doesn’t have to name that means it’s not as good. And it’s not, quite honestly. Storywise ad least, I’d say Hero Factory had much better sets in some ways. So now BIONICLE has the same system of Hero Factory, worser animations, an awful narrator, and a dull story. But, since it has BIONICLE on it it’s all holy. OMG OMG OMG I HAZ DA GEER SYSTEMZ DEY USED IN 2001!!! OMG
Who cares? I don’t. The gears are great and all but I don’t think they should give it theme of the year. And the MASKS! THE MASKS! Who in the right mind thought that that mask system was a good idea. They come of so easily and they’re so loose. I hate it.
The villains could’ve been their salvation but instead they just took HFs style (building wise and name wise) and slapped the name BIONICLE on it. I mean seriously, “Skull Slicer?” It’s nearly impossible to “slice” skulls. Ad least with his weaponry.
Now, I loved BIONICLE. I also LOVED Hero Factory. (Set-wise) But I don’t understand how much Hero Factory was hated and this new BIONICLE line is loved when they’re pretty much the same thing.
Hero Factory was hated for taking away their system and replacing it with a much more simple (and in my mind better) CCBS system. BIONICLE 2015 did the same thing.
Hero Factory was hated for having a child-like target audience. Um… Okay. Look at Hero Factory’s animation quality then look at BIONICLE 2015. Ad least they bothered to hire more then 1 voice actor. And ad least their “wise elder” doesn’t sound like a 90-year-old man taking a dump.
Hero Factory was hated for replacing BIONICLE. Um. Sure. If it helps your hurt butt then sure.

I admit, I love BIONICLE. I love Hero Factory. I love CCBS. And I like the concept of the two kind of coming together in a way for 2015. But I don’t understand how you people can love this new theme so much but then hate on Hero Factory a ton.


You raise a lot of good points. Allow me to make a few of my own.
Set-wise, Bionicle is definitely better than a lot of HF. I mean, compare the typical 2.0 or 3.0 hero to the average protector. The Protectors have a launcher, various builds, and an enemy. The HF heroes had… animal armor.
Animations, I totally agree. The only thing I can say is it might get better vnext year with a actual show.
Story, well, at least this story is going somewhere. HF went nowhere. It was just “villains attack, heroes get upgrade, heroes defeat villains.”. The books looked to have some potential, but they got cancelled.
One thing I will say: the skull wave, in terms of sets and story, was dumb. But at least people can finally buy Tahu again.


We get Character development somewhat. We get character interaction. We get books. We see the old characters we love reborn with their own new problems and quirks they can solve. We get cartoon shorts, and we get dedicated and beautiful pieces

we may not see eye-to-eye, but to us, this is great, and no matter what, we love it

that and it’s less complicated and convoluted

though it ain’t as good as the original

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Y’know, except all the initial detractors who’ve always claimed it’s Hero Factory reskinned.

And all the people who dislike the smooth aesthetic of CCBS

And all the people who genuinely think it’s flawed.

And all the people who think it’s quite trash(MT)


No one thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Also make up your mind, buddy. Talk about sets or story one at a time please.

Also GG

Welcome to December 2014, where everyone unanimously decided that that was a flaw.

CCBS does not belong to Hero Factory.

Hence why it’s imposing to be known for doing just that. If you can slice skulls, you’re probably very scary.

Because it’s story was a disjointed waste of potential. Everyone’s calmed down and accepted the sets as not even bad.

Futhermore, I-

Actually, y’know what. I’m just gonna leave it there.

Any further would just be repeating myself.


Arguments, fun

Some sets were better, some sets were worse. As a MOCist I personally think that the selection of parts that they have in the BIONICLE sets is better.


I could mention that by this time CCBS had been around for four years, and the designers were finding ways to revitalize the system. Custom (or semi custom) torsos weren’t mainstream in Hero Factory, but they are in this wave, and they are executed rather well.

Not entirely a valid argument. 2.0 and 3.0 heroes were when the design team was first getting its footing in CCBS. Arguably the Breakout wave heroes were on par with the Protectors at least.


Allow me to state my opinions on this.
The sets look great, and come with great functions. I really like how the new sets combine the clean, sleek look of CCBS with the functions of G1 Bionicle. Plus, they look great.
Now, the story is hit or miss for me. See, when It comes to story, I dont look at how unique, different, or complex a story is, but rather how the story is told. In this case, we have a rather simple story being told in two ways. The animations are for those in it for only the toys, where as the books are for us, ones who want to get more detail in the story. The book we’ve gotten so far is a great read, may I add.

As for your comment on the villains, I like them so far. As for their names…
They’re simple and easy to understand, and thats great.
Also lets not forget naming a Skeleton Sword guy “Skull Slicer” is he same as naming a bee guy “Bitil” or naming a vampire bat guy “Vamprah” or like the barraki names, with the exception of Gadunka and Nocturn.


Same. The simple names are great because you can name them whatever you want. Plus it saves Lego money because they don’t have to trademark so many names. The money they save can then go into more useful things, like the sets or media.

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I disagree on the villain names. Vamprah and Bitil are creative, unique names. The Skull guys are just random words.


Argument time

Apparently that’s a con?

Blame low budget. They’re testing the waters.

It offers fun playability for anyone who wants to play with the figures.

Playability, again. Use the 3 finger method when turning the heads, it’s not that hard.

Again, somehow CCBS in general is a con?

Are you serious? So apparently Skull Basher isn’t correct because he can’t really bash skulls?


I mean, this is a different age to the old days, now kids accept simple names(I guess…?), and overall this is far different from what we used to have


Agree with @JMP here, thats the point I’m trying to push with all this.
These are simpler times for lego, you cant expect a kid trying to get into Bionicle when he has to remember several names that could be replaced by simple words.
Back in G1, we had a name for EVERYTHING, and it was overwhelming! In it’s later years, the names and terms began to be way to much. Im glad G2 has reduced the use of terminology, saving new names for characters.

The other point I tried to push when mentioning Vamprah and Bitil is that it isnt much different from the Skull Villains. The only difference being that Vamprah and Bitil are proper names, aside from that they’re quite similar.

Y’know. Vamprah’s a vampire, lets put VAMP in his name.
Bitil’s a bee, lets put BEE (Pronounced as “Bee”, written as “Bi”) In his name.
Ehlek is an eel, EELek. Mantax is a manta ray MANTAx.
So on so forth.


Ahh… Exactly what I expected. Someone finally speaks up and all the fans come in butthurt that their one and only god BIONICLE was insulted.

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In g1 the over complexity is what made me love it. That not being in g2 makes me a little sad knowing bionicles potential. The toa sets are good but the others are kinda meh. Like hf small sets cost the same as protectors and yet had more stuff and sometimes launchers.

I get what this guys is try to say, I guess think that the obvious raging is why it’s hard to see the points.

And @UKnighted, lol XD.



Well I mean

you’re sorta being an aggressor for riling us up


it ain’t the best

we still find enjoyment in it

It’s just a flippin toy brand

not like it matters in the long run

that and there’s some… mistakes in your argument


Lets not say that… we’re just having a debate here. I’m simply expressing my opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with his. A ‘butthurt fan’ would really just rage, not commencing an overall good debate.

Also let me mention, it also depends on our mindset. Some people look at G2 with a G1 mindset, and thats okay, but leads to common complaints and such. Im looking at this with another mindset, ignoring what G1 had brought us, and simply looking at G2 Bionicle as it’s own thing.


I get your point. I LOVE both BIONICLE (G1 & G2) and HF.

When HF came out, it introduced us to the new system CCBS, which some doesn’t like, saying it’s too simplistic and wasn’t quite challenging to build as Technic. But I see it as a different approach targeting wider range of consumer. CCBS might not be as challenging but it allows quick and easy customization, kinda like system bricks that everyone can use to build anything they desire without thinking too much about it but also capable of forming complex structures. BIONICLE G2 also present us with a different approach, blending G1’s Technic with HF’s CCBS, allowing both quick customization and complex functions.

Set-wise, I’m impressed with both HF and 2015 BIONICLE. I like the “sleekness” of CCBS. I just recently got Dragon Bolt because it’s finally on sale and, well, it looks pretty cool to me. But I think BIONICLE is different in a sense that they can incorporate gear function in without sacrifice too much aesthetic of the sets.

About the animation, um, well, let’s just say that BIONICLE needs to take after HF in that department.

Woop-dee-do, you have an opinion. Would you like a crocodile?


I would actually quite enjoy a crocodile.

MOC. Crocodile MOC.
In all seriousness, a Croc Moc would be pretty swood.


We’re speaking up because you’re foolishly blind to the fact that there’s been detractors and hate since the beginning.

Maybe if you actually read some of the responses.


Okay, first off, learn how to put "n"s in your "and"s.

Now that we have that out of the way, I must say that I both agree and disagree.

G2 Bionicle does share some similarities with HF beyond the system, and some people have decided to overlook that…or retract their negative opinion on HF’s execution of it.

I will also say that perhaps there’s been too much praise over criticism going on. Maybe it’s just enthusiasm for Bionicle being back. Maybe it’s fear about it leaving. Maybe it’s fear about being called a geewunner. I don’t know. There are those with more legitimate backing behind their opinions, but there are quite a few that praise it…just because, it seems. This is more a problem with the animations than anything else.

Now, you keep mentioning how the HF sets were hated, but people have actually gone out and softened their opinions since then.

Also, to repeat what some others have said, G2 does at least seem to have a direction for its story. Its execution leaves much to be desired, but it does seem like they’re going beyond jumping from isolated villain plot to isolated villain plot like HF did.

And though I feel the CCBS aesthetic was more fitting for HF, and that the new gear system is quite flawed in its own right, it stills gives G2 a bit of its own identity to differentiate it from HF. The usage of CCBS still makes it somewhat generic in look, but an identity is there, if not fully discovered (the 2016 sets seem to be going in the right direction).

Bottom-line, you raise some good points, but don’t go out of your way to insult people. Just state your opinion and argue calmly like a reasonable user.

Emphasis on the “somewhat”. Also, HF had character interaction and quirks as well. Actually, its execution in HF was strangely similar to how G2’s done it.

Not to mention it could be argued heavily that the cartoon shorts are more con than pro.

Y’know, except for the people that have claimed they’re the best Bionicle sets ever.

[quote=“Nyran, post:4, topic:13734, full:true”]
CCBS does not belong to Hero Factory.[/quote]
But it did start with it.

Just saying, the association isn’t unwarranted, especially when the system’s aesthetic was much more fitting for Hero Factory.

Going to say this once, slapping a gearbox on a torso piece isn’t a custom torso.

You’re downplaying an art you yourself are good at.

I don’t understand why people keep bringing this up.

G1 used plenty of specific names and it got popular amongst both the old and young just fine.


They’re just providing counterarguments kid.

JMP’s first response was probably the closest to genuine “butthurt”, but he still elaborated on what he liked about G2, rather than screaming “YOU’RE WRONG!”

I may not agree with him entirely but there’s more than butthurt going on.

And again, don’t go about saying things for the sole purpose of upsetting something.

And this all got classified as a reply to Hawkflight.