Is it just me, or did Airjitzu not sell well?

I don't think the Airjitzu from last wave sold well. Regular sets sold fine, I mean. But the Airjitzu is always on clearance… and then they started giving them away with purchases of $75 or more, then $50 or more, and now it's just $30. I don't think they were a massive hit like the spinners. Meanwhile, in this topic I posted around post 20, that none of the Bionicles near me are on sale!


I really don't know, but they never were flying off shelves or anything.


Cuz it's Airjitzu


Well when I saw the packages it didn't look like a LEGO set to me. It looked cheap and knock-off like, and really large and unappealing for a little spinner thing.

Or maybe they just didn't work well?

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I messed with one of my friends airjitzu sets before. They seem to work fine, aside from the fact it was hard for me to get the figure out.

yeah, I never actually got one myself. When they first got leaked everyone was like "Rhotuka has Returned!!!1" and then I never saw anything come of it.

The only one I got was the Wrayth flyer. The set didn't impress me very much. I only wanted it for the extra gear pieces to fix Skull Grinder's floppy arms.

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The prior spinner was better imo, their was balancing issues of almost everything but physically felt right. The new one have more of a "clone" feel but easier to manage.

Also to keep in mind Airjitzu spinners aren't scrap yet.

This reason I even made this topic was because I remember the spinners BOOMING with popularity. I expected the same with the Airjitzu.

From my local retailers alone, I'm guessing the Airjitzu sets sold horrifyingly bad.

For example, I was at Walmart about a week ago and went to the clearance to find the ever so pleasing gleam of a LEGO set. There I saw literally a mountain of the sets going for 2.50.

If that's not an indicator of how they did, I don't know what is.


The spinners were just too big and that made the packaging cumbersome. This means awkward shelf stocking and shipping in the long term. They also do not has as much of an impulse buy as the spinners because of the size.

Then you have to consider that the air launching function may have made parents wary of getting something that could be sent spinning in a child's face.

Lastly, with such small sets in Ninjago anyways, the incentive of a gimmick introduced randomly in a wave lessens since often one can get a set with a more substantial vehicle or setpiece plus a few minifigures.


No, cy-clon-do! :stuck_out_tongue: