Is it possible to over-feminize MOCs? When do you stop?

there are lots of female mocs with interesting builds but where does it go to far

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Also, there is the topic called “How to make a female MOC”.

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Yes, but this is already covered in this topic:


I’m not sure it’s possible to “over-feminize” MOCs but you can certainly over-sexualize MOCs.

The problem many people have when it comes to making feminine MOCs is that they struggle to differentiate it from a masculine one. It’s easy to look a woman or a man and tell that they’re different, but when it comes to small scale creations using blocky pieces those differences begin to become muddied.

To combat this, many beginners overcompensate and try to accentuate the obvious features that make females different; IE. The Chest, hips, buttocks. Unfortunately, the differences between males and females are far more subtle then that.

As others have mentioned, there’s already a great topic that addresses this and offers tons of feedback into creating a feminine MOC. I suggest you continue your discussion there as I’m sure you’ll receive plenty of new techniques.