Is LEGO getting worse? (mistakes LEGO does nowdays)

Ok, this does not mean that LEGO sets are getting worse or anything. I am makeing this topic to show what LEGO has not done great in the past few years. I am going to list all this things below. Note that this is 100% my opinion.

1.Price Increse:
In 2010, from a 20$ set you got a set with much more pieces than you get today! Nowdays, there aren’t any good sets which are under 20$, and prices keep increseing. Back then, my parents never got me a set which was more 15$!!! Now, every set I get is so expensive, and the only good thing you get from these sets are the minifigs, and the rest is almost junk. Take for example the Throne Room Showdown set from Ninjago which just came out. It costs 30$, you get 5 unique minifigs, but the rest of the build is NOTHING, and you don’t even care about it. You pay more for the minifigs rather then for the build of the set.

  1. Original themes get repalaced by licenced themes:
    I already made a topic about this, check it out if you want. Long story short, we have way too many licenced themes, and way to less Original themes. The only original themes we have today are Ninjago, Friends and Elves. That is all. (I am not counting NON-Story ever green themes such as City, Creator or Technic).

  2. LEGO cares more about the money, rather then about it’s fans:
    No need to say more then this.

  3. Too much LEGO Star Wars:
    LEGO Star Wars has been going on for almost 20 years, and they still keep it. They just keep produceing the same boring sets on and on and on! We just got 2 Millenim Falcons like 4 mounths away from each other. Don’t get fooled by mandrproductions… he is probably the worst LEGO youtuber out there.

5.LEGO does not incourage creativity anymore.
On older sets, on the back of the box it said " Just imagine…" and showed other potential builds you can do, even to licenced themes! Nowdays, they just make that overpriced LEGO Classic sets, which have no usefull LEGO Parts in them, and are so OVERPRICED! They just care about makeing money with their own sets, and don’t encourage creativity anymore. No wander recent LEGO Youtubers have never made a MOC in their ENTIRE LIFE!!! (mandrproductions in an example).

  1. Cuantity before Quality:
    Instead of makeing less sets, but more quality, they make more sets, but with less quality. A poor decision in my opinion.

This is all that came in my mind now. There are even more things like this that LEGO does, and I will make a part two if this topic is popular enough. Keep in mind that this was all my opinion, and you might actually argue against what I just said. Just keep that in mind.

Piece out!

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