Is Teridax's "Ultimate Dume" form canon?

Is the form Teridax takes in Metru Nui canonically similar to the Ultimate Dume set, or is it more like the movie, where it’s his regular form, but with wings?


TBH, I don’t recall if he ever appeared anywhere in his Ultimate Dume set form. If he didn’t, then it’s an alt. model but not something he appeared as in canon.

“Teridax was also released as a combiner model of this set, 8622 Nidhiki, and 8623 Krekka, and as a “Special Edition” promotional set which contained all three. This set was called “Ultimate Dume” and was a Toys “R” Us exclusive that contained 555 pieces. The set depicts the form Teridax takes in Legends of Metru Nui, and features a new Movie Edition Kraahkan.”

  • BS01

“From out of the shadows steps an armored colossus that holds the fate of the Matoran in its claws. The powerful new enemy of the Toa Metru from BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui is out to seize control of the future - and it’s ready to crush anyone who gets in its way.”
— LEGO Magazine September-October 2004

The Ultimate Dume set is, according to the above, meant to be the BIONICLE 2 form. According to the events of Time Trap, the 2003 form and the Ultimate Dume form’s only difference in canon is that in 2003 he has no wings, due to them being disintegrated by The Shadowed One.


Thanks for answering! While it would’ve been cool to see Ultimate Dume used in some form, the second Bionicle movie perhaps, its CGI adaptation might be too nightmarish for a PG rating. Still, it’s interesting to think about.

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Probably worth mentioning here that the Ultimate Dume form of Makuta did appear in comic 21 - but only as part of a vision of Vakama’s (one that wasn’t a precise view of future events, but more like a nightmare with bits of the future mixed in). It’s unclear in the comic if this is meant to be him seeing Makuta as he will appear later, or if this is just the form Makuta appears as in this nightmarish vision.


I didn’t know that! That’s pretty interesting!

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