Is the "Metru-body" a standardized-Toa type?

Sorry to elementary question, but please tell this poor-knowledge man. (In japan, there is few BIONICLE’s document. and I don’t understand all discussions about BIONICLE.)

Is “Metru-body” standardized or most popular design of Toa in MU, or just not?
(I guess so too, by hagah and at least two old Toa has this body:Lhikan, and maybe Dume. but it’s just my guess. )

(Greg testified that hagah member has Metru-body, so this is canon…Oh, don’t worry about discussion of hagah in the topic. I read it.
I just have “technically” a little feel strange that each different-origin-Toa has common body design, as a fan-research.)

may Is there a “Great legendary-Toa” in old time, and He/She made many next-generations, just like Lhikan to Vakama and his teammates?(WOW, this makes hot me! :grinning: :heart_eyes:)
…Or is this a “One of mystery and romance”, or just “none of my business” ? :zipper_mouth_face: :relaxed: )


There are arguments for and against this. And luckily Greg has also commented on this.

Argument for:

Since Toa metru, Lhikan, Norik and Iruini all became Toa through natural means and have metru body type it can be argued the metru body type is the standard.

Toa Mata/Nuva were never Matoran, Helryx was first of her kind and a prototype. Toa Inika/mahri were created by the red star and Kanohi ignika. all of them have different bodytype from Metru standard.

Argument against:

Toa Lesovik and Toa Takanuva were both Matoran first and became Toa. Both of them have different body types from each other and from metru.

Luckily for us all Greg gave us the answer for this seeming continuity error

Greg: "Matoran Toa body reflects how matoran thought Toa would be like."

Matoran of Metru nui all revered the Toa lhikan and though he is how Toa should be. Therefore their forms mimicked his.

Takanuva revered the Toa Mata/Nuva and adapted a form that resembled theirs. He even has a Toa Nuva armor even though he is not a Toa Nuva (power wise).

Matoran who has never seen toa but heard stories would think Toa are “larger than life” and if they became a toa their form would reflect this.

Since Toa Hagah came from different parts of Matoran universe it is not outside of the possibility they would have different body types form Toa metru. but if Greig said metru style is canon then it is.



Thank you, Geetonguga!
yeah, I know the Greg’s answer. That is why I guess that Dume has metru-body.(maybe Lhikan’s body has inspired from Dume’s. he lend a hand to Lhikan’s transform)

I wanted to confirm the metru-body is most popular type, if it has be canonrised.
and your answer help me for understanding BIO-fans imagine, and researching the BIONICLE-World:my best hot hobby.
thank you again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

About my knowledge of BIONICLE.
When I have a time, I read BS01’s pages for many years.(At least 10 years over)
maybe I read almost all page(I don’t have confidence that whether I remember and translate with no-mistakes everything)!

But Conversely, I don’t know about “Cannonrised things that doesn’t be written to BS01”.
so I may sometimes ask about it, and I’m glad if kind brothers and sisters gives answered, just like you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush: :blush:


So what if a matoran has never heard of or even like the toa at all? Will they automatically transform into a metru body or will they transform into something close that they worship as a toa?

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Hmm…I feel difficult and interesting that topic.

In Voya Nui, the Piraka has spoofed themselvs as Toa.
If a Matoran transformed in this situation, he/she become a “Skakdi-like Toa”?
(I guess it is. In fact, Takanuva looks exactly like Toa Nuva, the Evolution of usurally Toa. Even though he’s not one of them.
The only and most important problem in this, the Skakdi-like Toa may has be called “the one of most strange Toa” by Matorans. :joy: )


Geetonguga’s first post is essentially the correct answer, and yet I feel a little more specification wouldn’t hurt.

Dume would have been the direct inspiration for Lhikan, and the form Dume had was probably a variant of Toa forms in the past, but it makes sense that every Metru-Nui Toa after Lhikan would share his body type. Before that it was probably something similar, but not exact, as we can see an armored variant of the same sculpt with the Toa Hagah Norik and Iruini.

The Toa Mata were built by Artakha, who presumably built them to be uniform with the GSR’s designs (such as the Golden Armor blueprint). As for other Toa released as sets, there are reasons for why they did not look like any predefined Toa builds:

-The Inika were brought about by lightning from the red star, outside of their control or concepts
-The Mahri were a transformation from the Ignika, modifying their bodies and masks to forms it saw as efficient for the circumstances
-Toa Lesovikk was made at a time when there were very little other Toa in the universe, and was subsequently mutated by the waters of the pit. This explains his resemblance to the Toa Mahri, who were adapted by the Mask of Life for the situation
-I’m not going to attempt to explain Toa Jovan


Thank you Ghid!
Oh, I noticed a thing by your reply!
I think the reason Toa Mata(especially Tahu) didn’t have a lot of armor, it may for they has to have a payloads and slots for the ability to wear the Golden Armor! :blush: :blush:
(or maybe they already wearing a thin-armor at that appearance, but it doesn’t seem to me.)

I think the canon Helryx’s design is perfect as first Toa, of course including " The unsophisticated mechanics to function".
I can imagine now why Krakua has unique form:he looks like Helryx in partically.

about Inika, I have a hypothesis.
they has transformed by Red Star’s energy, but remember a thing.
Red Star is a one of functions of Great Spirit Robot. this mean no-one can’t effect its system. (May Teridax technically can, but he never did.)
Then, I guess The Star have a designing data of “Ancient Humanoid being”…yeah, I want to say, this is Glatorian.
So my hypthesis explain why Inika is similar to Glatorians.
their design has no effect by many generations of “memories of Toa’s appearance”, and have a reason why their mask is “Organic”.
(Of course, “the circumstances for selling toys” are different. :sweat_smile:)

and about Jovan…Oh, I feel it’s truly “not my business”, right? :sweat_smile: :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh I like that the Inika build doesn’t actually belong to them but is a Glatorian blueprint. People hated on the Glatorian saying they just use Inika builds when really it has been Inika using Glatorian builds this whole time! :exploding_head:


Thank you Takutanuva!
When I saw phantoka / mistika first, I very surprised:“hey, they are looks like Inika or Mahli!”
But in retrospect, this fact prevented me from questioning Glatorian’s design. I noticed this few days ago. :joy: :relaxed:

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@Ghid Thank you for fulfilling little more backstory. Saves people time. I for one had forgotten that Dume was toa before Lhikan.


Jovan was one of those Matoran who had a scetchbook about Toa desings. “cool” Toa designs. Johmak did say Matoran destined to be toa were more… unique.

@KanohiReqi I’d say the latter.


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One might say that ”they were always different…”