Is there any documentation on how the story would've continued?

Apologies if a similar question has already been asked. I’ve thought a bit about workshopping an unofficial continuation of the G1 serials, but I wasn’t actually sure if anything was set in stone for their continuation.


you mean where the series would have gone if the line wasn’t cancelled or where the story would’ve gone if greg didn’t stop updating the serials?

The latter, just the direction the serials were meant to go in, and if there was a planned end in sight.

Then again, if there’s more regarding the former than the legend reborn sequel treatments, I’d love to hear that too.

I think there is nothing left from this… the theories are all that remains…

There’s little bits and pieces.

It is known that there was going to be some kind of “Great Being Civil War”, and that Takanuva would play an important role.

Also, The Yesterday Quest was supposedly going to end with Gelu’s team finding a Great Being laboratory.

However, I think that these next few quotes are the most important things to consider above all else when trying a continuation:,6,9

(Also: Have you seen this?)


I think that greg has mentioned that he didn’t have any plans for where the story will go because he comes up with it as he goes along

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I have found another detail about the Civil War, if you are interested in keeping that storyline:,10

(And maybe you could do something with this; give the fans what they want:,14)

Regarding the Red Star:
Greg’s thoughts on the matter (I’ve heard this in a few places) that he was going for a “zombies on a satellite” feel with that direction. The revived characters were revived “imperfectly” and were going to have limited lifespans and decay - some were reacting to this in different ways then others. The plan wasn’t to use it as a plot device to bring back dead characters - they were going to end up being dead again in the long run.

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A lot of interesting stuff there! It looks like I was correct in assuming Velika would be the new big bad, wonder how that would’ve gone.

@Toa-of-Snow Also really interesting, I wonder if Greg would have gone full fanservice and brought back Lhikan, Hydraxon, and others for one last hurrah, or kept it fairly limited to who we saw in the serial already.

Bringing back Lhikan would be kind of cheap, given how important and impactful his death was.

I could see Hydraxon though, so we could get a story where he meets his duplicate.