Is TTV Message Boards a good place for people that are not into LEGO?

As someone who is not as into LEGO as I was when I first joined Message Boards do you think people that are not into LEGO can join the Message boards or not? Love to here what you think!

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Although there is plenty of non-lego discussion, Lego is still the central focus – I’d say 85% of new topics are mocs, and much of the active discussion is Lego stuff. So I’d say no, unless you have friends here, or maybe involved in an RP.


I mean I love the ttv community and think it’s a place that would welcome anyone. That being said, I’m not sure why you would want to join if you didn’t like Lego or BIONICLE, and I’m thinking one would end up not enjoying the experience as much; with many conversations relating back to Lego.


I do keep a Eye on LEGO news and Mocs a little bit but I haven’t built anything new in a while.

@Nogus1 I guess I’m a pretty casual fan of LEGO now.


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well being a fan of LEGO doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an active MOCer. As long as you know what’s being discussed and can contribute you should be a good fit.


No no no I’m just saying for new comers but thanks anyway. :smile:

If you aren’t into Lego I’m sure there are many other places that you might fit in better. But you might enjoy the message boards for other very specific reasons.

I would agree with the others and say that anyone is welcome, although how much they’ll get out of the forum would likely depend on their interest in the topics.

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I agree with you. Thanks for your comment! :smile: