Iserif v2: Colrar the Grim Reaper

So this is Iserif v2. I’m sure there are a lot of Grim Reaper MOCs on the boards but I wanted to do this anyway because MyAlexDk suggested it on the original Iserif


After falling into the region if water, Umarak reanimated his spirit into a loyal servant, Colrar the Grim Reaper. After Makuta and Ekimu went into stasis, Colrar took up residence in the City of the Mask Makers. He later created the Skull Villains. However Kulta betrayed him and took his place. Collar then went to Umarak and found he was possessed by Makuta. He then joined forces with Makuta and was placed in control of Umarak. The slave had become the master.

Here he is without a cloak

You can’t see it but he has a gear function, those flame pieces move it instead of a gear. And he is quite tall, head and shoulders over Jaller Inika.

Thanks to @MyAlexDk for the idea of turning Iserif into a grim reaper.

Please I’m begging you here, give me constructive criticism, tell me if he’s an improvement and if you like him.

IMO he is the best MOC I have done yet, do you agree?

This guy may be my new self MOC, do you think he should be? I think he’s definitely better than my old one.


I haven’t seen the original, but this is great! Looks super cool.

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Thanks, the original wasn’t as good IMO.

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Now that I see him on a high resolution picture I can see his full glory! You pulled of my concept very well, I’m still not a big fan of the trans blue hands but it will probably grow on me

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It works better from the side because you can see the trans blue bones on his arms and legs. He’s definitely my best MOC overall, at least for me.

@MyAlexDk so I’m guessing overall you like it.:slight_smile: That makes me happy if you do

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So has anyone got a way I could improve him? Even if it’s just something you don’t like personally, I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions

I really like it overall. But I think the trans-blue hands are out of place. They don’t really match any other colors on him, and in a way they sort of clash with the trans-orange (one usually representing ice and the other fire).

The weapon is great, and I love that he’s so large and imposing. And the roughed up cloak is fantastic.

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The trans blue hands fits with the bones on his arms and legs. I went with ice and fire because both can represent hell (the idea behind his design). He originally had blue flame horns but they were too big for the hood, they were moved to his scythe.

Thanks for complimenting on the cloak, I made it myself. And he is quite large.

Glad you like it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback

Is he better than the original?

Hmmmm. . . the blue hands fit with the bones. Wait, do you trans-blue bones??? I didn’t even know they made those! Unfortunately I don’t see the bones at all in the build. Are they covered by the armor?

Edit: sorry, I thought you meant the type of bones that come with the Skull villains. But you just meant the regular arm and leg ball socket pieces. I see them now. Had to zoom all the way in on the pics (have you considered cropping them in your phone to remove most of the background from the picture?).

My phone is awful and you can’t crop but I have an idea, give me a sec.

There I’ve improved some of the pics

I love to hood design

Thanks, anyway I could improve?

So why was i summoned to veiw this fantastic MoC?

Anyways it looks really cool, but you might want to switch to just one trans color

I was hoping to add a trans blue shell and the blue fire elemental thing Kopaka has on his '15 shield as horns. But I couldn’t find a decent place for the shell and the horns were too wide of the hood.

Do actually think it’s that good or are you being sarcastic?

@Omega_Tahu in that case, a lot of thanks

@Ninjanicktf I will, thanks. Have you seen the original? If so, is it an improvement?


No i was being serious, it’s a pretty good MoC

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Very intimidating-I suggest using as your self moc.

No, I haven’t seen the original, but I still think it’s great nonetheless.

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Thanks for the great feedback guys!!! :slight_smile: . Anyone wanna send me some trans red hands and bones :slight_smile: as it may be a while before I get Uniter Tahu. (Keep getting issues when I go to ask my parents to use my Amazon vouchers: WiFi goes down, bathroom needs fixing etc :frowning: )

Looks amazing!

I have been summoned!

I actually quite like him, and there’s very little I find odd about him.

The only thing that bothers me is the blue. I find there’s too little of it work in the way that Tahu’s blue does, and it ends up looking a little out of place. Especially so when almost all the visible blue is concentrated just in the hands. My advice for that is to just replace them with red or trans-orange hands.

Everything else is actually quite fine. The bottom of his scythe is kind of long, and the black looks weird with the silver. I would either use the Brutaka sword in silver or find a smaller blade piece to use as the end of it. And also remove the blue from the scythe too and use normal fire pieces.

I like his cloak, and although I prefer it on he doesn’t look half bad without it. I like the texturing that the two armor add-ons on his legs bring in, it looks really nice to me.

Overall, I like him, just without the blue! Great job!

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The blue flame pieces were originally horns but I had to remove them because they were too big for his hood :frowning:

Those blades should be silver but I lost them, I’ll search for them for v3

Need to buy Tahu uniter cos I need trans red bones and hands.

Thanks for liking the cloak, I made it myself :slight_smile:

Cheers for commenting and keep an eye out for v2.5/3 (the change may not be significant enough)