Island of Mystery(RP Topic)

"Well, first off she would try to respect the protocol of the Order, but hey! There is no protocol for situations like this one. Maybe she would go crazy or she will be annoying. The only one who would calm he down is Vladin, but I haven't seen him in a while."
OOC: @Omega_Tahu Sorry if I ask but what exactly should I read about the room from BioSector? I don't think that reading about Visorak or Doom Vipers will help.

"Well sounds like she's a handful." Bernard comments.

"She is... But she is also a little crazy when it comes of the code. Have you seen Hot Pursuit?"

"Nope, can't say I have." he replies

"No? Weird. Where there is a female cop. Her father was a great policeman. He died of old age at some point, I think. She then swore that she will make him proud of her and such. This is why she TOTALLY respected the police rules, in a very very very bad way. Nobody wanted to talk to her, and when her dates were not working, she was chasing the guy. Athena would be like this, except that she is not so limited when it comes of sociality."

"First of it's not weird, just different tastes in movies, maybe? Secondly okay so she's like super strict about rules then?" He responds

"First of, no weird because you haven't heard of it. Second, yes."

"Whatever you say." he replies, facing his phone he googled hot pursuit, he found a trailer and started watching.

She sat down.

The trailer ended, "Maybe I'll watch it one day." He comments.

"You should. It's a pretty good movie. It deserves a sequel."

OOC: nothing really happened at my base, if that helps. The most that happened is Symphony went and told Lorens that his father, the red dragon Antama, is here. Antama also went on patrol.

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Once the air started turning to water the Toa of Ice shifted into a Toa of water. It then focused the present water into a high pressure stream, similar to the ones used in industrial factories.

OOC: That would be a good start, considering the room is about the rahi inside.

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OOC: So other than the Rahi, I don't need to read anything?

Runa wakes up in the cherry blossom field. “Ugh. I’ve got to not do that again.”

Coron started to walk south. “I don’t think there’s anything else up north. We should go this way.”

Arsenal sits by the strange monolith, studying it.

Nameless walks around, looking for another target.

Other speaks,
"Type: Animation
Purpose: Defend user
Effect: Create physical barrier of carbon
Sub-effect: Draw carbon from the air
Sub-effect: make carbon into a solid object
Sub-effect: condense carbon for strength
Sub-effect: drain megas
Element: megas"

A barrier appears in front of Other.

@Tarkur "so. You like spring huh?"

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@BrokenAxels "Huh... yeah, I love spring!" Azure says slowly waking up from her sleep

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'oh. you were sleeping. sorry." Echo pauses "yeah, spring is a nice season"

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"No worries!" She reassures him, "Didn't get much sleep anyways." She lies, "It totally is." she responds to Echo's last sentence.

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