Island of Okoto General Discussion

alright you amazing raisins let’s talk about the island of okoto it’s culture and matoran

this culture is for speculation and theories on everything and anything about okoto.
have an image you want to discuss share it here as long as it’s okoto related or somewhat is about architecture matoran and culture of the great island itself


Doncha mean Villagers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i still like to call them matoran that’s just my thing.

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although this hasn’t been confirmed as cannon a French magazine a while back stated that the villagers were called matoran

seeeeeee so it’s totally canon in france and since i’m belgian i can call it matoran (belgium is close to france)

I know about it, I watched the TTV Breaking News video for Goodness Steaks :cow:. But since it isn’t a confirmed, canonical source, I don’t think it counts.

Even then, it doesn’t count as canon. the Mask of Creation game was released in the U.S., but we don’t count it as canon.

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i’m gonna call them matoran until someone says it’s just not canon (they must be from LEGO)

i like to call them “Ko-toran” (oKOto)

that just makes me think of the ko koro matoran

maybe each region has a diffrent name po-toran

etc etc

and okotoran is just the general term?

so these villages are super cool lets talk about them @PekekoaOfJungle

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Yes! I like those villages, they are really cool. It reminds me of that temple carved into a mountain, the one where that part in Indiana Jones 3 was filmed at.


i like how round and arabix they look it’s just so great i love stone and sands as you might’ve noticed

Anyone notice the 2 other planets

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That’s funny, I call them “Koto-ran”. :laughing:

Yeah, mysterious. Woooo… I’m a ghosty!


We’re getting off topic guys

We are? I think we’re talking about culture. :smile:

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oh yea true

@Tarvaxx get into the discussion

so does anyone know what this is?

From what i can tell the stone villages are located near that casm with those big cliffs

or this?

some sort of shrine? to who ekimu?


If you look closely in the desert region where the area is circled in red, you’ll see that it resembles the place where the Mask of Stone was kept. See how it looks like two cliff sides with pillars coming out? As for the blue circled area… they look like easter island heads. XD

That shrine/altar in the Region of Fire picture looks a lot like the shrines they have in Japan, this is also aided by the name “Narmoto” and Tahu’s overall Samurai like appearance. The Region of Fire seems to be heavily based on Asian cultures aesthetic wise, most likely having Japan as the main inspiration.

Edit: We don’t have much to go off of, but it could be made for whoever gave Ekimu and Makuta their masks. That’s assuming that whoever gave them their legendary masks is a being of great power. Being of great. Great Being. Heh…

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but a shrine to WHO certainley not akimu

Well, considering that they made two giant stone statues of Ekimu and Makuta, and that those two sat at the highest point in the ancient city looking down on everyone else, they might have been venerated as kings. It just seems that in Okoto’s culture, the Mask Makers are highly respected, beyond that of simple artisans.

i doubt it i say they ahve a god for now i’ll call this god BOB

unless okoto (in the ancient city at least) is run like with the pharoah of egypts who were saw as gods

I mean, its a similar set up. This deity gives them their masks, which pretty much makes them seem like important leaders to the rest of the inhabitants. I’d also like to point out that the Mask of Creation has a crown. A crown. You know, a king’s badge of office? Ekimu was a king to the People of Okoto, so once he’s gone they have nothing to do but spread out. This is also why he gets a mask to wear when he dies. It’s a death mask. What did Pharaohs get when they died? Death masks.