"Jackal", advanced tracker for the the Dark Hunters...

“Jackal” is a skilled tracker, whenever he takes a break from his musky laboratory. He enjoys creating gadgets that’ll assist himself and his fellow Dark Hunters (at a cost), of course the best stays with him. Some of these include his Pheromone Scanner which tracks the targets movements, Twin Spasm Cannons which cause the target to lose all motor functions and his trusty bone cleaver which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. His price may be high but it certainly is worth it.
The moc itself is built almost entirely on a CCBS skeleton which allows it to have a great deal of articulation, it features points like an ab crunch and double jointed knees. My favorite part of the moc is the head design, I was inspired by the official Dark Hunters which all had crazy looking heads and I wanted to keep that look with Jackal. The huge ears, beady eyes and articulated jaw (even has teeth on the upper part) came out great. I believe that this is my largest moc to date, standing at 27 cm or 11 inches.
I will try my best to answer any questions regarding the moc and will also take more photos if needed. I apoligize for the poor quality of photos indoors, I prefer to take most of my shots outside but the weather would just not hold out.
Here is the Imgur gallery in case its easier to view there https://imgur.com/gallery/5vIxe


This guy is pretty sweet! The armor layering in the chest looks awesome, and the system integration is smooth as well.

The disc on his chest sticks out a little too far IMO, and the chestplates on his legs look a little bit off. His back is pretty well covered but a little messy, and I feel that his feet might need to be built up a bit more since they are pretty hollow between the ankle and the CCBS shell.

Overall, though, this guy is fantastic and I love his design.


I love him, but his leaning is kinda awkward


When I took the pictures I thought the pose looked cool but now looking at them they’re somewhat awkward. I assure you however that he can stand still.

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This is amazing. I love the head.


I really like this, his arms are a bit too long imo. That head is amazing.

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Great colors, great build. The head build is particularly cool.

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Woah! Awesome build. Especially the head

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I really like how well the feet fit him or her

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Wow this is really cool. Nice colour scheme and shaping. Definitely looks mechanical and the concept design is great. Well done


Thanks! I appreciate the compliment, I’m glad my concepts actually worked out.

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I love the use of CCBS bones to form the torso frame. It gives for a nice arch.

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Excellent design and shaping! Love the weapons and small details.

The one point that irks me is that the white seems a bit out of place in large quantities: the hands, sides of torso, and feet. It works good as an accent color (heartlight, minifigure hands for small pistons), but for those other places, I would recommend replacement colors.
Sides of torso: silver
hands: black
feet: gunmetal or silver (then change the 1x1 wedge piece on the end of the foot to white)

Again, very nice work!

I’ve never liked that style of foot design, but I enjoy the rest.

I can see this guy doing Orange Justice from fortnite.

Any chance you can post the frame for this guy, no armor at all?

Sweet torso build