Jazz: Get Your Swing On!

Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong Sidney Bechet, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Jazz has been described as democracy in sound form, needing everyone to cooperate to create a beautiful sound (I’ve done 3 projects one this, I know a lot, okay?) Created in America, born from the blues and rag-time, jazz is among the best of all the musical genres. Share your thoughts, don’t forget to explain them a little!


I looove jazz. It is probably the sole reason that I like playing the piano. I’d have to say that Louis Armstrong was probably my favorite musician, but Frank Sinatra is a close second.


I was in a Jazz band in high school, and one of my favorite songs that we played was Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai. I never listened to much Jazz until Kendrick Lamar released To Pimp a Butterfly this year. There’s a lot of Jazz on that record

Same here. I think my favorites were “Caravan” and “Chameleon.” A bit more recently, I’ve become a big fan of Big Band music like that of Sinatra and Tony Bennett. I credit that largely to James Darren’s character on Deep Space Nine, oddly enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Dude I loved Chameleon. I played Trombone so I had one of the best parts. Great song.


Blast it! You beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say, Benny Goodman arranged my favorite song, Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)


Jazz is the best. The best. My favourite music is mostly either jazz or jazz-inspired. I love Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, all the greats, really. I play trumpet with my school’s jazz band, which is a blast. There are a lot of more recent swing groups out there, too, mostly from the 2000s swing revival, like The W’s, among others.


That song you linked:

I love jazz. In fact, I love all music from that time period. In fact, I love that time period! Maybe that’s why I like legend of korra so much.


So this topic sorta became irrelevant. :disappointed:
Time to jump start it again, this one is… interesting (FYI, there’s an intro). Just listen to Charles’ lyrics, hopefully they’re considered appropriate for the boards. (No swearing, just very anti-hate)

I love Sing Sing Sing. Such a great song plus it features the drums and as a drum player I really appreciate that

Anybody like jazz fusion?

For example:

Never heard of it, but I really enjoyed the track you posted

Lately i’ve been listening to some Thelonious Monk, but I’m not a real connaisseur of Jazz, so I’m not aware of where to look for good artists.

Also best one imo.

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Are you familiar with Wynton Marsalis? He’s a really awesome trumpeter (and composer) who plays stuff by a lot of the greats (including Theolonius Monk!) His discography might be a good way to get some ideas on where to branch out. :slight_smile:

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Played at the Detroit Jazz Festival today, with high school band. It was a good time, the best bands I saw were The Village Vanguard Band playing mostly Thad Jones and The Airmen of Note (Air Force band). My favorite song we played was Blue Rondo A La Turk by Dave Brubeck (great artist for odd time signatures). :saxophone:


Jazz Guitar student at music college here; you guys need to check out guys like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Gilad Hekselman, Kenny Wheeler, as well as more straight ahead guys like Jim Hall and Pat Martino.

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I got a Dave Brubeck album for Christmas. My views of jazz are now expanded.


If you like Brubeck, check out some Bill Evans, Paul Desmond, Stan Getz, Chet Baker and Jim Hall.

Gonna be going to the Elmhurst, Chicago, Jazz Festival on Thursday and Friday! I’ll have my TTV Meso and Eljay ■■■■■ on on Friday, so on the extremely rare chance that anyone else comes and sees me, then come say hello!

Also, I like this song, but it’s not for everyone:


I play trombone in my school’s jazz band, and I love it. I’m a bit weird in the fact that I know little of jazz other than what we’ve played. So you talk about groups and artists that are central to the genre’s history, and I think I’ve heard of them, but eh.

This is a song we’re playing right now, and it’s one of my favorite songs ever:

Our trombonist playing the solo (which is unfortunately not me) does it differently than in the recording, playing almost exactly what’s written instead of improving, like I would assume is what you hear in the recording.