Jelran the Glatorian Version 2 (Self MOC)

Hey everyone!
So, today I decided to completely rebuild my self MOC. It took around 3 hours; so I hope you enjoy it!

For a comparison, look here:

I definitely prefer this version over the last! While it’s not exactly titan sized anymore, it’s still pretty big and entirely more stable! I did keep some features, such as the shoulder pads and axle in the head. I changed the head to the translucent one so it matches the glatorian head better. It still has plenty of articulation and is much better armored. I am quite happy with it!

Also, sorry about the background; it was the only place that had decent lighting!

So, what do you all think? Is it better than the last version? Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated!
Thank you in advance!


I’m not a big fan of the armor on the sides of the torso. Other than that, I think it looks good.

I’m not a fan of the gaps in the hips, but overall it looks nice! I would just try something else for the lower arms, but that’s just me.

He’s really bulky around the hips and lower torso. The aside, this is pretty good. I like the color scheme, but maybe you should add more blue.

Thanks for the feedback!

I recognized the gaps on the torso pretty early on, and they are mostly do to his height. I added the battle skirt right after I finished the legs so to compensate for that, I Made him taller. If I remove the skirt, I would have to pretty much redo the entire body - a task which I really don’t want to deal with right now. I also recognized, from the front at least, that his body is essentially a box! But hey, at least he looks good from the side! I also would have liked to add more blue on the upper arms, but I kind of gave up on custom limbs at that point!
Yeah this MOC still has major problems but I think it’s most definitely an improvement over the first version.
Thanks again for the feedback and so the likes! It means a lot! :slight_smile:

@yolo360nosescope Thank you! And honestly, the arms were conected just as badly in the first version! I just cannot seem to come up with a good design yet!
@BBricks I think the only cape piece I have for this size would be Vladek’s from Knights Kingdom. Thank you for suggesting that, as I would not have even thought to use it, myself! I’ll have to try and implement it when I have more time.

the arms connection looks a bit awkward compared to the rest of the body, but like the colours, and the leg construction looks mighty fine!

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Do you have a cape piece? Maybe you could take off the hip armoring and put a cape there, it would help convey a “skirt” better.

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