JMP 8.0: Normals

After the fiasco of the titan JMP, who is now laying in a pile, I give no [Censored] and decided the normal sized JMP, who I mistakenly put as a side form, shall now be the main form

JMP JMP back JMP with tailcoats

I don't expect good critiques or comments


It looks fine. Sure, it could use a second color, and the midsection's a bit gappy, but overall I can't see a lot wrong with it, earning it the solid score of 7.5/10


I'd say bulk up the legs and waist a bit, but other than that this is great. 9/10


I like it a lot! Biggest issue IMO is the super skinny part of the arms, immediately above the elbows. The contrast w/ the otherwise-wide arms looks jarring to me. Fix that and I think the whole thing will look a bit more cohesive.


Pretty cool! Something about how the chest is arranged really works for me.
I think @John_Smith hit the nail on the head about the arms. Even tires or something of that nature would work. They don't have to be super bulky there, but that really is stick thin.

I'd argue that gunmetal works as his secondary; it's not bright, but it's there.


about the secondary color... long back, before I decided the current color, I wanted either trans-light green or lime, but decided it'd be too goofy, then I decided pure-black, but it didn't work, so now It's black and gunmetal...

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  • Color Scheme is very consistent
  • Back of Torso was filled well
  • I like the additional skirted bottom
  • The area where the stomach should be seems a bit thin
  • The bottom of the Upper Arms is too thin
  • The back of the head looks strange and unfilled

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 7/10.
I like it. The model looks sleek and brilliant, but it does have its faults.

Good Job! grinning

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I love the skirt thing! Nice moc mang smile

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Er.. coat tails. They were meant to emulate coat tails from either the skirt things from clone troopers and/or the lower half of a trenchcoat


Yee, I know what you mean. I just couldn't remember what they were called...


If all else fails, just give really generalized terms like, "Skirted Bottom". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this isn't as bad as I expected, those legs are suprizingly good.
The waist is a little too gappy for my personal tastes
the arms+shoulders are were the main problem lies

for the upper arm, in those exposed holes, add black studs
where the stick part is, add a tire

also the cloak, use cloth pls


Oh, and on the upper legs, put bigger ccbs plates, and if you don't have black studs, use the black ccbs plates in size 4 (AKA the size LoSS has on his legs)

The upper body is my favourite part of this moc, just don't use those dang short ccbs bone pieces for shoulders.

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Waist looks a bit weird,but otherwise it's cool

I like the better version of lewas shoulder armor

Well you're going in the right direction, at least.

Sticking to a mostly CCBS aesthetic is good, although a lot of the CCBS pieces seem too small Needs something different on the waist, which looks weird. Also needs a secondary color that isn't metallic.

Also, @Ekorak

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Cool. The arms could be better though.

but that'd limit the possability?

the arm thing?
nah, just try it.

thing is

the chest and the shoulder bits would limit movement

and there's not really space, so the shoulder would not be allowed to move normally

One word: nuddles
(U know)