Kahi Nuva: Ace Attorney - An Interactive Adventure

This is where the game takes place! For a readable version, click here!

(Credit goes to cat for the Kahi face.)

Table of Contents:

-Solek and Turnabout (Posts 1-94)
-The Invictus Turnabout (Posts 140- 342)
-The Traitorous Turnabout (posts 397- 555)
-Turnabout Cover-up (Posts 580-989) (Readable version coming soon!)

Well, decided I needed something else to do today, so I thought might as well start this mini-game here on the boards (until somebody makes a better game). I actually wrote out the whole case in my notebook, so this should be fun, if done right.

How to play:
*All of you make up the mind of Kahi Nuva, a new attorney in the land of the TTV Message Boards. As you solve the case, you all must work together with your heads and vote your next move as you examine witnesses and such. However, bad moves can lead to you loosing the case.
*Majority vote wins.
*Voting will end when I am ready to present the next part of the trial.
*I will provide pictures of evidence at the scene of the crime, as well as profile for us to get the picture. You can use this as you begin your trial.
*Music for each scene will be provided via links.
*Everybody works together on asking a question or pointing out a contradiction and majority wins.
*Sometimes I will try to assist you, but for the most part, there usually isn't penalties. At least not yet.
-Psyche Lock-
*Present evidence and ask questions when investigating to find the truth in the hearts of the witnesses.

Do not come up with off-topic answers and please, don't make stupid joke answers. Be reasonable, and be polite. Also, I will not allow spam answers.

EPISODE 1: Solek... And Turnabout.

Snap Crack

"Oh no... What have I done... I broke Solek! What am I gonna do?"

(Eljay looks around and sees Mesonak nearby.)

"HIM! He hates Solek! I'll blame him for this! Yes, it'll be the perfect crime!"

SEPTEMBER 5th. 3:00 PM. TTV Podcast Courtroom.

"Which is EXACTLY why you need to help me, Kahi. You've played games like this before. You're good at it. Besides, I was framed. Just because I hate Solek doesn't mean I would murder him. Okay, maybe it would..."

"Meso, calm down. It's not like this is the first time the TTV Podcast convicted you for a heinous crime."

"You're right. I just need to chillax. Everything is gonna be grand."

"Good. Now, then. The Trial is about to start. Let's get in there."


Judge Venom: "Order. Court is now in session for the trial of Mesonak of the TTV Podcast for the murder of Av-Matoran Solek. Is the prosecution ready?"

Winston Slime: "Yes, your honor."

Judge Venom: "Alright. Is the Defense ready?"

Well, guys. This is it. I want you guys to decide. Is the defense ready?


...Well fiddlesticks, I guess I can't also be the Defense.

Y'all are gonna get rekt by the Sleljay combo wombo

also this topic is amazacool 10/10


I want to be the occasional 4th wall breaking guy in the audience.



Yes, the defense is ready.

Slime told me to say yes, so idk. Should I take a friends advice, or beware of the opposition?


Say yes. smile

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Alright! I say yes! XD

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I guess only two people are gonna answer. frowning

Back to the game:

Venom: "Alright. It looks as though the defense is ready. Mr. Slime, you can present your opening argument."

Slime: Yes your honor. On the night of August 27th, 2015, Solek was brutally broken and damaged beyond repair, being murdered in the process. Only one suspect was found at the scene: Mesonak. It is to the discretion of the Prosecution that all fingers point to Mr. Mesonak as the murderer of Solek."

Venom: Indeed. And what does the defense plead?

Kahi: The Defense pleads Not Bootleg for Mesonak.

Venom: Very well then. The Defense will bring up it's witness, Mr. Mesonak.

Mesonak: "Lol I didn't do it."

Venom: Be quiet, Meso. You're so bootleg that even bootlegs look down on you.

Slime: Whatever. Anyways, Mr. Meso, where were you on the night of August 27th?

Meso: I was EXACTLY at the TTV On Air recording studio where Eljay was working on Biocraft. I was messing around playing Kohlii on MNOG2 and stuffs and things.

Slime: Right. Is that all you were doing? "Stuff and things?"

Meso: Yep.

Slime: Meso, I'd like to ask you for your opinion on Solek...

Kahi: (Uh oh. He's gonna hit Mesonak on his weak spot. Everybody knows Mesonak hates Solek. Should I object?)

Well, guys? Should Kahi throw out an objection or not?


Object. While there's a motive, we need proof.

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Yeah. Objection. What she said. :3

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He should object since Meso's opinion on Solek is already well known stuck_out_tongue

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Kahi: Your honor, the Prosecution makes it seem like Mesonak is confirmed to be the murderer when we have no proof that he ever did it.

Slime (smirking): Your honor, this line of questioning is vital to the case.

Venom: Hm. Alright, let the line of questioning continue. We will get to the evidence later, Mr. Kahi.

(Kahi groans, while Slime smiles.)

Slime: After all, we do need witness testimony first, don't we? You know how to play Ace Attorney, right Kahi? Right. Anyways, Mesonak, is it true that you hate Solek?

Should we object to this again, or let it slide?


Moar objections!


Let's let it slide... for now.

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Alright. You guys need to come to an agreement.


@Ranaki_Pakewa, you're the tiebreaker!

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I say, let it slide, for now.

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Alright. Slime will continue.

Mesonak: Yeah I hate Solek. So what?

Slime: How much do you hate him?

Mesonak: Oh man, I hate him so bad. His bland color scheme, his limited posability, his easy-to-break limbs-

Slime: Easy to break limbs? How would you know they're easy to break?

Mesonak: Because i've broken them before when I got the set, duh.

Slime: Broken them before, eh? You mean like how you broke them when you murdered Solek?

Kahi: (Oh no. Meso is setting himself up! What do I do?)


Now is the time to Object!


I say object

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