Kakama Nuva Properties Question

The Kakama Nuva allows one to pass through solid objects by vibrating the user’s molecules, but does that also work with water? Could, for example, Pohatu run along the bottom of a body of water as fast as if he were running through air? What if the water was moving quickly in a direction- would that affect his movement? For example, say Gali sent a tide at Pohatu from the east as he ran northward- would he be swept west, or would he continue running north as if no water existed at all?



It’s an interesting question, but if Pohatu is vibrating his molecules to pass through objects, what is preventing him from falling through the floor?

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He might have vibrated everything but his feet, I don’t know how that works.
I would imagine the mask would work similarly with water, perhaps better since water has a looser molecular structure than most solids.


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@ELE109 I believe the same question was asked if the Mask of Intangiblility, and the answer was that willpower kept the user from falling through the ground. Maybe it’s the same? Good Question, for sure.
@ToaTumult I definitely agree he could travel through stationary water without an issue, but if it were moving quickly, then, then things might get interesting due to the molecules moving so quickly. Eh, who can say for sure :slight_smile:

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It’s a good question, because normally speedsters run along the surface of the water, not underneath it.