Kamen Rider / Masked Rider

His visor was scratched, so I used a touch of grey paint and rubbed it in. The scratch is a lot less visible now.


Don't know anything about Kamen Rider, but I know a lot about Mumen Rider.



Does anyone here collect the KR "roleplay" toys?

Like the Ghost Driver @kamen_rider_kiva posted above.


I'll post my collection photos eventually, but it consists of:
DX Faiz Driver +DX Faiz Pointer
DX Kabuto Zecter
DX Sengoku Driver + Lockseed Holder, there's a bunch of locks I'll count them soon. Some are Candy Toy tho
DX Superbest OOO + DX Superbest OOO medals
DX Ryuki Dragvisor + Full Ryuki Advent deck
DX Ryuki Dragvisor Zwei + Full Zolda Advent Deck + Full Knight Advent Deck
DX Joker Memory
DX Wizard Driver
DX White Wizard Driver
DX Wizard Sword Hand Gun thing
So many rings



I've got a
DX White Wizard Driver
DX Superbest W Driver
DX Fourze Driver
DX Meteor Driver on the way
DX Driver Driver (gotta love that name)
DX Sengoku Driver (along with 5 extra DX locks)
A full set of standard Astroswitches (some DX, some Gashapon, some Candy Toy)
What I believe is every Electronic DX Astroswitch
Some Rider Switches
Some DX Fourze Weapons
Some DX Wizard Rings
Some DX Foodroids/other misc Fourze stuff
A DX Prism Bicker and DX Metal Shaft

I'm pretty sure this is it. I'm a bit of a Fourze fan if you haven't noticed :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh crud, I forgot I had that.

Fairly certain that would have costed you an arm and a limb dude
I'll need to to take photos of my Wizard collection, as there's so much I can't keep track of all the rings.
It isn't my favorite series but I really love the toys, and bot a bunch of them in a lot for cheap.


But arms are limbs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is why I've got so much Fourze stuff. I scored an epic lot deal on Ebay. Most of the toys have some worn down paint (like the tip of Billy The Rod) but they are all in otherwise good shape.

Ebay is life.

I agree. The toyline is fun, but the rings feel a bit limited.

Also, this isn't an instant collection. This was over the course of around three or so years. And some of those toys are a lot cheaper than you think nowadays...


Bur Rider fan arms are different
They have so much justice in them they are no longer normal limbs.

Yeah, I'm glad Australia is getting all sorts of listings now

Well, I guess that's just on the thing of different countries. I scored most of my stuff in Japan, as over here in Aus it would cost me a few organs.


I got most of my stuff on Amazon and Ebay.

I've actually bought only one Rider toy from Japan, and it's an SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Nadeshiko.


Nice, S.H Figuarts are always awesome, and I heard Nadeshiko has pretty good articulation. .

amazon is just 2 good
but over here it only sells ebooks

kill me


I'm a little worried about the smaller pieces of the female build, but I can't let that stop me in my quest to have every protagonist from the Fourze Figuarts.

I feel really bad for you.

It's hau I got my Drive Driver for $40...

@BeefJStag what's your favorite Rider?


Favorite series:

Favorite rider:




Main Rider:

Secondary Rider:

Favorite Non-Rider character:

That's it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I love his suit design...

I heard Ryuki wasn't great, but haven't seen it myself.


I've heard the opposite from many. I think it's due to the confusing plot of it, many can't really make sense of it. Also the ending, which actually makes total sense and even more sense now that Ryuki keeps returning in cross-overs. The extended-material is pretty hard to keep track of also, as the SIC stories are canon and the movies are very very important.


I'll give it a try some day.

What did you think of Fourze?


It's manly
It's fun
It's a good series
It's also pretty manly
Did I mention how manly it was?

Yeah, it's a good bit of fresh air for Rider and was a good ride.


I liked how goofy and comedic the setting was.


Fourze was my first Rider series, and for a while, I considered it my favorite, but I haven't seen it in nearly two years. For the past 4-5 months, I've been watching every Heisei Rider season in chronological order. I'm currently halfway through Wizard, and I still have Gaim, Drive, and possibly Amazons to go, and I've been watching Ghost (and Zyuohger) as the episodes come out. I plan to rewatch Fourze eventually, but that won't be for a while.

In terms of Rider toys, I don't have anything at the moment, but I'm getting a DX Fourze Driver within the next month, and after that, I wanna get the Superbest OOO Driver and extra Medal set, the Superbest DecaDriver, DX Ridebooker, DX DienDriver, Cosmic Switch, DX Meteor Driver, DX WizarDriver (might get the Wind and Earth rings loose and also get that chain thing for storing rings), Superbest Double Driver (maybe get an extra loose one with just the Cyclone Memory for Philip), DX Ghost Driver, a loose Specter Eyecon, DX Mega Uloader, DX Drive Driver, DX Sengoku Driver, DX Kabuto Zecter (if I can find a good deal for it), DX Hyper Zecter, DX Den-O belt, and the DX Kiva belt.

Also, in terms of SH Figuarts, I'd be fine with just Fourze, TaToBa, CycloneJoker, and Yurusen.

But unrealistic dreams and dead wallets aside, @BeefJStag, we've gotta talk sometime about that OOO Driver and those Medals, and @Joe, that's a nice Fourze collection you've got there.

And since you guys did it, my favorite


Main Rider:

Second Rider:

Third Rider:


Final Form:


I see what you did there


The following post contains some of my thoughts about a few of the Drivers you listed...

Definitely do, it's a really cool toy and feels like the least limited of the Drivers I own.

Again, a cool toy, but make sure you buy a LOT of rings (I don't own this, but I do the White variant).

Also really awesome.

Okay, these are an interesting two. The Drive Driver is interesting, but make sure you buy a good handful of Shift Cars. The Sengoku Driver is awesome, but finding more DX locks is hell.

Okay, sorry for the brief ramble. That was just some things I wanted to mention about my experiences with some of the Drivers you listed.


The Fourze Figuarts are pretty solid. I've got about 5 of them and I have yet to find one where they felt low in quality (except for a little splotch of paint behind my Base State's visor, but it's really minor).

Thanks! :smile:

I'm still looking for that darn Barizun sword.